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A Focus On Hypno

While for a lot of gaming studios who operate in the adult space, offering people with access to hypno-related products is something that comes as something of an afterthought, it's important for everyone to realize that Jerk Dolls – from the very start – knew that this was going to be a big niche for us to explore and provide material in. You guys love nothing more than giving up control of your bodies over to another person who's going to take you on a sexual adventure of a lifetime.

What with the prices of a standard hypnotist being far in advance of anything most people can afford, why not switch over to a digital one? That's the basic premise of what Jerk Dolls is trying to provide here with our incredible selection of games themed around erotic hypnosis. Rest assured that if you're someone who wants to go through a suggestion experience with an AI, we've got just the tools for you!

There ought to be a word of warning here, however: we're not going to protect you if things go a little bit too far! It's up for you to decide your risk tolerance and we're here mainly to just provide you with the entertainment. If there's one thing we ought to teach everyone, it's that taking care of yourself when playing games that have a hypnosis theme is certainly one of the most important things you can do. Make sure that you're prepared, because once you go down some of those rabbit holes, there's very little chance of you being able to come back. You'll be convinced of some crazy things, but hey: wouldn't be much of a session regarding hypnosis if you weren't too sure what happened, right? These games are going to leave you with a lot questions, but also a lot of answers too. Deep and meaningful, just how we like it.

Take That Huge Cock!

Hypnotized into becoming a dirty whore? Well then: you better make sure that cock is happy.

Building A Database

Perhaps one of the best things that makes us different from all the other platforms out there is that we know the ins and outs of game creation and will stop at nothing until literally every single genre has been accounted for and worked on. We don't play fast and loose here: we know that time is limited and as a result of that, we'll be doing whatever we can to sink our teeth into production 24/7 so that you always get a steady stream of enjoyable hypno games to play.

As you can probably imagine from the niche theme, it's actually quite hard to get these titles up and running – especially since the testing requires us to actually venture to the other side! And no, we're not talking about nipping around to the backside of the airport: we're talking about taking the portal to sexual suggestion beyond anything you could believe. Are you desperate to submit and become the ultimate spell seduced dude? Then Jerk Dolls is ready, willing and able to offer you an exclusive collection of games that are bound to assist you with exactly that!

Every single year, we plan to publish 3 to 4 games in the erotic hypnosis category, although we cannot guarantee that this will always be the case. Having said that, a look over the last 4 years of existence yields quite a good result with the number of games we've got to offer for dudes and dudettes who have a thing for hypno gaming. We've slowed down a little in this segment for the time and being, but make no mistake about it: when we've got demand for a specific type of material, we're not afraid to put it out there for everyone to enjoy. Jerk Dolls goes that extra step to make sure our cache of hypno sex gaming treats are very much the best of the best.

Greatest Moments Captured Inside

A Good Submissive Boy

Picture yourself in a dungeon, waking up after a sleep – the before of which you have no idea to what happened. Suddenly, you hear a clanking in the distance and before your eyes can adjust to the low light, a shadowy figure walks in, whip in hand. Soon enough, she presents herself before the candle: a mistress, several inches taller than you, dressed in a kinky outfit that lets you know she's certainly not the submissive type. Try as you might to resist her allure, the handcuffs and leg restraints make it practically impossible for you to actually do anything.

After giggling to herself while seeing you pant and wheeze while you thrash about, he takes out a small ornament from her pocket that's attached to the end of a silvery chain. Dangling it in front of your face, you look at it with such attraction – why is this object so alluring? What's making you focus on the trinket and nothing else? She starts to speak, but the words don't make sense: you're in a trance and it's going to result in this dominatrix having her way with you!

This is just one of the plots that you'll find in our collection of free hypnosis games: we go to great lengths to ensure that the plots, locations, themes and so-on actually give you a great experience. We're confident that when it comes to all of the other games you might find out there on the big old Internet, ours are the best of the bunch. Not only do we have great graphics, but perhaps better than that, we have a fantastic sound setup that allows us to work with 3D audio from the voice actresses we hire. No expense is spared in this regard: we really do think that hypno porn gaming is made that much better when you close your eyes and it actually feels like your ear is being whispered into – full ASMR style!

Most Popular Characters Being Played

Time To Do As Your Told!

Another popular niche that we've noticed when it comes to hypnosis games is when guys come in wanting to be fully feminized. They just love the idea of being forced to turn into a woman, transitioning their body into the perfect feminine form. Around half of our games are tailored toward this type of consumer, so if you happy to be into the whole thing, Jerk Dolls is going to blow your mind – as well as take it from your control – thanks to our full suite of stellar gaming releases.

Doing research into this domain has taken quite some time, but we look all over the Internet for the best hangouts and spots to get an idea of what everyone wants when it comes to hypno that pertains to this fetish. Don't worry – you're going to be brainwashed with a bunch of fat cocks, calls for your ass to be seeded and naturally, demands that your outfits be as girly as possible. You'd better come to your PC dressed like a total slut – if you don't, you're probably not that much of a true sissy anyway!

Get on your knees, bitch boy. Open up that mouth: this dildo is going to be used to teach you the ins and outs of sucking fat cock. As much as using the real thing makes a lot of sense, we need to make sure you're trained before we try the real thing for size. Kings with massive cocks need to get the best dick sucking around – something you're not going to be capable of if we don't train you! Now, let's get you into that trance you like: that way, I can really teach you what it means to be a slave for massive shafts. Think you can handle a BBC next time we meet? Well, I'll be putting you to the test in that case!

Screenshots From Inside The Game

A Dreamy World Of Sex

Jerk Dolls has the most exclusive collection of stellar hypnosis games to play. Try them now!

Your Feedback Matters To Us

Getting feedback from the people who play our games is one thing that separates us from the other destinations out there. We're desperate to get as much information as possible from the people who try out titles, so if you actually enjoy what you came across, give us a nudge and also be sure to mention the things that weren't so great. As you can probably already imagine, it's quite difficult to make games in this porn genre – the work required is a lot and the final result can often be quite a bit below everyone's expectations, meaning that they have to do a lot more work to get the same results from another erotic niche. To be honest with you, this is part of the reason why the older studios out there never dipped their toes into porn hypno gaming: it was just too big of a risk with very little payoff. Naturally, the more details you give us about what you liked – as well as what we could do to improve everything – would be greatly appreciated.

We have official forums, a Discords server and an email address that you can use to get in touch. Small or long, aggressive or friendly – just tell us what you think of Jerk Dolls and in particular, the scope of our hypnosis XXX titles. It'll be a cold day in hell before we turn off notifications for what the gamers here actually want to see: we're committed and then some to making sure we get through the thick and the thin of feedback.

Anyway – it's about damn time that you created your account and went on a little hypnosis road trip. Say goodbye to your former self – they won't be around by the time you return!

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