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Take It All Off

Hot stripping action is some of the most common fantasy out there. Most of us have been to a strip club, or twenty, and thrown out our dollar bills while incredibly sexy guys and girls danced down a stage and around a long metal pole. Their tight bodies are often lightly covered in glitter, and smelling of vanilla, or a tropical drink, as they strip down in front of you and show all the places you’d like to stick your ever-hardening cock or tongue into. It’s the fun tease that gets everyone excited, and ready to go off and find another person to hook up with.

You can’t discount the chance that the stripper dancing for you, may actually be interested as well. They do get off later, and perhaps wouldn’t mind getting-off with you. It can be a bit confusing when you’re on the receiving end of lap dances and lots of eye contact, but always remember that these beautiful humans are still working. Their job is to flirt with you. If you feel desired and enticed, that means they’re really good at what they do. Anyone that goes to a strip club thinking that every exchange between them and a dancer is of the purest attraction, is, unfortunately, kidding themselves. This doesn’t mean it’s not possible, it means not to bank on it.

Enjoy the game of it. Think in terms of this being the tease you can learn from, from a flirting perspective. Watch the serpentine movements of their hot naked bodies, and how they connect with you the through the sensual art of dance. You may be able to take away some seductive moves yourself, and then try them out on a willing participant in a more intimate setting. The take-away is that there’s so much to be gained from stripping, so come to it with an open mind, and you’ll walk away with some sexy magic.

Watch Her Work That Pole

Twisting and turning around that pole, this stripper goes from hot to totally on fire as the lingerie comes off.

Stripped Down

There’s something so sexy, when a partner wants to strip for you. All of the intention that goes into creating an erotic and intimate stripping scene between the two of you, give space for some really fun dynamics. Being the voyeur as your hot playmate performs a seductive dance, turning and twisting around you, as their body gets ever closer, and the wisps of clothing they’re wearing become less and less.

If you want to up the intensity of this shared experience, you can adapt the strip club policy of no touching for the client. They can touch you as much as they want, you have to just sit there and endure all of the titillating thrills. Because it’s a more intimate setting, your personal stripper can also take pieces of your clothing off, lick and kiss your skin, and even your lips. Your cock might be taken out of your pants and sucked on, while you just grab onto the chair, because the no touching rule is definitely still in place.

Think of how hot this kind of scene can get. Every part of you is aching to just wrestle this sexy vixen down to the floor and have your way with them. They’ve undone your shirt, taken your pants off of you and stripped away your underwear. You are just as naked as they are, but you must hold on and not touch until they give the ok. Will they ever give the ok? This is all part of the arousing game of stripping your playing. This naughty slut you dig so much might even stick your cock inside their wet pussy, and still you can’t touch them. It may sound maddening, but remember that your partner is getting extremely turned on by this, and that will only lead to your night getting even more debauched. Let the stripper control you in your bedroom, and the art of the tease will become the act of the please.

Greatest Moments Captured Inside

Baring It All For Some Action

Getting up on a stage and baring it all for some strangers takes some serious balls. Yes, they may be metaphorical energetic balls, but balls all the same. The confidence involved in working a stage in front of the hungry eyes of a bunch of horny individuals you’ve never met before, is truly staggering. Strippers don’t get enough credit for the bravery of doing what they do. It’s a multi-skillset kind of job, where the best of them will practice the art of dance, body control, and seduction in their off-time as well as on the stage.

There are even professional competitions for pole dancing, because the athleticism and artistry behind stripping finally gained the well- deserved recognition it has long earned. Not even some of the most coordinated professional athletes out there can do what the ladies and gentleman of the professional pole dancing world can do. They have to be aware of every part of their bodies, and build up the extreme muscle control associated with some of the most talented acrobats out there. It’s a wide array of skills and muscles all being used at the same time, that really separates stripping from the run of the mill work out.

Watch the most talented girls, or guys, at the next strip club you go to. I’m not talking about the ones that just phone it in by just strutting down the stage, I’m referring to the sexy artistry of the dancers that shake, move, flip, and twirl. All the while they’re performing Circ du Soleil activities on a small stage surrounded by salivating onlookers, these babes with taught bodies and banging booties seduce you into feeling that they’re dancing just for you. This is not the job for the timid at heart. Those ladies onstage are the fierce lionesses of the sensual realm, and they’re working it to make a sexy living. Give them their due the next time you hit the club. Make sure to tip them with money, not just your words, because they may be flirting, but it’s still a job, and that’s what you’re paying them for.

Most Popular Characters Being Played

Dance For Me

Get up there and dance for me, you sexy slut. Show me how you shake your moneymaker for the crowd, because my dick’s about to loud. Really work it around me. Give me that pussy up in my face so I can see that wet little tight hole just waiting for my kind of pole. Tell your partner to dance for you when you get back to your hotel room, or house. Let them work that ass around you, and have you spank it while they dance. You can trade places and do a little dance of your own seven veils, to get them excited.

Bend them over a chair and drop down to your knees, slowly rising with your tongue coming up their calf and thigh, to lightly lick their clit, before you spin around them some more. This private dance can get as sexy as you want, and the no touching rule need not apply. Kiss them passionately as you finger them just enough to tease, and then push your willing supplicant back into their chair to continue your seductive dance. Let the roles keep switching back and forth between you and her. She can drop down and tease your cock with her tongue.

You can pretend to be a pole and hold them upside down as your tongue fucks her cunt, and she gets to shove your cock down her throat. Create your own sexy model of stripping that involves way more intense hardcore fucking thrown into the mix of dance and seduction. The dance can be about how well your partner can shake and move, while keeping you inside of her. Instead of dropping to the floor on her tight ass, she can drop her tight ass down on your hard cock and work that butt up against you. Turning this striptease up to eleven is going to elevate your sex life to new heights or erotic excitement.

Screenshots From Inside The Game

Dance For This Cock

Before this naughty slut gets the dick of her dreams, she’s going to have to earn it by giving the sexy dance of a lifetime.

Knowing Your Way Around A Pole

With all of the incredible strip clubs out there, the pole dancing competitions, and classes available for anyone to take, the world of stripping has opened up. You can view people in their progress online, via their Instagrams, Tic Tok’s, Facebooks, and whatever other social media everyone uses to promote their day to day activities. Stripping is available everywhere, and the world at large is really excited about it. You want to tailor some stripping experiences to your own personal tastes, but maybe you don’t have the money to hit the club. Let the Jerkdolls stripping games fill out that fantasy for you.

Create your avatar to play with, and then build out the world around you and the strippers you want to dance for you. You won’t be bound by the normal laws of physics, so let those girls fly down a 60-foot pole, or use a waterfall as their pole to begin with. Maybe you have the ice maidens of animation in mind, and want to see how they work those long frosty shafts. This is going to be the place to create you most devious stripper fantasies, and then play them out yourself.

You want a variety of dancers? No problem. Create the ladies with big tits, medium tits, little tits, huge asses, or tight little ones, and watch them shake it. Wondered what it would be like to have an alien from another planet, or dimension, strip for you? Well the sky’s the limit when it comes to imagination in this naughty gamer’s world. Don’t limit yourself by the experiences you’ve already had. Build out the most extreme stripper fantasies you’ve wanted to explore. Give yourself the best interactive show, that will only be bound by your imagination’s limitations. Now go learn your way around that pole!

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