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No Censorship Zone

What's going on, folks? Before we get deeper into the realm of talking about Jerk Dolls and everything it has to offer, I just want to let our friends in Japan know that what they're about to see is 100% pure, uncensored erotic gaming goodness. For those of you who are unaware, it turns out that over in the land of sushi and schoolgirls, pornography that isn't censored is technically illegal – part of the reason why so much JAV has pixelated pussies and cocks.

This often translates over to their gaming media too, so we've decided to pick up the slack and show the world that if they really want good, enjoyable games that aren't censored, they can come here and get exactly that! Quite a decent percent of projects out there force everyone who visits to endure the shitty experience of being censored: that's something we want to avoid at all costs and well, if you don't like that, there are plenty of alternative spots online for you to go and hang out!

If you're curious as to what exactly Jerk Dolls is: we're a team that creates hundreds of games and puts them online for the world to enjoy. We've been doing this for a number of years and plan to continue our trend well into the future. Our building efforts haven't gone entirely unnoticed either: from what we can tell, growth here is better than any other XXX gaming spot around – especially when it comes to our subsection devoted to uncensored hentai gaming goodies! Suffice to say that if you've been disappointed with all the various projects out there that fall well short of expectations, come and check out everything that Jerk Dolls has on the table. We'll show you that the world of porn gaming online is a lot better than it used to be.

100% Uncensored Sexual Bliss

Forget hentai gaming where you have no vision of the good stuff: sign up here for anime perfection!

Censorship Really Sucks

We're on the opinion that practically every form of censorship is unethical, and governments should not limit what people do in their free time – especially when it has no impact on anyone, or anything else. Uncensored sex games are actually a so-called victimless crime: compare that to plenty of things that are legal and cause hurt (such as being offensive, or whatever else), it makes sense from our perspective that folks should just be able to get their hands on whatever game they want without it being that much of an issue.

That's part of what our platform is all about: total and complete freedom so that you can enjoy the things that you want to enjoy without any of the bullshit. We've noticed a pattern of behavior with censorship over the last few years and we're looking forward to actually being able to show everyone that when push comes to shove, the team at Jerk Dolls is here to provide where others simply cannot. It has taken several years for us to get to this point and have the knowledge required to actually make this fantasy a reality, but we're so confident you'll love what's inside when it comes to our uncensored games!

It's worth mentioning that the censorship angle here is actually somewhat restricted by virtue of the fact that only hentai titles typically have any coverings. The vast majority of games you'll find online don't have anything blocking the action, but rest assured that both the Western-style media and anime porn gaming experiences we offer come with absolutely no restrictions or limitations on what you're able to do. We've got a lot of big dick energy here and want to show you just how stellar the world of XXX gaming can be: what better way to do that than provide you with a treasure trove of fantastic games?

Greatest Moments Captured Inside

Hentai Gaming Bliss

Naturally, having a lot of hentai games on hand makes a lot of sense for a group that also wants to pitch the advantage of no censorship: we're working hard to show the weebs and anime geeks out there that we mean serious business in this regard. Let it be a lesson to all of the other publishers out there that if you just focus on the product and don't waste time doing anything else, you'll be sure to win over a large number of people with your smutty gaming ways.

Jerk Dolls has always been a platform that's about the people – that's why we have a stockpile of dozens of great anime porn releases that you can enjoy day after day. We treat this cache as something quite precious indeed, but sharing is caring, so feel free to create an account for yourself and see the ways of our hentai team. They've got a lot of history behind them and with quite a few actually living in Tokyo, we've got the best of the bunch to curate stellar anime porn goodness. Sounds like something you'd be interested in, right?

Well, follow the yellow brick road and fuck these anime cuties until they beg to be filled with cum! Everything's up for grabs and we cannot wait to show you the steps we've taken to ensure the best censorship resistant platform in the business. We're even hosted in a country that loves free Internet access so that our project is unlikely to go down – you'd be amazed how many server hosts aren't interested in giving anime porn gaming the time of day! So how about you quit wasting your time at places that don't have good quality uncensored games: Jerk Dolls is about to provide you with a sexual awakening the likes of which you could only imagine.

Most Popular Characters Being Played

Dating Simulator Bliss

One of the strongest production themes we have at Jerk Dolls is our dating titles: there are a bunch inside and most have that distinct anime vibe that every weeb is going to shoot ropes over once they lay eyes on the projects we've got. Note that all of the dating sims we offer for anime geeks are produced in-house and cannot be accessed anywhere else on the Internet. These are exclusive goodies and we won't bother trying to pretend that other people are worthy of having access to them. It's fine if other places want to share their uncensored dating simulators with sexy Japanese schoolgirls who lust for cock, but we're not in that game – no sir.

What you get instead is a team that's fully committed to our own releases and as a consequence of that, you can pretty much guarantee that we'll beat everyone else to the punch when it comes to new ideas, artwork styles and so on. Let me tell you: fans of anime dating simulators will literally go crazy given the uncensored releases we've been putting out there lately. Those bars are a thing of the past, plus pixilation won't be a concern for you! We're ready to commit ourselves to a sexy and juicy future where you see everything you want to see: no if, buts or maybes.

The Japanese government might not be too keen on this approach, but let it be a lesson to the world's governments: we are here to create great games and if your citizens want them, we will not censor our smut! It's a super simple concept and we hope that everyone out there understands it. Suffice to say that Jerk Dolls will always be looking to find ways to support our games so that they cannot be censored as well. We're even looking at an Onion version of the project so that you can connect via TOR – pretty sweet, eh?

Screenshots From Inside The Game

The Bizarre Sexual World

Enter a whole new domain of crazy erotic engagements with our selection of XXX games.

The Best Bizarre Action

One of the things that typically gets attention from Western fans when it comes to Japanese porn is their commitment to the weird and the wonderful. As a homage to this underlying style, we've been sure to include quite a few games that have crazy things going on. Let's talk about one: you'll find yourself as the captain of a spaceship, which has just been taken hostage by a fleet of invading octopus aliens. They decide that as punishment for crossing their borders, they'll proceed to violate every single female on board the ship.

You have a choice: do you want to fight back against the tentacles in the hopes of eventually fucking these babes normally, or do you want to join in on the action and fuck every hole that isn't currently occupied by a slippery appendage? The choice is yours: and it just goes to show that with freedom comes a lot of power! That's another underlying property of the team here producing games on Jerk Dolls: we want to allow you to do pretty much anything you wish. If there are paths that you could possibly go down, giving folks the choice to do exactly that makes a lot of sense.

As a professional outfit, we also like to include some pretty bog standard niches alongside the crazy stuff. That said, you'll find your fair share of things such as upskirt hunting, lactation fetishization and of course, hot incest. Remember: every game that you find in this category is uncensored, so you won't need to use your imagination for the nasty bits. It's high octane stuff and when it comes to the insertions, monsters, aliens and giant dildos, things can get pretty wild pretty quickly. Are you up for the challenge and capable of keeping your cool? Well, let's find out, shall we?

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