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Animated For Your Pleasure

We’ve all watched the sexy bad girls of animation over the years as they’ve tantalized and teased us with their perfectly drawn banging bodies. The sly sluts of cartoons that only tend to get down and dirty when the Japanese are drawing them, but otherwise just hint at their naughty nature. They’ve teased you forever with the way their skirts almost hike high enough for you to see just a little bit more as they wage into battle, or try to solve mysteries. With lips drawn from the perfect ideal of lush kissable dreams, that every man wishes were wrapped around his cock, and every woman wants sucking on their clit.

Yes, these vixens of animation are the stuff of dreams that you’ve fantasized over since you could get a hard-on. It’s just the truth. Gem and the Holograms used to play through your fantasies, as Gem would touch her earring, call out, “Synergy, on!”, and then ride your cock, since that was the nickname she gave it in your fantasy. You aren’t alone. We’ve all been thinking the same things. The sexy babes of Hentai are a great turn-on, but there have been many a toon you’ve held in your devious fantasies for long before you ever accessed the hot Japanese girl animations.

You’ve wondered what Daphne’s tits from Scooby Doo looked like under that purple dress, and how shapely her legs were all the way up. Does Betty Rubble give as a good a head as you think she does, and how quickly could you get that mastodon fur dress off of her? You’re looking for that power dominatrix of animation, She-Ra, that has held your lesbian fantasies captive all these years, to dominate you as your princess of power. Well get ready to see your wet animated dreams come true, because animated games have blown the doors wide open!

She Was Drawn For Fucking

Give that animated toon slut’s ass a workout, as she moans and begs for every hole to be drilled and filled.

I’m Bad, And I’m Drawn That Way

The famous line of Jessica Rabbit has always been so amusing. “I’m not bad. I’m just drawn that way.” Come on girl, you are bad, and you’ve been drawn that way. Think about all of the people drawing these sexy ladies of the animated world, and you know they’re imagining them getting up to all kinds of naughty activities. There’s enough fan-fiction out there to back up the fact that the first thing racing across people’s minds when they see these babes is, “How can I fuck them?” Whether it’s a Disney film, or Studio Ghibli, it doesn’t matter.

The supple curves of these animations, their playful glances, and badass abilities, lead us to imagine them naked and up to all sorts of fucking. Anyone claiming they’re not thinking when they draw them has got to be full of it. If you’ve ever been in a comic-book-artists drawing room, you’d have noticed plenty of extremely sexy looking animations strewn about. Sure, they’re used for inspiration. And of course, you need to see your art for continuity if you’re going to be drawing the same character over and over, but you started off drawing them like naughty slut.

From the curves of their ass cheeks, in tight spandex, a skirt, or a cocktail dress, to the shapely legs, soft eyes, perky breasts, and pouty lips, you’ve insinuated a high level of sexiness. You drew them to be bad girl sluts, and just cast them in shows meant for a younger audience with a grown-up appeal. Nothing wrong with this. We all like some sexy animation. Just don’t try to pull the wool over our eyes, because those animated bodies were meant for some hardcore fucking, and somebody’s going to make that a reality. In fact, the person reading this can play some Jerkdoll’s toon games, and get to that dream right now.

Greatest Moments Captured Inside

Cartoons You’d Like To Fuck

The list is vast and varied of all of the cartoon hotties out there on everyone’s bang list. One of the fun ones that comes to mind is Cheetara from the Thundercats. Not only was she a badass warrior in her own right, but he body was absolutely smoking hot. The dream of being one of her fellow Thundercats sleeping under the moonlight together, as they hunted Mum-Ra to stop his evil machinations, was a consistent fantasy. After the adrenaline rush of battle, sweat glistening off her body, and that devilish fanged smile resting on her lips, you know that Cheetara would’ve been down for hardcore fucking.

