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Adult Cartoons Characters

Your Cartoon Crushes Just Became Fuckable

It’s the Saturday morning cartoon fantasy you’ve always wanted! Those animated temptresses, that you’ve ogled forever, aren’t just playing out a cartoon adventure, they’re waiting for you to get them naked, sweaty, and moaning. Cartoon porn games has merged the incredible fantasy of sexy fuckable cartoons, and the hot desire of the viewer, into a gamer’s best wet dream. You’ll be able to pound your keys as you pound your meat as the hot cartoon girl jiggles her incredible tits and fingers her pussy as quickly as you can tap your fingers. Maybe it’s time to take that anime hottie out on a virtual date and see what kind of debauched time you can get up to. That sassy little slut keeps bending over and winking at you in her tight little cheerleader outfit and it’s about time you click on her ass and take this game to the next level. Extra lives keep appearing with every orgasm given, and will let you carry on to the next level of this toon orgy. Just remember to power-up at the energy drink stand so you can make your way around town to fuck the rest of your cartoon fantasies. You might have to fight off all of the boyfriends you make jealous, so be sure to learn any secrets along the way to fend them off. Whatever your twisted devious fantasies are, the cartoons on the other end of the game are just waiting for you to give them some commands.

So much hot cartoon sex at the tips of your fingertips you may run into a case of sore fingers. Put your favorite animated sexpots into all of the twistedly delicious scenarios you’ve been drooling over every time they pop onscreen. No longer shall the naughty sluts Gem, Cheetara, and Harley Quinn, just run across the screen having adventures in tight skimpy outfits, they’ll get down and dirty with you. You won’t have to just imagine the steamy sex you’d get up to with the women of cartoon sex games, because you’ll be thrusting and making them cum, with a clickety-clack of the keyboard and a slide of your mouse.

This is going to be one of the hottest games you’ll ever play, with all of your youthful fantasies coming to life in beautifully colored animation. High-def fucking with the Jessica Rabbit of you dirty thoughts, as you pound your toon cock into her gaping ass. I bet you’re starting to think that this must be too good to be true. How can all of the animated gems of my spank-bank be so accessible and willing to please? Of course, you may have had to accomplish a few tasks to win their sexual favors, but the cock hungry look in their eyes, and the animated drool coming out of their mouths, will make it all worth it. The only thing you’ll have to worry about is the rating that comes with our games: WARNING, MAY CAUSE YOU TO CUM ALL OVER THE PLACE!

Toon Ass Is The Best Ass

Tune into to this toon as she gets her ass filled with more cock than any non-toon could ever take, and then begs for more.

The Cartoons Are Animated, But The Cum Is Real

Every tight-shirted, big-titty, tight-little-asshole, smoking hot Anime chick of your dreams, is spread-eagled and waiting for you. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. The moment when your incredibly hard dick meets the wettest pussy you’ve ever seen and epic amounts of cum explode all over the place. You’ve just leveled up to the smoking hot cartoon sex games you’ve always wanted. No longer will you just be a bystander watching the animated fantasies you always drooled over interact onscreen without you being a part of it. It’s the era of sexy gaming you’ve been waiting for.

The time when all of that incredibly hot anime sex you’ve watched is now under your control. As you run, jump, fight villains, and then fuck your fantasy chick until your skill level has increased enough to take on the next sexy boss. Building your badass samurai/ninja/airbender super sexy hero with the kind of gleaming muscles only found in the realms of cartoons, to then conquer your favorite babes. Perhaps you’re saving the day, or maybe you’re the villain, but either way, it’s nonstop erotic action befitting the hot animation before you. This is the game you’ve been dreaming about since you saw that first highly fuckable cartoon that made you think, “Now, why can’t she just jump out of the screen and onto my lap? This gets you one step closer to that dirty little fantasy. Time to power-up your masturbatory time and play some sexy games.

As the line between fantasy and reality has started to fade, due to technological advances, the fantastical porn being created has leapt into the 21st century with a flourish. Gaming has jumped up to meet the adult industry in a stream of orgiastic collaboration to produce the sexy game you see before you. Bang your way through shimmering cartoon babes in an array of erotic games that will guarantee one thing for sure: YOU WILL CUM! The control will be in your devious fingers as you play with the animated world in the sexual way you’d only ever dreamed about before.

Demon girls from some Inuyasha-like anime will be ready to feast on your cock until their appetite for steaming cum has been fulfilled. You will be the warrior, and the hard-throbbing lover all-in one as your character conquers the cartoon world. Perhaps you’ve wanted to just being a cartoon character making your way through small quests to get to large amounts of hot sex. Here are the games for you! Find that maiden on the sea shore that’s just been waiting for you to stumble upon her.

She was a mighty sea witch, until some earthbound sorcerer cursed her to walk the earth on two legs. It’s up to you to fuck her so hard it breaks the curse. You shall call your cock “CURSEBREAKER”, and begin your cartoon life saving damsels in distress with your incredible sexual prowess. The animated action just got so much hotter with you at the controls.

Greatest Moments Captured Inside

Tight Sweaters, Short Skirts, And A Mystery Van

We’ve all thought about what the cast of Scooby Doo gets up to in that van after all of the mysteries have been solved. What kind of hardcore kinks is Daphne into? Does she have a butt plug shoved in her ass, under that tight purple dress, as she helps solve mysteries? Is Velma just a crazed sexual dynamo in the guise of an uptight intellectual? Maybe Fred and Shaggy like to watch the girls sixty-nine while they jerk each other off.

