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Looks So Real You’ll Want To Fuck It

One of the best things about fantasies and dreams is that they have no limitations. You’ve always wanted to be part of an orgy of goblins, ever since you saw Labyrinth and had more devious ideas for how the story could’ve played out. Some porn movies out there may come close, but never quite hit the mark when it comes down to how vast our imaginations can be…especially when it comes to kinky sex. When you’re playing the best games the options are only limited by how dirty your mind is. Those goblins have captured the sexy girl from the real world, and it turns out that she’s really into goblins.

The clothes come off. The slutty babe from above ground starts putting a few fingers inside of herself and brushing them against the goblin’s lips. Snail trails of cum excite the devious creatures into a sexual frenzy, as the voluptuous prisoner with long legs reaches out and grabs a nice long cock and starts to swallow it down. The rest of the goblins line up to run a crazy orgy with the willing human babe that can’t wait to take as much dick as she can get. On theses games, you, the gamer, are the one making this hot fucking fantasy come to life.

You’re arranging and organizing your goblin hordes for their orgy. You are positioning the slutty wench into the best position for you and all of the other goblins to fill her holes. Bring a throbbing hard cock, or a ready and willing pussy, to your computer, and the best games will get you off, because the onscreen action looks as real as can be. One of the most incredible things about our games are the elements of intense realism our programmers have thrust into every scene.

The tone of skin. The subtle biting of a lip in eager anticipation as the firelight gleams off the glistening naked tits of a lithe temptress. You pull your vorpal cock out, that you went on a quest to have blessed by a tantric priestess of the mythical land of Fuckmemore. There are some phrases you choose between, to help in further seducing your naked companion. Then it’s a click of actions, a punch of keys, and so begins the wild game you’ve been waiting for. All of the realism, with all of the erotic fantasy your dirty mind can come up with, at your beck and call. It’s the new era of gaming, and your sexual fantasies will only become more realized from here on out.

What lay before you? The sexy mythical creatures, the dungeons and castles, the hidden lands that you discover, and fuck your way across, in a sea or erotic conquest. Hold onto your throbbing hard-on, because the game just got so real that you won’t be able to tell the difference between the orgy in your wet dreams, and the one you’re playing right in front of you.

How Deep Is That Hole

Just when you thought there wouldn’t be room for more, this vixen takes such a massive cock into the furthest depths of her ass.

Unable To Tell If You’re Cumming Or Going?

Giant ropes of gism flying through the air to give some busty babe a cum facial that covers her whole face. It’s glistening off of her gorgeous face as she runs her fingers over your salty semen and puts those sticky digits into her mouth. As the cum-soaked slut licks her fingers and then begs for more, you know you’ve logged on to the right gaming site. This is going to be one of the best games ever, and you’ve only just begun.

How did they get the cum to look so real? Every droplet shimmers like the cum shooting out of your dick as you play. You’re almost afraid it’s going to drip out of your computer screen and onto your keyboard. It looks so real when the dirty slut onscreen pumps herself up and down the throbbing cock of your character. Every upward pump shows off the sticky mass of cum dripping out of that gaping pussy. You click a little more and the pumping speeds up. Another punch of a key and there’s some fun spanking as the riding gets harder and faster.

Now it’s time to get this naughty slut on her knees, and you’re just the experienced gamer to do it. The porn you’re playing is the one you’ve always wanted to see, because the best games put you in the driver’s seat. So pound that pussy all the way to the high score of this incredibly sexy time.

What has one asshole, one pussy, one mouth, and all the holes you can hope to fuck? The incredible sluts our games. This isn’t your average Sims kind of territory, where the action is just alluded to by you visiting the neighbors house. In the JerkDolls world you’ll see that ass-tapping action in high definition, with all of the thrusting, moaning, and cum gargling to boot. This isn’t your PG game world, this is the hardcore fucking of your favorite adult movie, but instead of just watching it, you’re doing it. Or at least, your character is. We want you gyrating your pelvis and thrusting your hips in time to the action you’re making happen on the screen, which is why it’s got to look so damn good.

This isn’t just a hack attempt at any old game. Our games are the greatest one’s out there. You’ll get more than your moneys worth and will keep coming back for more. In fact, we have so much faith in how sexy and arousing our games are, that you’ll be able to try out different ones for free. The visceral experience of one hand on the keyboard, and the other hand jerking yourself off is part of the guarantee we know you want to get in on. Be the sexual master everyone knows you are, and get into this incredible arcade of nonstop ejaculative experiences. Time to show the world you’re the best at sex!

Greatest Moments Captured Inside

Where Do The Orcs Get Their Sexy Groove On?

The question often asked by warrior, elf, and sorcerer alike: “When do orcs fuck if they’re always on the warpath?” RIGHT HERE AND RIGHT NOW! This is the game where orcs, ogres, goblins, and any other mighty warrior gets to enjoy the spoils of battle in the shape of a hot piece of ass. Your mighty orc brute has captured a sexy battle maiden from some human kingdom after a fierce fight where she slew most of your brethren.