All of those endorphins rushing every which way, could only ignite a fire in her furry loins, that someone needed to satisfy. Would Lion-O be the one to suck on Cheetara’s big titties, and then feast on her wet warrior pussy? Did she need to have her ass fucked as hard as her pussy, to keep the feel of intense battle going on with every orgasm she roars from her lips? Yes, you know there were sexual shenanigans back at the Thundercat’s base, with all of those pheromones rushing back and forth.

Look up the drawings of Cheetara fucking online and you’ll know you were definitely not the only one thinking these thoughts. See her swallowing cock, and taking it deep in every hole, with a look of sheer ecstasy in those sex crazed eyes. This dirty toon wants to get drilled hard and fast, by every available cock around. It’s time you took that fantasy into your own hands, along with your hardening cock. Somewhere out there is your own Thundercat ho, and she’s waiting for you charge into her. Find the toon game that fits your needs, and build out your own Thundercat fantasy!

Most Popular Characters Being Played

Every Naughty Girl Of Toon Town

When all of the naughty sluts of toon town are at your beck and call, how will you make the best fantasy fuck ever? It’s all right there for you, so it’s not a matter of whether you have access to your favorite toon sluts. If there’s maybe some obscure one you haven’t found yet, then don’t worry, she’ll be there soon. Since there’s a consistent level of interaction that porn sites like Jerkdolls really wants to maintain with their fans, you are encouraged to send them your ideas for what’s missing or needed.

Videogame babes are available, along with the animated ladies of film and tv. You’ll find plenty of comic hotties available, even the ones that haven’t made it yet to the silver screen. If they’ve been drawn, then there’s a good chance they’re online and ready to get naked and fucked. What’s available only grows with every passing day, and the people coding adult entertainment toon games had the same fantasies you did growing up. Looking for those girls from Archer or The Venture Bros, well somebody has definitely drawn them in compromising positions.

If you want to build a character out that looks like one of your favorite toons, and then fuck some of your other favorites, then hold onto your cock, because that fantasy is ready and waiting for you. Maybe you’ve always wanted to see what it would’ve been like if Batman got it on with Harlequin and the Joker in a threesome. Someone else has thought of that too, and you can search for it. All of the fans out there have been dreaming of fucking their favorite hot cartoons forever, and the ones that became coders for porn are all about making that a reality. The gameplay will be exciting and fun, as you choose your toon character to fuck with, and the bevy of toon sluts to line up for you.

Screenshots From Inside The Game

Animated Sluts Are Relentless

So many animated babes all in one place, fucking and being fucked by other cartoons in the ways you’ve only dreamt of, until now.

Johnny Went On A Quest In A Brothel

The kind of kinky shit you never got to see, but always wanted to, is available now in the world of toon games. Johnny Quest has grown up and now he and Haji can go on adult quests to the brothels of Bangladesh. Oh no, aliens have invaded as well, and you can’t tell which of the naughty sluts in the brothel is a human or an alien. Guess you’ll have to fuck all of them to find out. You’ve heard the alien babes cum twice as many times as a normal toon human babe, and that they squirt a purple cum when they do.

Time to set up an orgy in the fuck room for a who’s who discovery quest. Yes, this sounds strange, but run with it. What did you always want to see the toon heroes of yesterday and today get up to? You can make all of it happen. Have the gang of Scooby Doo film porn movies in some haunted hotel room to try and draw out the alleged ghost of the porn star haunting the place. Get Daphne and Velma to eat each other out while Fred jerks off all over them, and Shaggy films it.

When that ghost arrives, and they find out it’s just a really horny clerk that works at the hotel, looks like it’s time for an orgy! Let all of the action get as zany and sexy as you can possibly imagine. You’re fucking toons after all, and in cartoons you can do just about anything you can think of. Draw a door between you and the girl’s locker room at Archie’s school, where Betty and Veronica are taking a nice leisurely shower together. Time for some fun discovery, as you come in naked and they drop the soap. It can get ridiculous in the cartoon world, and be extremely sexy at the same time. Don’t let the laughs stop you from masturbating. Let’s see if you can cum at the same time your favorite toons do.

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