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For those who aren't familiar with this specific genre, let me tell you a little bit about what meet and fuck games actually focus on. Put simply, when you play these titles, it's all about finding a complete stranger and then destroying them with your cock. The premise is pretty straightforward: you meet, and then you fuck. Come to think of it, that must be the reason why they're referred to as 'meet and fuck' games, right?

Huh – never thought about it that way before! Okay, maybe I did, but I know a bunch of you bozos out there are pretty behind on the modern era of smut, so I'm trying to be as polite as possible to ensure you don't run away and go game at another spot devoted to these types of releases. Makes sense, right? Don't want to drive away the punters when they're just a few clicks away from a porn gaming paradise.

Perhaps the most important thing to note when it comes to these types of games is that unlike a lot of our other titles, they're a lot easier to play and don't require you to invest a ton of time into understanding the mechanics. They're created to assist you with a pretty quick load shooting session: after all, who wants to spend all day jerking off when they can just play a fast game that helps them bust out a fat nut?

While we might not be the original producers of this type of game, we genuinely believe that everyone else out there is far behind us when it comes to quality and overall game feel. Take a look around the Jerk Dolls database and see for yourself. These meet and fuck releases are on a whole other level.

Fuck The Woman Of Your Dreams

She's hot, horny and wants to get down to some loving. Can you fuck this slut hard enough?

Fast And Sexy Action

People are busy, which is why we want to ensure that you get to play all of the games here with very little effort and fluff. There are a few small storylines littered throughout the collection, but dialog is generally kept to a minimum and for most games, you just have to answer a few small questions to each girl before she's basically bending over for you to fuck her in the pussy. Jerk Dolls works with some of the best game developers and designers in the business to bring you an unreal level of quality.

Quit wasting your time with anything that isn't up to the standards that you expect: we respect our players and want to get them busting loads as quickly as they want. Sure, a lot of our titles will take you many hours to complete, but meet and fuck is different: it's that way for a reason, too! These are for the ultra-horny gamers who are cum rich but time poor: do the math and you'll soon see the value that these types of projects have for the consumer. They'll see through the noise and get their jerking sessions over and done with in next to no time at all!

When we first began Jerk Dolls, we wanted to eliminate a number of issues that other places had, which is why covering as many niches as possible was a good idea. While the meet and fuck genre was relatively small back in the day, it grew rather quickly: especially when we showed the merits of showing folks great sexual action without any of the padding. Do be warned that this type of material can get addictive quick – especially since these ladies are horny and ready to fuck pretty much the minute you meet them. Only the luckiest of chads have this experience in real life!

Greatest Moments Captured Inside

Fantastic Graphical Rendering

You love good looking games, right? That's precisely why we've decided to devote a lot of our efforts toward keeping the meet and fuck collection looking as terrific as possible. We've worked alongside the best artists in the game for a number of niches that we host at Jerk Dolls: that's not going to change with the collection of exclusive releases we have inside under the meet and fuck umbrella.

It's actually probably the case that a number of fans were put off by the fact that games from times gone by simply weren't high quality enough to keep them interested. Well, those days are now over, and we're pleased to be able to offer you something that few other spots can: a stellar hub devoted to all of your meet and fuck needs. What makes this time even better is that you won't need to ask mom if you can play – just load these bad boys up and you'll be shooting up thick ropes of sticky white goodness in next to no time!

The graphical quality of our games is something that so few other platforms have been able to manage. They suck in comparison to the quality that we've managed to put together and we're convinced that people will see the light very quickly indeed: mainly because the quality that we've established is the industry standard (or at least, it will be in 10 years when everyone else catches up). Rest assured that you've arrived on the most visually stunning hub around: these games have been worked from the ground up so that they look as visually stunning as possible. We ditched Flash and got our asses on the WebGL train: the results speak for themselves – just look at the previews here and see for yourself how good it gets.

Most Popular Characters Being Played

Regular New Releases

Plenty of other studios out there exist, but the main problem with them is that they're often ran by just a single guy who isn't capable of putting together enough instant sex games for people to want to hang around. With a team of over 20 guys and girls working at Jerk Dolls, we're committed to this business for the long haul and come rain or come shine, we'll give you fresh XXX games on a regular basis. This is part of what makes us so competitive in the meet and fuck genre: we've got the numbers to back up our talk!

Sure, it might not be the most demanded niche, nor do we have the highest number of games devoted to it, but if you really want a desirable title where the end result is you fucking all of the babes you come across, who better to provide that to you than Jerk Dolls? We understand that the consumer cannot be ignored – which is why we'll work overtime to bring you the very best in XXX gaming bliss.

Our current schedule offers us the ability to publish around 3 new meet and fuck games a year, though don't forget that your membership here comes with access to hundreds of other titles that you can enjoy completely free of charge. We've tried our hardest to put as much time as possible into the productions and starting next year, we're hoping to bump up each category by at least one game, meaning that every 3 months, a new meet and fuck title will be given to you at Jerk Dolls. We know, we know – we're too good at this! Just thank us by creating an account and once inside, playing every title we have until you unleash load after load. The more you cum, the happier we are – just like the girls in our meet and fuck games!

Screenshots From Inside The Game

Decide On Who To Bang

You get the choice of these sexy whores: which one will be lucky enough to get your dick?

Fuck Whoever You Want

Perhaps the best thing about these types of porn titles hosted by Jerk Dolls is the simple fact that you have a lot of autonomy over who you end up fucking. We have one game themed around a club situation that is simply fantastic – our game designers do things we didn't even think possible before! So what happens is that you go inside and once there, you have around a dozen locations you can hang out at. Each one comes with 3 to 5 unique girls, all of whom have their own voice lines, personalities and outfits.

You can try to pick up the club slut in a little black dress for some bathroom fucking if you want – or maybe whip up the two nerdiest chicks that you can find for some sensual and erotic action back at your place! Meet and fuck affords you a level of choice and control that very few other games can even come close to providing. We're thrilled to be a part of the scene here and provide that accessibility and autonomy to you: trust us when we say that no other platform will show you this side of meet and fuck games quite like Jerk Dolls does!

What's more, we have a few M&F games that also include the ability for you to program in your own ladies, deciding exactly how you want them to look – and how they bone – when things get hot under the sheets. It's a brilliant example of how giving control to the player results in the best outcomes for everyone. This is something that you'll want to get familiar with sooner rather than later – take our games for a test drive and see how great they are with your own two hands!

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