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When we created Jerk Dolls, we knew that we'd have to cater to as many gamers as possible, which meant covering all the niches out there that someone might be interested in. Naturally, hentai gaming action was a big draw for us, which is why we decided to host a number of Japanese game titles that have been produced in-house by our talented team with a full commitment to production of enjoyable adult projects. That's right: every single one of the games from Japan that you find here are produced by Jerk Dolls. We don't hire third-parties to create our releases, nor do we license them to anyone else: what you see is what you get and baby, let's just say that we're winning the war when it comes to publishing games from Japan on our platform!

One of the most important things to mention to everyone reading this is that through our hentai arm of gaming production, we actually hired three artists and one designer that now work for us full-time – all of whom live in Japan. They're experts in their respective fields and the end results are world-class games that put the other destinations to shame. We've had our ear to the ground for a long time in this genre too, so you can rest assured that the community wishes are something we follow and track every step of the way.

Those Japan game fans expert some of the best stuff around: falling short of their expectations would be very silly indeed! If you're particular about the branch of hentai that you're after, you'll also love the fact that we have over a dozen exclusive projects for you to check out – all of which focus on that classic anime aesthetic! Jerk Dolls will pull out all of the stops to give you the gaming experience that you want.

Japanese Schoolgirls On Tap

The best hentai games always involve schoolgirls! Fuck them inside our free XXX games now.

Listening To The Community

Feedback is generally important, but we want to stress that we know just how big of a deal this type of thing is to the average gamers out there with a passion for Japanese titles. You guys have a lot of requirements that are far beyond what the average porn punter needs – for better or for worse! We're not going to reinvent the wheel here, but we like to introduce new ideas and themes that we constantly talk with our members to evaluate and gauge the reaction of. Again: hentai gamers have some pretty serious demands and aren't going to be taken for a ride.

They expect the best and to be perfectly honest with you, we want to give you the best! Sure, it can get messy, but if the end result is a wonderful library of Japanese sex games, it's not exactly the end of the world, is it? So yeah: if you do happen to be looking for a decent bunch of developers that you can talk to about the games that you play, it's probably a good idea for you to get inside Jerk Dolls as soon as possible and see what we're capable of doing.Our current methods of communication are through email, the official internal forums and the Discord server that we own and operate.

What's so great about the Discord server is that we can have direct discussions and get feedback in real time: while we do check the forums and emails, it goes without saying that our developers and artists far prefer Discord, as it makes it convenient and easy for us to convey ideas and get videos/pictures to go along with critiques. We're in a decent position right now with some of the best artists in the business too: these guys all came from a doujinshi background and know more about Japan than any of us Western folk ever could.

Greatest Moments Captured Inside

Accuracy In Artwork

Perhaps the most important thing for us to execute perfectly when it comes to our collection of Japanese games is that the art style is kept true to the expectations of our users. This means that we stress – and put a lot of effort into – keeping up with modern trends, all while maintaining that classic aesthetic that all weebs are used to. We're not going to go crazy with this and show you some stuff you've never seen before: it's just not the type of thing we're interested in.

Setting the record straight ahead of time makes the most amount of sense and believe me: we'll stop at nothing until we nail the correct artwork style over and over again. It might seem like a tiny thing to folks who don't have a huge interest in the anime art style, but if this is something that really gets your jimmies in a rustle, we have to execute perfectly or you're not going to come back. What we're selling at the end of the day is a portal into stellar Japanese XXX gaming projects that you haven't seen – all while adding our own unique flavor and subtle changes to the overall niche.

As mentioned previously, we work with artists that have a track record of producing media and content in the adult anime environment. We were incredibly picky about the folks we hired and while they're all remote, they work incredibly hard and do a great job as a result. The team here is united by one cause: to create and publish the best damn anime porn titles around. These games are unlike anything you've seen before and we're genuinely proud of the production team's ability to put together a beautiful database of releases like this. We're excited to see what they can come up with next too – the future is looking so bright for Jerk Dolls!

Most Popular Characters Being Played

Great Gameplay Adventures

While secondary to the overall art style, we have looked at the demands of our visitors when it comes to the types of games that they want to play. The number one most required niche in this Japan framework is dating simulators: something that we're more than willing to do. See, this type of thing is part and parcel of the overall Japan gaming experience, so who are we to take away something so sacred from the anime geeks out there? Newsflash: you're not a weeb if you haven't spent at least 12 hours in one day playing dating simulators!

They're action packed and the finish on them is far beyond what you'll find from most adult games. We're not messing around here, either: the production time and budget that we put into each of the hentai titles we have is around double that of the average production we put out there. It's best to avoid talking about flat figures, but just know that our employees in Tokyo are being paid more than enough for their work!

Again: just like the approach we have for artwork feedback, the team at Jerk Dolls is in constant communication with the people who join our community so that we can make sure the productions we come up with are executed to perfection. We feel a need to settle for nothing but complete excellence, so we'll talk to you guys regularly and ensure that the games are living up to your expectations. Every new publication just gets better and better too – though the old ones get patched as and when required, so don't think there's any neglect going on inside: it's simply not the case. Once you do get inside Jerk Dolls, please consider offering some feedback on the gameplay you experience with our Japan-focused releases. It would be much appreciated by the team!

Screenshots From Inside The Game

The Best Dating Simulators

If you're looking for a Japanese dating simulator with an anime twist, this is the place to be!

Ultimate Plot Bliss

Everyone knows that plots make hentai games, right? It shouldn't surprise anyone that a lot of our titles in this genre have a focus on the school theme. You'll take control of a student – who's typically quite shy and nerdy – surrounded by a potential harem of beauties that want nothing more than to visit the closet with you for some naughty fun. Hell, even the teachers get involved in the action from time to time – you just can't trust those busty MILFs when they have a young, hung student that's looking to get some extra marks for a good assignment!

Our school-themed dating simulators get the highest ratings of all our releases, believe it or not: they're a hot genre and we won't stop putting them out there if you guys continue to consume the goodies. We actually have another 2 in beta development right now: watch over the coming months as we show you a few sneak peeks at what's going to come!Other plots and themes that we have include going to a Karate bootcamp, working at your mother's bookstore and being a taxi driver in Osaka.

We've spent enough time looking at the general meat space for Japan games and have a good grasp on what erotic themes are enjoyable. Our games also come with full English support by default, but you can opt to turn on a Japanese language filter – and in some cases, voice overs – if you so desire. What's great about Jerk Dolls is that we provide you with a bunch of choices and then let you decide how you want to go forward: it's our way of saying thank-you for supporting the growing community. So what are you waiting for? Find the perfect hentai title right now: no one does XXX Japanese games quite like we do.

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