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Let’s Get Her Pregnant

There are those hot moments that spark the creative forces of the universe to make new life. It can come in the form of tender sweetness between two consenting individuals that mistakenly get pregnant. It can come in the form of a well thought out moment based on bio-rhythms and timing to get a lady pregnant. The best ones come from some intense fucking that’s whole point is to make sure that cock is deep inside the pussy of a smoking hot porn actress when it spurts cum everywhere.

It’s that special kind of cream pie that’s given to get a slut pregnant, and to give the best looking cum shot slowly falling out of a vagina. Those beautiful pearls of jism just oozing out of that gaping cunt. Impregnation porn is some of the deepest dicking porn in existence, because that jism needs to get to her eggs, and the only way you’re going to do that is get it in deep. Those swimmers won’t need much oomph to hit their mark, since the cock is going to be so deep inside when it explodes.

When the lady’s a breeder, and having a baby is on her mind, then it’s going to be time for some hardcore pussy fucking. That doesn’t mean you can’t fuck her ass too. You just have to make sure that cum shot goes into her cunt with a vengeance. Leave no part of that pussy not drenched with your semen. It’s the point after all. She wants it hard and deep, and to feel you create something inside of her other than pulse pounding orgasms that keep rolling through. Get in that pussy and give her what she wants, those hot spurts of cum just filling her up so she can keep a little bundle of extra for later.

Fill Her Up

This dirty slut let’s so many dicks cum inside of her, as she overflows with cum from her pussy, mouth, and ass.

Time To Cum Deep Inside

The cry you love to hear from a lover as your thrusting and pumping away, “Cum inside me!” Filling them up their tight little hole with your giant mound of man meat is the kind of fucking they crave, and it doesn’t just stop with your cock. They also want that cum of yours just everywhere. So much so that they’ll feed you foods ahead of time to help produce more sperm, deprive you of your own hand, and their body, for days, so that when you fuck them you have a store semen.

Your cock is going to baste them inside as far as you can go, and they want to feel it pulse and pound as that giant load of cum flies out of you and into them. They’ve been asking you to impregnate them, and to get that job done, you’ll need as much sperm as you can possibly produce. Time to muster those swimmers into a powerful configuration, because this porn is all about making that lady pregnant. You’re watching Impregnation Porn, and that means you really need her to feel the load fill that pussy hole until it’s just oozing out. Turn that hot slut over and grab her hair tightly so you can shove that dick even deeper inside. Make her really earn that hot load she craves so badly.

When fucking her mouth needs to happen, the man in the movie just needs to make sure he doesn’t let her swallow, because that cum needs to be inside of her vagina to impregnate her. Whether it’s on a beach, in a hotel room, or bent over a car in the middle of the woods, these ladies in impregnate porn want you to finish inside them. The well of that pussy will run so deep and never be dry, as long as you can keep filling it with load after load into that tight baby maker.

Greatest Moments Captured Inside

Favourite Creampie Delight

Sometimes the impregnation part of the porn isn’t the point. You just have two hot individuals going to town on each other, and the sexy babe getting fucked just doesn’t want her partner to pull out. She wants to be fucked and filled up, to feel it drip out of her, so she can run her fingers down her cunt and lick up the droplets that come out. That beautiful creampie that makes her smile as soon as she feels a cock cum inside of her. We’ve all had that moment.

The one where your fucking and you just don’t want to stop, or have the other person stop. You’re just so in the moment of intensely pounding into one another, that the only option feels like you have to keep going. Every part of you is excited more and more with every thrust and moan. Their lips quivering as they bite it and scream, because you’re both fucking so hard. The walls are all shaking, and the pictures have started falling off of them. You don’t know if you can go any deeper, but your partner keeps begging you to try.

This might be the moment when you break the bed. When the very earth beneath you both shatters and you go plummeting down to the molten core, probably still fucking the whole way. There would be worse ways to go, but how it actually ends is in a deep and satisfying creampie. Your partner holding you close as they feel you cum inside of them. They couldn’t have imagined you stopping. They didn’t want you to stop. They wanted your cum dripping inside of them as you both lay there panting and satiated. You might have just impregnated her, but neither of you care. The only thing your both thinking is, “Can we do that again?”

Most Popular Characters Being Played

I Want To Have Your Baby

There are those out there that just really want to have kids. They were born to it and they know it. It’s the thing they’ve wanted since they were young, and the moment they find the mate they want to have kids with, that’s it. It’s time to get busy making that baby, and that means lots of sloppy sex. No condoms necessary for this kind of slut, because she wants everything you’ve got, and won’t stop until she gets it. Yeah, she may be your lady, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t a dirty slut that wants you to fill up her pussy with your man juice. That throbbing piece of meat between your legs has been on her mind all day, and to do your duty as her man you need to make her holes gape with it. You make sure she sucks it nice and long, really choking it down, to show you how much she’s willing to work for that hard fucking. The proof is definitely going to be in the pudding, because you bend her over and tell her you’re going to take that tight little ass of hers first. She’s been telling you for weeks that she wants to try anal, and now’s the time.

Her little butthole is so tight at first, and she squeals as you finally get it all shoved deep inside of her. Once you start to loosen up that tight little daisy duke wearing ass, this little slut of yours is really getting into it. She tells you how much she loves you fucking her ass, as her pussy starts squirting because she’s so into it. With her face in a pillow you just ravage her ass, and between moans she tells you to make sure to cum deep inside of her. What happens next is the impregnation surprise, as you slide your cock out and tell her you want her to suck on you some more. A little ass to mouth fun before you fuck her ass some more you say. She obliges and then bends back over with a big smile on her face. You surprise her by shoving that cock deep in her pussy, fucking her so hard she squirts some more, and then cumming in her pussy as you tell her she’s going to get pregnant after this one.

Screenshots From Inside The Game

She Must Be Pregnant

Watch this sexy babe get drilled so deep in her pussy that it takes forever for the cum to actually ooze out.

Impregnate That Naughty Slut

It’s been days and days, that you’ve been watching pregnant woman porn. Those ladies are just so hot, and seem even hornier than non-pregnant sluts. In fact, they seem game for everything. Maybe those hormones have got their libidos dialed up to eleven, or the dick just feels better with a bun in the oven, but the pregos can’t seem to get enough. You watch the hardcore pregnant action, movie after movie, and keep thinking to yourself how you’d like to fuck a pregnant woman. Outside of porn movies, that’s not such an easy thing to find. A lot of times pregnant women will have a partner, and since you’re not looking to necessarily settle down and have a kid, it’s not something you look for on a dating app. It seems like it would make sense, since they can’t get pregnant twice, that hooking up would be even easier, but it’s not that common.

The idea of impregnating a girl sounds like a lot of fun to get there, but once again you’re posed with the concept of being a father. Not something you’re really looking for at this point in your life. Not something you think you’ll ever be looking for. What can you do to alleviate some of this mounting sexual tension you’ve been feeling? Take a gander at the Jerkdolls Impregnate games. Live out your fantasy of filling up a hot slut’s pussy with steaming cum through the avatars you create at Jerkdolls. You can choose from so many options as to who you’re fucking, what you look like, and where you are, that the combinations will seem endless. Give your impregnation fantasies a test drive with the incredibly life-like ladies of these games, and you’ll probably cum in your pants at the same time as your character cums in the hot slut on the screen.

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