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You're probably wondering what makes Pokémon games with an adult twist so enjoyable, right? Well, Jerk Dolls has built up a reputation lately when it comes to parody content and we're convinced that in no time at all, you're going to see that we're really skilled when it comes to the production of titles in this domain. We've pieced together all of the secrets and now, we're ready to really give you the best of the best when it comes to Pokémon games.

Note: these are all adult related, so if you're not over the age of 18 or you don't want to see some sexy fucking and sucking action in the Pokémon Universe, it's probably a good idea for you to venture elsewhere! Jerk Dolls is a porn-themed pleasure palace and we plan to keep it that way. Having said that, our games are fun and enjoyable to play even without the adult elements, so it might be an idea to check them out and well – who knows just how much you'll enjoy the XXX focus we've got going on?

As mentioned, access to our database of Pokémon releases is completely free of charge and we plan to keep it that way until the end of time. All of these bullshit mainstream projects fall short of expectations because they're not actually able to deliver what you want: hot free action that you can play over and over again. Jerk Dolls is in a unique position to deliver the best of the best – especially insofar as parody material is concerned. We give you free access because it now puts pressure on us to deliver the best of the best. If you're not convinced that everything is stellar, you're not coming to come back, right? This aligns our incentives mutually and we're pleased as punch to be able to take this path going forward. Are you ready for the gaming experience of a lifetime? I sure hope so!

Pokémon Parody Perfection

We only parody the best Pokémon themes and characters: explore our collection of porn titles now.

Unbelievable Graphical Focus

Everyone knows that if you want to enjoy a good looking game, Jerk Dolls are the people to come and see. Our signature strategy here is to get the artwork looking as gorgeous as possible, mainly because if we look back through the ages, quality hasn't been a strongpoint of the adult gaming industry. The reason for this is that free engines barely existed back in the day and those that did weren't that great. In addition to this, we didn't have anywhere near the same funding levels as we used to – no one wanted to take a punt on an adult adventure!

Well, the good news for all of you horny Pokémon fans is that Jerk Dolls is backed up with lots of cash and we have a full team of producers, artists, 3D renderers and other experts that all come together to really sock it to the competition. We're on fire right now and when we look at the competition, it would appear that they really struggle to keep up to our level. The simple fact is that if you want the best looking parody XXX title that's themed on Pokémon, no one is going to give you that quite like Jerk Dolls will. Are you ready to take the plunge?

The graphical engine we utilize also has some pretty impressive features that allows you to play on basically any machine you want – good or bad. This was done so that even people with relatively poor PCs would have no issues enjoying our games and yeah, the circumstances of your particular environment should have no bearing on how much fun you can have with the porn titles we provide. Pokémon sex playables should be open to the masses, come rain or come shine – can you believe that we're giving away games that look this good completely free of charge? Someone should arrest us – it's crazy!

Greatest Moments Captured Inside

The Essence Of Parody

Getting parody porn content correct can be a pretty difficult task, but the team here is really well equipped to execute on our requirements for a title in this space. What does that mean for the gamer at home, exactly? Well – you're going to feel like you're actually playing a Pokémon game, only it'll become apparent that Jerk Dolls is behind it when we eventually open up the sexual angle to you.

We hope that you're ready for whatever erotic fun can be thrown your way, because if not, you're going to be absolutely shocked when you see the steps we take to give off a nearly non-stop database of world class gaming fun. Parody is our bread and butter and we really want to demonstrate to the world that we know what's what. So please, stop thinking for a moment that this won't emulate and feel like the real thing: take a punt and you'll see that Jerk Dolls pulls out all of the stops so that the porn Pokémon gaming experience is next level.

We also care a lot about gameplay, which is part of the reason why we've taken it upon ourselves to do something quite unique: create all of the games here with the idea in mind that if we removed the adult context, people would still want to play them. It hasn't been easy, but we feel that if you can create a good game without adding sex to it, the addition of some Pokémon eroticism is only going to make the average gamer cum even more! Quite frankly, this approach was the best decision we ever made and I'm incredibly proud of the work that the team has done over the last few years in this space. It's not going to stop either – Jerk Dolls will forever be parody central for gamers with a stiffy!

Most Popular Characters Being Played

All Devices Welcome

Access to the content at Jerk Dolls is done through your browser, essentially meaning that all you have to provide us with is a modern version of Chrome, Firefox or Safari and we'll do the rest. These are the main endorsed browsers that we officially support for all of the Pokémon games we have inside, but if you want to try others, there's a good chance they'll work too. The only caveat in this respect is that we're unable to guarantee that they're going to be perfect in the future – we only have those three as our officially endorsed platforms.

Nonetheless, keen-eyed gamers out there will probably realize something about this browser approach that gives us an edge over other places: you can access all of the games we have inside with your mobile device! How cool is that? Tablets are fine too, but I don't know too many people who plan to pop out the iPad on a plane or something in order to play some of their favorite Pokémon games with a kinky twist.

We opted for the browser approach to the games inside here for one big reason: it means that you don't have to trust us when it comes to downloading something locally. This might seem obvious, but folks don't generally like downloading random stuff to their PC from non-official sources. Jerk Dolls is confident that you're going to have a lifetime of pleasure with our browser games, so we're going to make them accessible through the Internet without the need to grab local elements. This also means that we have a cloud saving feature – feel free to transition however you want from device to device! We'll also save your progress automatically, meaning if there are any sudden disconnections, you can always go back to where you were.

Screenshots From Inside The Game

Regular New Releases

Jerk Dolls always updates and publishes fresh games. See for yourself – we've got dozens inside archived too!

A Stellar Community

Pokémon gaming lovers are really going to enjoy the fact that Jerk Dolls is a community effort. The thing about our Pokémon titles is that they're actually quite complicated in places – there's also a lot of information you might want to get that requires research in order to fully understand. Jerk Dolls solves all of this by trying its best to foster and celebrate the community. How does this work, exactly?

Well, we have a massive forum area with a specific subsection for discussions related to Pokémon. There are tens of thousands of posts here and hundreds on a daily basis – feel free to join the conversation! It's also a popular for people to share rule 34, so be sure to check out the rendered video and picture section in this area if you don't feel like interaction, but still want some Pokémon smut delivered to your screen.

The Discord server is also another decent place to communicate with others and enjoy Pokémon discussions. People here are more than willing to help you with issues you might have and other problems: it's central to the progression of Jerk Dolls as a platform that we facilitate these types of tools. You can also use this area to give your feedback to the developers and artists – we really thrive on improving our services based on your information and thoughts, so please give us as much as you can: we'll do our best with what you provide.

Okay friends – I think that's all I can really talk about regarding the extent of our Pokémon gaming collection. It's now time for you to sign on the dotted line and join the best damn gaming portal around for horny gamers!

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