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A Love Of Celebrities

Everyone's got a specific celebrity that they're addicted to, right? Well, at jerk dolls, we're doing our best to help you explore this passion by giving you access to the very best XXX action involving the finest famous girls in all of the land. It might seem like a bit of a weird niche, but you'd be amazed how involved the community has been with our efforts to provide them with some great celebrity sex gaming entertainment.

This industry hasn't had the greatest of luck in the recent past when it comes to quality gaming fun, but alas: we're here to prove that if you put your mind to it, you can do a stellar job of providing all the horny punters out there with access to games they really enjoy. The team at Jerk Dolls happens to possess quite a collection and we're pleased as punch to be able to share it with everyone out there on the Internet. Are you the type of person that likes to have celebrity porno games shared with you? If that's the case, I think it's safe to say that the Jerk Dolls experience is going to put a very big smile on your face.

A number of the competitive spots out there are pretty big in the realm of faking what it is they have to offer: Jerk Dolls wants to spin this concept on its head and show you that we really mean business in this space. It might fall on deaf ears, but we think a lot of the competition out there has to pick up the pace, lest they seriously fall behind. We're doing our best to reach out, but at the end of the day, our focus is on celeb games that will help you jerk off! Our bread and butter will be the pleasure that our gamers get, and we'll stop at nothing until they're all shooting off hot ropes of cum to the best of Hollywood!

JerkDolls' Celebrity Gaming Bliss

We'll show you the finest games around that have the best celebs in them. Play for free today!

A World-Class Array

One of the advantages of a place like Jerk Dolls is that we're fully committed to taking things to an insanely high level. We take perverse pleasure in offering a wide variety of games, so that no matter what type of game you enjoy, nor what celebrities get you horny, Jerk Dolls ought to have something there for you to play with your little ding dong while experiencing. One of the ways we've managed to achieve this is by having a huge team, all of whom bring their own slant and style to the production of games that we're putting out there.

This might seem like a stunt at first, but the reality is that we're just stunting on the competition. Nothing makes us happier than something the world that we're the cream of the crop when it comes to development and offer the best of the best when it comes to variety. Didn't you hear that it's the spice of life? The more options you have, the better! That's our policy at Jerk Dolls anyway, so we'll stick to it through thick and thin. Please remember that our team is working overtime to bring you the best games and as many of them as possible!

We don't have a fixed and rigid development schedule, but Jerk Dolls is very much of the opinion that giving people regular new games is the way to go. This basically means that if you want to jump on board, you can with very little concepts or issues and second to this, you can expect many games to come in the future with your account. We're looking at roughly 6 new celebrity sex titles in the coming 12 months – not too shabby, eh? Good luck finding that elsewhere on the Internet. Celeb game producers are few and far between – those that do exist aren't exactly good, either!

Greatest Moments Captured Inside

A Graphical Advance

The engine that we use at Jerk Dolls for our games is absolutely unreal: we've put it a number of hours to get it perfect and we're going to show the whole world that we know the ins and outs of putting together a great looking game. One quick look at the tour here ought to actually give you a little glimpse into how important we take graphical quality. Do you notice that all of the preview material seems like it was striped straight out of a 3D rendered movie or something? Well, that's the vibe we're going for, and all of the action you see here can be rendered on your own machine if you decide to play our games.

We've also gone to great lengths to make sure that our parody content of Jerk Dolls is as true to the original source smut as possible. This includes nailing the shape, size, color, skin tone, outfit and general mannerisms of the celebrities that you'll see here. It wouldn't be that much of a Hollywood sex adventure if we didn't get the most famous girls in the world right, eh?

There are a number of hot celebrities across all of our titles that we're sure you're going to love interacting with. Names that we'd mention include the likes of Megan Fox, Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift and many other babes that're going to have you hard in a matter of seconds. Note that these games take the concept of accuracy to the next level: we're not in this business to give you less than the best. It's a core element and aspect of what Jerk Dolls is all about, so you can bet your bottom dollar that if it's graphical quality and accuracy you're interested in, we'll be able to provide you with exactly that.

Most Popular Characters Being Played

All Machines Welcome

We're technology agnostic when it comes to the gamers that we serve, which is why I think it's probably a good idea to mention here that Jerk Dolls runs entirely from your browser. This means that you won't have to download anything local if you want to have a good gaming session. We noticed early on that people were a little skeptical of actually downloading things to their own PC when prompted to – especially if they're getting said file from a porn website!

Despite our obvious knowledge that we wouldn't do anything naughty, the team decided early on that browser-based access was the step to take. This means that anyone who has a device capable of running a semi-recent version of Opera, Safari, Firefox or Chrome will be able to enjoy the full array of Jerk Dolls games. You may find that pretty much any browser is functional too, but those listed here are officially supported and we'll ensure that they're able to run our games come rain or come shine!

Another benefit of this approach is that we can provide access to people on all types of machines. Sure, most people who come to this website are going to be enjoying what we have to offer via a Windows 10 PC, but we also make allowances for tablet devices and mobiles! That's right – all you have to do is load up your browser, come on over to Jerk Dolls, sign in and you're good to go! Not every title we have is entirely appropriate for mobile action, but we have a special section inside that ought to serve your needs, no questions asked. The engine also has an automatic adjusting feature that allows us to make sure that the games you play run smooth as silk. It'll lower in-game settings and the like automatically – pretty cool, eh? Especially when you're mid-way through playing a celebrity XXX game.

Screenshots From Inside The Game

Incredible Graphical Focus

No adult gaming platform takes graphics as seriously as we do. These next-gen games look epic!

A Sense Of Community

One thing we constantly find our gamers talking about here on Jerk Dolls is that we're obsessed with giving people a community feeling. We're really excited to be able to present this type of environment to everyone and going forward, Jerk Dolls wants to foster even more community features so that you feel welcome here and always have a place to go if you want to talk about X-Rated games.

Perhaps the jewel in our crown is the JerkDolls Discord server, which currently consists of dozens of channels which will allow you to communicate with pretty much anyone you need to, as well as discuss various ideas and the like. It's a cool feature and I think that plenty of people enjoy it too, based on the fact that there are thousands of messages on a daily basis shared and yeah – it's just a great place to be! It also only launched a few months ago, so there's plenty in the pipeline to make it as good as possible.

Other cool features inside Jerk Dolls when it comes to our celebrity games is a high score table, which monitors the speed at which some people complete our games, as well as obviously suited for titles that need a specific digit-score to compare folks against one another. Not everyone is into this, but for those that are – prizes are rewarded on the 1st of every month to the best of the bunch! We also have official forums and great feedback tools so that you can tell us exactly what you're thinking and feeling. Jerk Dolls does things differently and we plan to keep it that way.

So, with everything mentioned thus far about our great celebrity gaming Universe, why not come and join in the party? We look forward to seeing you on the other side – peace and love!

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