This, of course, is just a giant turn-on in the orc world. After an epic fight, where both of you are glistening with sweat, you pounce upon the sexy warrior woman, and you begin rolling across the battlefield. The rolling turns into something more, with your orc cock growing long and hard, and your combatant has grown wet with excitement. “Not here!” She whispers as you both lay there panting. “Let us go yonder to the broken tower of Bangme.

Where the sex magics of old have lain dormant for an age. We shall awaken them!” Both of you leave the battlefield and strip off your armor and weapons, with the exception of the giant green club that swings between your orc legs. The fierce naked babe, with giant tits, and a dripping wet pussy, lays down on an altar space inside the tower. You stride up with your huge throbbing cock in your hand as the naked warrior woman fingers her pussy. Time to sacrifice some cum on this sexual altar!

It’s the best games that bring to life the kind of fucking only found in Conan fan-fiction. Wild adventures in fantastical lands with tons of realistic looking hard dicks and tight little pussies and assholes just waiting to gape. Sorcery, battle, and incredible sex all bound up into the games you’ve always wished existed…AND NOW THEY FINALLY DO! This is the call to high sexual fantasy that you’ve been waiting for. The pulsing muscles and magical incantations, all surrounding the sex crazed sluts of some mythical realm.

You needn’t wait to see who will pull the sword from the stone, because the sword is your character’s massive cock, and you must plunge it into every orifice until orgasms spew forth. Never shall you meet a foe you cannot lay low with your sexual prowess. Gain experience, and usher forth the new era of powerful orgasms across the land. Become the leading scorer in the best games you’ve ever played as stories unfold, and you advance to more increased challenges of seduction.

Here is the place where anyone ever called a nerd will be revered as a sensual champion of all that is erotic and slutty. Reach out and claim your prize of actual booty. The prophecy of your kingdom built on hardcore fucking shall happen now. Bring down your enemies with the sheer power of your dirty mind, and let your gism cover them in your sticky cry of victory! These are the games you’ve been waiting for.

Most Popular Characters Being Played

Only The Best of The Best

There’s no reason for you to settle for anything less than the best, especially when it comes to porn. With the massive amount of variety available at the touch of your fingertips the days of having to jerk-off to whatever porn happens to be available, is thankfully long gone.

With the variety of categories to choose from, whatever your specific desires, there will be some adult entertainment available in your desired form. Looking for Japanese girls that love to give blowjobs, they’ve made tons of films. Need to see a buxom redhead getting fucked by big black cocks, she’s out there waiting for you. You’re looking for something a little more exotic? Perhaps an alien warrior woman with three tits and four tentacles will suit the needs you have in mind. You might have to settle for animated, but that alien slut is waiting to get pounded in every hole possible, while jerking off a whole party with her extra appendages.

Just like you shouldn’t settle for a lesser porn, nor should you settle for a lesser game. Go for the games with the hottest action, best graphics, and life-like game play. Only the hottest games should take any of your time, and the place to find those games is on JerkDolls. With an incredible selection of categories for any player to choose from, the erotic worlds and scenes will be plentiful. The graphics are top-notch, and will keep your eyes dazzled and your cock hard as you plow your way through smoking hot babe after babe.

The bond of worship between you and your lover’s feet will be palpable, by the how you have adorned them. If you want to be more voyeuristic in your foot fetish you can watch the porn around others worshipping feet. You are worshipping from afar, but still holding reverence for the sexy feet on display.

Even your own character will be tailored to your needs, all the way down to how big you want your cock to be. It’s time to jot down some notes from your next wet dream, and then jump into the world of JerkDolls to see how close that dream can be.

Screenshots From Inside The Game

Sex Isn’t Alien To Hot Aliens

You don’t have to be human to have some of the hottest sex out there, and these aliens are going to prove how slutty they can be.

It’s Getting Hot In Here

You know how good a sex scene is by what you feel in your own body. The rush of adrenaline as clothing starts to get moved aside, or torn off. That tingle down your spine as lips start making their way down breasts, and towards the light mound of hair that rests between supple spread legs. The sound that tongue makes as it glides its way over the rippling flesh of the excited hot body beneath it. Suddenly a clit, or a cock, slides between those lush lips, and moans start issuing forth from the recipient’s mouth, because what they’re experiencing is bordering on rapture. The intensity builds, as cum starts flowing, and then the partner giving the oral rises up and takes their fill, but not in the way you think they’re going to.

Suddenly they’re levitating in the air, and spinning their body around for physics defying sixy-nine. Both of the smoking hot naked bodies start floating in the air, and as glorious big breasted redhead start shoving that huge green cock in her pussy, these aliens begin a fuck that science fiction movies wish they’d thought of.

The alien from Cockagon 4 wields his huge throbbing cock with a vengeance, and the redheaded woman from Gape world takes every massive inch until she squirts everywhere, coating them both in sticky goodness.

This is the kind of out of this world, steamy fucking, that you can play out, when you play the greatest games out there. Where do you find the best games? You find them out JerkDolls, where the attention to detail has been paid in as much fullness as the massive bosoms of the ladies within the game world.

It’s going to get so hot on your PC screen, that you might need to get an extra fan to keep your hard drive from blowing up.

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