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Run. Jump. Duck. Roll. Shoot something. Have one dimensional sex. Always know you’re in a world that’s not real. Rinse, wash, and repeat. This was the formula of past programming, that is sorely outdated. The action wasn’t hot enough, the characters weren’t interesting and sexy enough, and the adventures were just downright simplistic. Getting off was something you’d do once you finished playing, and then turned on an actual porn to watch. Well not anymore! With incredible PC engines available for more innovative programming, accelerated graphics, and a huge increase in story options, the world of sucking and fucking in AdultSexGames has become the sci-fi/fantasy experience we used to only read about in books. Post-apocalyptic settings for the first-person shooter are part of the common theme out there in a number of games.

Transfer the popular gun-toting themes to a gothic castle filled with zombies, busty babes, muscled hunks, and all of the perfect BDSM accoutrements you’ve ever wanted. Take Quake or Doom, and turn them into a more immersive action-packed fuck-fest filled with hardcore submission fantasies. These are the kinds of dungeons filled with less dragons, and more nasty sluts that need you to subdue them with your prowess in the arts of pwning fools. With boobs bouncing, asses flying through the air, wet pussies, throbbing cocks, and an array of enemies for you to take down, the time for being a dirty hero has come…And will soon be cumming!

Working your way through level after realistic level of some crazed fortress has just become a truly titillating experience. You’re no longer just a warrior doing battle for some just cause, or some evil villain. You are a porn star living out your wet dream fantasies as you battle and fuck for domination. Living out the action-packed moments, and then packing all of that action right into some sexy hottie’s gaping holes, will bring this kind of gaming to a new level.

The intense sexual nature of the new AdultSexGames will keep you hard and on the edge of your seat, until you’re just as wet as the characters taking your loads on-screen. This is the new era of sex and entertainment that has broken ground on the erotic in away unseen before, until now. People are going to have a harder time controlling their characters, only because one hand will be on the keyboard, while the other will be pleasuring themselves. Artists and sensual storytellers have banded to brave the new frontier of fucking.

Yes, there were inferior systems and products that came before this one, but now the playing field has been decimated and there stands only one cum-drenched victor. These are the kinds of adult sex games that every gamer has been dreaming about since they’ve been old enough to hold the joystick in their pants. Raids will have a whole new meaning, when it means you’ll be filling holes at the end of them. Time to go pwn some ass!

The Cum Bucket

This big breasted babe is going to take on bucket loads of cum as she takes on the job of getting an entire party off.

The Future of Fantasy Action Adventures

What sensual adventures have you put the brakes on, because of the laws of physics? What you had in mind for some hardcore erotic time involved being able to levitate your partner up and down on your throbbing cock so your hands could pull their hair and stroke their breasts at the same time. Maybe you’ve longed for an extra pair of arms for those moments when you want to be jerking yourself off, fingering multiple partners, and spanking some booties at the same time. Or you’ve wondered what it would be like to be a half-dragon/half-orc shaman that is capable of building orgiastic temples to the deities of fucking. There was a time when looking online for erotic games would only end in a slew of disappointment over how lacking the interactive sexual aspects were, because the technology hadn’t caught up to the fantasies. “The times, they are a changing.” The wise Dylan once said. The era of lackluster graphics and digital looking blocks for boobs has become a thing of the past. AdultSexGames are stepping into the future with a proud stride, breasts the size of small moons, and a swinging dick in the shape of a fire-breathing dragon!

The gorgeous graphics possibilities of today have upped the level of realism of even the most fantastical of fantasies. Rippling dew drops of sweat falling from the brow of the warrior princess you’ve captured with your orc hordes, as you take her to your hut and unleash the fury of your orc hard-on upon her. The jiggle of that perfect ass when a hand strikes it mid-thrust, and is met with authentic porn-style moans that are sure to make you cum in your pants. The ever-changing scenery ranging from crazy gothic castles, to apocalyptic landscapes, as you fight and fuck your way through hordes of demons and voluptuous babes. You won’t just be watching fan-fiction porn, you’ll be living it as the wizard or witch that graduated with the hottest sex magic degree available, and now have gone off to turn the world into the magical orgy you always knew it could be. Fireballs! Flaming Cock! Lightning Pussy! And any other spells you’ve always thought would turn the videogames you love so much, into the erotic games of your orgasmic dreams, are now at the click of your sticky finger. The realms of the erotic have been slowly pieced into the gaming world throughout the years, and now they’re finally at the point of integration that completely suspends the disbelief of gamers everywhere. Long gone are the days of the basic point, click, and thrust. The jerky movements and lack of choices have instead become smooth and plentiful. A new sexy sheriff presides over the world of AdultSexGames, and the future of your interactive fantasies is never going to be the same again.

