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Sexy Furry Fucking Fun

Put on that cartoon squirrel outfit, and I’ll be the wily happy go lucky fox, and let’s get to fucking, because this is a furry fantasy. That’s right, it’s all about wearing costumery based on different animals, often with a cartoon-like feel to the look of them. Everyone participating plays the role of a different animal character, with the right kind of accessible snaps and flaps to make sure all of your sexy bits are able to be free for use. The furry kink, like many kinks, has different iterations of how it can be played out, but there’s often the animated character quality to the look of the individuals that adds to the slightly surreal nature of it all.

The animus being called upon by different individuals, to give that furry persona a little more personality of its own, can extend to animal-like behavior. If someone is calling themselves a kitten, then you might look over to see them grooming themselves in the corner, depending on their flexibility the embodiment of cat flexibility could be something achievable. Having a hot babe all decked out like a cat, and seeing her licking her own inner thigh can lend a fun sense of sexy realism to her furry persona.

It is about taking on some of the characteristics of the costume your putting on, to get those juices flowing. Any furry creature is game for portrayal, the only requirements being that they are a creature with actual fur. There are distinctions out there for the other animal costumes that are subsets of the furry culture, but cats, wolves, bears, dogs, and so many other furred animals that match that furry fantasy. You’re not at a loss for choices, and there will be a hot furry slut out there just waiting to welcome you with open paws.

Spank That Furry Ass

This furry slut can’t get enough of the hard-thrusting action as she begs to be spanked harder and harder with every thrust.

Let Me Pull Your Tail

Think in terms of how animals play, and you’ll be able to get into the furry world mindset pretty quickly. With wagging tails and claws, the furry scene can fall into the kind of primal behavior that you’d expect of a bunch of horny animals. Wander around sniffing the other party goers at your furry get together, and your actions won’t seem out of place.

This doesn’t mean that consent isn’t a thing, you should always check in to make sure what’s acceptable with individuals, but a bit more animal behavior is par for the course. If you have a room full of people dressed in sexy wolf attire, then a certain amount of ass sniffing is probably expected to ensue. Running your claws lightly across the arms of the furry lady your talking to could be considered a beautiful invitation for some wilder touching.

Depending on the furries at the party, it could become an entire tooth and claw kind of orgy scene. If you’re a wolf hooking up with a tigress, then expecting a certain amount of scratching and biting will only make sense. Remember that the kind of furry outfit you put on is supposed to be part of your personality, so tailor it to the animal you find your erotic side most relates to. You want to be a wild horse furry for the evening, then don those hooves and glorious mane of hair, practice your whinny, and remember to prance with sure feet. How much you can embody your furry character might be what draws you a fun erotic companion for the evening. Other horse furries at the party will be watching their counterparts to see who might lead the herd in some passionate fun later that evening, so doing a proud prance around the party could garner you some good attention.

Greatest Moments Captured Inside

Your Pointy Ears Get Me Going

Bats, cats, wolves, and foxes are some of the first pointy eared furry looks to come to mind. Remembering that ear nuzzling in the animal kingdom is a very intimate endeavor. It can be a show of caring towards one another, or a playful tease towards more erotic activities. Even if you’re wearing some sort of prosthetic pointy ears, play along with the attention your ears might be getting from another pointy eared furry. When their furry self is trying to show you the kind of body attention they enjoy, by playing with yours in a similar way.

Humans have nerve endings in their outer ear that can cause rushes of pleasure when a tongue or teeth are lightly applied. Think of all of the times you scratched behind a cat or dog’s ear, and how they lean into your touch like it’s the best thing that’s ever happened. We often desensitize ourselves to a lot of touch, because our brains try to disconnect from the immediate primal response we feel. It’s a civilization compartmentalizing game that unfortunately distances us from some of the incredible sensations of touch.

Being in the furry world is the perfect reason to get back in touch with your more animalistic side. The side of you that responds immediately to any touch that feels good. If another furry brushes up against you, and the smell of them excites you, then let them know. Animals don’t hesitate to show how pleasurable an experience is, and neither should you. Let that beast inside of you run a little freer, and the furry world of fucking will get you in touch with your more primal side. Everyone that’s there wants you to be a bit more animal, so go ahead and let that beast out to play for this furry party.

Most Popular Characters Being Played

Sexy Slut Cat Costumes

Think of the anthropomorphic cartoon characters you’ve always found super sexy. There’s Lola Bunny from the Looney Toons world with her athletic bunny babe body and full lips. Minerva Mink from Animaniacs, the femme fatale mink hottie in short dresses with a shapely ass covered by short sexy dresses and a glorious mane of blond hair to go along with her tail.

Cheetara from the Thundercats, with big tits and that incredibly sexy badass warrior body and skimpy attire. All of them are animals that have taken on tons of human characteristics. Their asses and breasts are shapely like a human woman’s. Their lips are as pouty and full as any sexy babe you’ve wanted to make-out with in your memory. All of them can speak like a normal person, with little animal characteristics added in here and there. You might here the little squeaks of pleasure from Minerva mink that a real mink would make if they were excited, or the sensual purrs of Cheetara if her cat side is displaying happiness over something happening.

These are the kinds of costumes that really embody the furry lifestyle. They’re sexy anthropomorphic embodiments of animals with human traits, that you as a human can emulate to achieve maximum furry sex appeal. Find those cat sluts that live the furry life and embrace your inner tiger or lion. Be the king of the pride strutting through the party, and don’t be afraid to give off a good roar here and there. It’s about becoming more than just human for these sexy soirees. That’s part of the fun, and the sooner you let the wild out of you to roam, the sooner the other furries will start cuddling up next to you. Release your cat slut self onto the scene, and see how much pussy starts to throw itself at your feet.

Screenshots From Inside The Game

Wet Fur Never Smelled So Good

These furry babes suck and fuck so many hard cocks that their fur is just slicked back and covered in cum once this orgy is through.

Colorful Furry Wet Pussies

You’ve looked up what, “Furry”, means online and find that the concept of it kind of excites you. The werewolf fantasies you’ve had seem to fall in line with the furry world and now you’ve gone down the proverbial rabbit hole to see what else exists out there. If it’s got fur, then it looks like someone is dressing up like that creature and going out to fuck others. You’ve started exploring some fun furry porn, and it ranges from more realistic costumery, to cartoon-like creature costumes, that these sexy sluts are donning to fuck each other.

It’s not outside the realm of something you could get into, but it’s not always the most accessible world if you don’t have an access point. This could be a good time to try putting together some of the furry scenes you’d like to see played out, and then actually get to see them through, but from a little distance. How is that going to be possible? How can you be a part of some sexy furry fucking without actually being in the mix. It’s time to delve into the Jerkdolls furry adult games. Create the furry character you want to portray.

Build out that animal side of yourself that you think might interest you to play with, and then pick the other kinds of furries you’d like in the mix. Maybe a wolf girl and a cat lady to play with some crazy mixes that would never happen in the real world. You won’t be bound by any social norms or rules of attraction, other than the ones you create in the game. That foxy lady you’ve had your eye on as she gets fucked in all of your favorite porns, can now take on even more of a fox persona as your character fucks her in every hole. The hyper-realism of the Jerkdolls furry adult games will keep you engaged, even though the scenario itself will be the surreal fantasy of your choosing.

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