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When Night Reaches In College

Two's company, three's a crowd and well: anything more than that is a goddamn riot! Thankfully, we've got our shields ready to go, because this gaming section is devoted to group sex and boy, do we have a bunch of gangbang titles for you to play right now! After a lot of demand, we figured it was time to pivot toward this genre and show the world how the very best games transitioning into group fucking.

There's just something so slutty about a group of individuals getting together and deciding to split the pleasure among themselves: it's a free-for-all where the holes are up for grabs – just make sure you get in there before someone else does! Those ham wallets and dirt paths are pretty quick to be occupied, so when you're at a gangbang, it's basically like a buffet. Thankfully, with Jerk Dolls, you get complete control of the action, so you can make the group sex exactly to your liking – pretty sweet, eh?

We've worked hard to curate this collection of games and it should go without saying that they are entirely exclusive to our network. What does this mean, exactly? Well, in simple terms, there are no other places online to find the selection that we have to offer. I assure you that this results in some pretty incredible outcomes for the punters in the audience that want a world-class porn gaming experience.

If you stay here, you'll realize for yourself that insofar as group sex gaming is concerned, we've cornered the market, simply because we know the ins and outs of this area more than the other guys. Hell, half the team here has regular gangbangs where we fuck one another! Okay – maybe that's not true, but we still know the rules of the game and understand what makes people tick when it comes to gangbangs. These ladies need to be pleasured and it's up to you – as well as all of the other participants – to take control of the situation!

All-female Group Sex Fun

Want your group sex sessions to be devoted to all-girl action? No problem – we have lesbian games!

The Bukkake Simulator Special

One of the best porn niches to ever exist is bukkake. It first started in Japan as a result of the fact that genitals had to be pixelated, owing to backward laws they have over there about obscene material. Producers took matters into their own hands and realized that well, most Japanese girls are actually pretty hot and cute, so why not go ahead and invite a bunch of dudes over to cover their faces in hot jizz? Soon after, the bukkake niche was born and boy, did that thing take off like nothing else!

While there may be plenty of Western developers in this space, an overwhelming majority of smut that focuses on bukkake that we rate actually still comes from Japan. They're the kings of the genre and we don't mind saying as much: we take a great deal of inspiration from their work and see it as a challenge to live up to the expectations and customs that they have. That's why we've managed to create what I consider to be the world's first truly high quality library of bukkake games! This gives you the ability to cover sexy chicks with cum over and over again from dudes that are total strangers to the whore in the middle that's getting soaked.

You can choose for these girls to just have the cum on their face as more dudes pile on the juice or alternatively, start to eat it as the fresh loads come in. Some of these ladies just love the taste of jizz and give great feedback when you actually let them eat it – something to think about if you want to up your experience and provide these broads with an experience they won't forget! There's just something so slutty about having a girl covered in hot jizz and her wanting nothing more than to feel more of it running down her pretty face surrounded by a bunch of dudes that are just there to use her body. Ultimate slut mode, right?

Greatest Moments Captured Inside

Spitroast A Pornstar

Next up in the group sex gaming realm is the classic spitroast: a look at girls taking cocks in their mouths and pussies – or asses – at the same time. It might be quite hard for these girls to time their movements and get it from both ends, but we all know that deep down inside, they feel like utter whores while it's going on. Like a slut once told me: one cock is really enjoyable, so what's the big deal with having two? It just ups the ante and makes them even hornier.

I've heard that getting spitroasted is actually a way that a lot of ladies out there come to eventually squirt – they cannot handle the nastiness of what they're doing and their ability to pleasure two cocks at the same time! In the games we play, you'll find that the girls are actually quite skilled at being taken from both ends: it's just par for the course and getting a hole in one doesn't seem to be too difficult – especially when multiple men are managing it on the same course!

When you enjoy the spitroast gaming fun here, you'll be able to dictate the pace of what's happening as well as flip over the positions if you want someone else to take control and pound from behind. Doggy style is the obvious and default choice that you'll come across, but there are six or so other positions you can also find while going through our titles. Again: autonomy is the most important thing for us to give you here at Jerk Dolls and having the ability to fuck a bitch from every which way seems lie a surefire deal to get you coming back for more and more of the same slutty gaming goodness.

Most Popular Characters Being Played

All-girl Lesbian Action

Cocks are great, but what about pussies? For some dudes, their idea of the best group sex session ever would actually just be a group of ladies going at one another. Imagine, if you will, an after-party event where all of the girls go back to their Airbnb together, horny as fuck and also amped up on alcohol and who knows what else. They start to undress – maybe a kiss here or there – and before you know it, 4 of the chicks are on the sofa, completely naked and licking away at one another's clams.

This might sound like a crazy thing that never happens in real life, but girls have a special code where they keep things secret from the fellas – if only you knew what your girlfriend got up to when she was out with the ladies! Everyone's worried about girls cheating on them with other cocks: the fact of the matter is that they just want to be locked into a 69 all night with their best friend from school. Is that really too much for a girl to ask for? Allegedly it is, which is why they all hire these expensive apartments so they can go and do it while no one else is around.

We genuinely hope that you see the way forward for gangbang video games is obviously going to involve a hell of a lot more lesbian action. There's really little discussion to be had here: we want to see that girl on girl fun where the tits and pussies are all that make up the content of the game! We've betrayed a hell of a lot of cocks by having these games up, but the ladies simply do not care and so long as there are pussies to pleasure, they're going to go above and beyond to deliver erotic relief to any tit or clit they can get their tongues on.

Screenshots From Inside The Game

The Best Gangbangs Around

Girls who love to take more than one cock at a time are special. Worship them inside now.

Stellar Graphical Rendering

To make our group sex titles just that little bit more special, we've decided to invest a lot of our resources into providing world-class graphical rendering. What do we mean by this, exactly? Well, let's just say that if you want a visually stimulating experience unlike anything you've come across before, it's probably a good idea to check out the collection of games that we have on offer.

This is literally like your standard gangbang gaming hub but on steroids – we've pulled no punches and while you might accuse us of being elitist – so be it! We've noticed a distinct lack of good games in the group sex arena since the dawn of the Internet and we're tired of that shit goddamn it! Jerk Dolls is here to shake the industry up and put the former hubs to shame. Just look at our hot hub devoted to 100% group sex action and you'll see the fun that so many people are missing out on if they don't decide to sign up here.

Graphics are some of the most important things and our 3D renderers, as well as graphical artists, are the best people in the business for this specific task. They work overtime to deliver a sensory overload where everyone sees lots of fucking and sucking from every party in the equation. Jerk Dolls shall rise above all the other dodgy producers and show itself to be the one true source for gangbang gaming fun. So please – join us with haste and become a part of the XXX gaming revolution! We need you: take up your rightful spot and make the world of adult gaming online just that little bit better. Peace!

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