Greatest Moments Captured Inside

The Artistry of X-Rated Gaming Titles

It really is all about the details when it comes to putting the best adult entertainment games out on the market. The curves of your characters have to have the kind of look that will make the player want to reach into the game and run their hands over them. Tattooed babes with giant breasts and tight bubble-butts, need to jiggle and move in all of the ways a real girl would. Whether you’re following them into a battle, or through the courtyard to the orgy dome, their bodies need to sway and bounce in all the right ways. They may be able to do a convincing back-flip over their enemies to complete their finishing move, but do they shift and tremble the way a person would when a throbbing cock fills their ass? Now, you’ll never be taken out of the moment when it’s time to get down and dirty with the hot Jerk Dolls characters. There will be an array of erotic outfits and sex toys to play with, along with different mods to upload into the game for you to explore. You’ll even be able to upload and share your own additions to our xxx games, giving it that extra personal touch, that makes touching yourself even better. It’s really about giving the ultimate experience to every player that logs in. You’ll even have a free to play experience to be able to try out the smoking hot characters.

Players want to be able to have a say in their games experience, and this is the place to make that happen. There is a Discord and a forum board, along with a modding and debugging tool, that will allow gamers access to make some desired changes themselves. Everyone will have a say in the world created by us, because what our viewers want really matters. This isn’t the old days where you just played what you were told to, and the programmers lorded it over you that they were your personal gods of entertainment. We want the power in the hands of our viewers, and we want to have open discussions about changes. To keep the experience as immersive and sexy as we know everyone wants it to be, the only option is to reach out to the fans and find out what they want. It’s not about being distanced from each other as creators and players, but about finding the balance where the fantasies of fans are being met at the highest possible level. Not only will you enter the erotic world of your choosing, with the characters of your dreams, you’ll literally be helping create the new worlds that are going to be seen. Creating the immersive experience has never been as exciting as it is now. With all of the incredible tools at our disposal, and the help of our loyal fans, we’ll keep being the best sexual entertainment the internet has to offer.

Most Popular Characters Being Played

Give Me Your Sexiest

As an adult you want a certain level of entertainment. Sure, we can all be appeased by meagre delights that wile away the time, but still leave us fairly unsatisfied. In a world with so many choices, why settle for the second best of anything. Yes, what’s good can be a matter of taste, especially in the realms of entertainment, but we all know quality when we see it.

When it comes to the more adult entertainment, that we oft crave when our blood runs hot and the need for release becomes great, settling for anything less than what we desire is asinine. The same runs true for the modern gamer as well. With the incredible increases in hardware and software, and graphics gaining such an intense level of realism, gamers increasingly expect more of their gameplay.

It didn’t take long for the adult entertainment world to hop onto the gaming trend. With generations coming up exploring the modern tech, and their sexuality, all at the same time, it was a natural progression, that has now leapt bounds into the future.

AdultSexGames are a wave of porn and gaming combined that is washing over the masses like ropey streams of gism. It’s almost impossible not to get caught up in it if you’re into either porn, gaming, or both. Where the boundaries of what you could do in porn are no longer applicable to gaming, the motion rendering technology of film has added an incredible life to all games.

When you play the modern games, you’re tapping into the best of both worlds. Sex has always had some game-like qualities to it, and now you can play some of the most realistic games that have ever existed. High scores mean the most scoring, in the sexiest possible way.

Screenshots From Inside The Game

Like A Magic Trick

Watch how many dicks can disappear like magic tricks into the tight wet holes of every slut in this dungeon.

Fire Up Those Loins

What’s been missing from your life? The best way to pass those moments when you want to do more than just watch a movie, or jerk-off. Yes, you can go jog around the block, or practice yoga, maybe start your own urban farm. These are all worthwhile endeavours, but there will still come a time when you want to be entertained, but also want to interact with your entertainment. Videogames build a link to part of that, granting entertainment, and also allowing the participant to interact with their entertainment beyond watching, but often doesn’t have the high definition quality of a modern movie. It’s a trade off that is commonly made, but as time has gone on, the world of videogames has started to catch up with that of film.

The characters in videogames now take on an even more striking resemblance to actual living, breathing, human beings. Our games bridge the gap between videogames and film in a way that will inspire your erotic visions to new heights. With the incredibly realistic features of the sexy characters and their playmates that you’ll build out to meet your kinkiest whims, the only way you’ll mark your time spent playing is by how many times you came.

Whatever it is you’re looking for, the worlds of AdultSexGames will amply supply. From your kinkiest BDSM fantasies, to your most vanilla pussy pounding, the erotic gaming will add new dimensions to old desires, and inspire the creation of new ones. Bring every ounce of your passion to bare in the games of JerkDolls, and not only will you never be disappointed, you’ll find entire new realms of sexual satisfaction. Gamers and movie lovers unite, for the call to entertainment and orgasms has been ushered forth, and it’s time for you to answer!

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