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A POV Paradise

For those who aren't too familiar with the concept, 'POV' refers to point of view, a concept in porn videos that puts you in the first-person position while the sex is happening. This originally was a pretty hard thing to produce, because cameras were large and cumbersome to utilize. With the transition to smaller cameras, it became easier than ever for producers to get POV material, so it became a bit of a staple in the industry and folks can't get enough of it. Well, here at Jerk Dolls, we're looking to give you a taste of POV action, but instead of it being videos, it's games!

I will be honest with you pretty early on: creating this niche isn't exactly difficult, but we decided to have a few games in the area anyway, since it's quite hot to feel like you're actually in the games we have and you're fucking away on these hot sluts that need a bunch of cum inside of them. Oh, and in case you haven't figured it out yet, we love producing truly dirty video games that'll make you cum time and time again. This isn't the sort of thing you share with your family – unless they're into that type of thing!

Jerk Dolls has been at the forefront of the adult gaming scene for a couple of years now and we're looking forward to being around for a long time to come. It should speak volumes that we have tens of thousands of members who come back here on a daily basis to play our great games. A lot of people get angry about this – simply because they're well behind us when it comes to quality gaming fun. That's bad for them, but great for you, the consumer! Jerk Dolls is in a unique position now to provide you with the POV gaming entertainment you want: so please, create your account and let's get this party started! Alternatively, read down and I'll tell you more about what makes our project so special.

POV Fucking Action

Fuck your favorite game characters in POV: doesn't get much better than that, does it?

A Graphical Juggernaut

One thing you'll notice early on about Jerk Dolls is that we do our research properly, for the express purpose of making sure we understand our target demographic and truly know what it is they're looking for. After plenty of hunting, we discovered that there was an incredible level of demand for porn games that played well, but looked fantastic. One of the issues with creating games in times gone by is that hobby enthusiasts only really had the ability to utilize Flash as an engine: this meant that graphics looked shitty and they were really stuck with expansionary options.

Today, the playing field has been leveled quite a bit by modern solutions for graphical rendering, which is why we've been able to cement ourselves into the space and truly provide a unique gaming experience that others have a few years to catch up to. We utilize Unity's WebGL framework to make our fantasy a reality: that's why every sample you see on our website looks so great! This is the cutting edge of 3D rendering and we've hired some of the best in the business to help us making perfect games.

The truly incredible part about or graphics engines is the fact that they're able to adapt to the system you have automatically and dynamically depending on a bunch of factors. Are you having serious issues with your PC being a bit slow and laggy when playing mainstream games? Well, Jerk Dolls can prune all non-essential assets so you can still play with a smooth framerate! Our statistics currently suggest that around 16% of users inside have this graphical scaling system kick in during a gaming session. This means that most people won't be subject to it, but those that are will surely have a much better time as a result of its implementation!

Greatest Moments Captured Inside

You Call The Shots

Our POV games have to have a little bit of that special sauce, you know? I mean, if you're going to make a point of view sex title, you better make sure that it fits in with the overall idea and selling angle of the POV niche. What does that mean, exactly? Well, the simplest way to explain it is that we'll give you a hell of a lot of control over the interactions you have in our games!

Long gone are the days of just being along for the ride: we're going to make you decide what happens next and then up your game to an extreme level so that you're actually involved in the process – if that's what you want! Different games have different available settings for how much you interact, so feel free to go right ahead and adjust this depending on your personal preferences. Ultimately, we feel that we're giving you autonomy by giving you the choice to decide if you want high levels of interaction or just a sort of movie with prompts – kind of a trippy recursive situation, but we'll run with it so long as you're game.

POV gaming should also include a hell of a lot of sex, with the ability for you to control the camera and truly feel like you're in the title. We've gone to painstaking levels to get this right and truly believe that our implantation is going to make you cum over and over again. Suffice to say that it's a good idea for you to get your tissues ready – that cock is going to be spurting hot sauce all over the place in no time at all. That shouldn't be an issue for you though, right? Everyone loves a good wanking session.

Most Popular Characters Being Played

The Schoolgirl Adventure

Studying at Helmont High isn't the easiest thing in the world for a guy like you: the ratio of girls to guys is incredibly skewed toward the ladies and to make matters worse, they're all incredibly sexy. The competition with the numbers means that it's pretty damn difficult for you not to have the pick of the litter when it comes to these broads, but some are quite harder than others to pick up. In Helmont High, you'll be given the opportunity to explore the school, understand all of the people who study and work there, interact with your environment and, if you're lucky, engage sexually with those who you come across.

Right now, Helmont High has 37 unique characters with sex scenes – we plan to add more in the next 6 months! This title has a lot of replayability too, owing to the fact that you're likely not going to unlock all of the potential sexual engagements on your very first play through. Helmont High is an anime-style game that's built with the weeb in mind: this is your classic Japanese dating simulator, only with a POV approach throughout the entire feature. Around 98% of the game's scenes take place from the perspective of your eyes, so yeah – if it's POV dating you want, this is the spot for you.

Like all of our games, this one receives regular updates for fixing bugs and content releases as and when available. It's a fan favorite that people play multiple times and we're really happy with the unique voice acting angle that we adopted too. Some fantastic lines here – available both in Japanese and English. You ought to be able to tell at this point that Jerk Dolls is incredibly enthusiastic about taking our production of games to the next level. With enough investment, you can do anything you set your mind to!

Screenshots From Inside The Game

Community Focused Platform

Give us your feedback, make suggestions and we'll do our absolute best to create incredible POV sex games.

A Bright Future Planned

Jerk Dolls is honestly passionate about POV gaming, even if you're not that excited. It's prudent and wise for me to mention ahead of time that at some point, we will hassle you so that you can tell us how much you like, or dislike, what we have to offer. See, adapting our product to the desires of the gamers is something we're keen to do – often more so than we should probably allow!

To not paint too perfect of a picture here, we want to stress that there will be issues, bugs, problems, bad content and so on – the bit that Jerk Dolls does correct is adapt and correct when required so that these don't become too extreme or a burden on the platform. At the end of the day, it's the gamers uniting and telling us what the deal is that allows us to grow and evolve as a community. Jerk Dolls doesn't want to become some second-rate hub when we know that we've got the ability to become something truly impressive and majestic.

As a result of this, I want to let you in on a little secret: the POV category at Jerk Dolls is going to get quite a bit of love over the next 18 months! We have a further 5 games planned: all exclusive to our platform and without rival in their niche. It's an exciting time to be a gamer and we're pleased as punch to be able to expand over the coming months and years to really be a reckonable force.

So, with all of this in mind, don't you think it's about damn time for you to sign up to Jerk Dolls and see for yourself what makes us the bell of the ball? Create your free account and explore a perfect POV paradise filled with XXX games the likes of which you've never seen before!

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