Now you can step into the driver’s seat and answer these questions for yourself. Play out the hardcore action of Fred Giving Daphne the business after he’s tied her up with that green scarf she always wears. Practical kink wear for the toon girl after hours, as you control the wet orgasmic sex between the cartoons of today and yesteryear. Get Shaggy the camcorder and film Velma fingerbanging herself to pleasure town before she desperately needs some of Shaggy’s scruffy face buried in her twat.

The sex sessions between animated hotties will only be limited by your imagination, as you bring these sluts to their knees with a click of the keys. Now it’s time for another mystery, and the gang is all hot and bothered from last night’s crazy fuck session in the haunted house. Time for a Scooby snack to find that extra boost of energy to unmask the next villain and plot your next orgy. Keep the action coming, along with your characters, in every sexy game.

It all about your favorite animated fantasy when you play cartoon games. Whatever adventure, the cartoons you’ve fantasized about, have gotten up to, you always wanted just a bit more. You want to see what extremely bendable positions they can put themselves in, since there are no laws of gravity. Velma’s legs can touch the floor behind her head as you stuff Fred’s giant throbbing cock into her gaping holes. For extra bonus points you can call in the rest of the groovy gang and turn this two-way into a four-way.

Better click quickly so the orgasm meter stays high and you learn some new special moves to make your cartoon hottie bang hardcore hotter and faster. It’s going to be a long night of solving the mystery of how many times you can make the girls squirt. Perhaps a trip to the van, which happens to be filled with ball gags, butt plugs, dildos, and paddles, once you’ve earned your sexual investigator badge. Your incredible high score will only be matched by how long your cock grows as you find the animated babe, or stud, of your dreams.

All of those times that you imagined cumming on Daphne’s tits, and watching them glisten, will come true in this cartoon world. Time to get sexy and wacky all at the same time, as porn games gets all up in those toons you’ve lusted after for so long. Get yabba dabba devious, as the hot action of cartoon sluts comes under the control of your imagination.

Most Popular Characters Being Played

Fuck Elsa For Free
Lois Is Available As One Of The Characters For Free
Browse All The Characters - Enjoy Blue-Haired Beauty

Toontastic Pussy Ass Action

All of the cartoons of your youth have stayed with you to this current day. There’s some amazing nostalgia to holding onto in those incredible wonderous cartoon creations that used to start off our Saturday mornings. We’d watch, enraptured by animated fantasies as they went on adventures, solved mysteries, fought bad guys, or made us laugh. The whole while they’re wearing some skin tight outfit, or short skirt, as they wade into battle, perform rock shows, or seduce the other local toons to help get them out of trouble. There’s a sassy attitude and confidence they carry with them, a swagger that you can’t help but find attractive.

They’re cartoons, and they’re incredibly sexy. You definitely think about what it would be like to go on an adventure with the Justice League, and maybe steal away some extra time Wonder Woman after you’ve just defeated Lex Luther’s evil plot. In the super hero locker room you and Wonder Woman both hit the showers, and you see the steaming hot water just falling all over her incredibly hot Amazon warrior body. Every detail of her sculpted breasts matches the fantasy you’ve held onto since you were younger.

The awakening of your own body went with the discovery that cartoons did something to you other than just entertain you. Wonder Woman is right in front of you on the screen and ready to do the kinds of things you’ve jerked-off about for years. You’re no longer watching a cartoon and having dirty thoughts about what could be, because you’ve got a character in that steamy shower scene, and you’re controlling the action. With toon games that hot cartoon action will become the reality you’ve been waiting for since that first time a cartoon aroused feelings in you that had never been before.

Screenshots From Inside The Game

You Don’t Have To Choose

It won’t be about choosing between Betty and Veronica, because both of them are going to get stuffed with cock as they lick each other’s pussies to orgasmic completion.

Sexy Toon Action Game Play

The curves of their asses are so perfectly drawn, that even though they’re animated, you can’t help but start to feel your blood rushing a little faster. Every movement of their bodies is smooth, and their breasts jiggle and perk up just like a real woman’s. As clothing, or whatever costumery they’re wearing, begins to come off, you get just as excited as you would watching a porn with real people. A giant throbbing cock comes out of some animated hero’s pants and starts to get sucked by the animated demon princess onscreen. The sex that begins to happen is otherworldly.

The demon princess unveils her smoking hot body, with batwings attached, and she and the hero begin to fly through the air while fucking in acrobatic twirls. Twisting and turning through the as these two animated hotties fuck and suck each other, raining cum down upon anyone below them in a storm of sexual fervor.

This scene is the one you’ve been dreaming about participating in as you feverishly beat-off to these thoughts every night. Those full sexy lips of the slutty demon queen wrapped around your cock as you grab her hair and shove it down even further. The intense hardcore pounding you give her ass and pussy as you bend her over and slam that massive cock of yours again and again. Toon games are what you’ve been waiting for! This revolutionary style of sexual adventure will take you into the realms of your hottest cartoon fantasies, with you behind the helm, and the world at your command. Every slutty toon you’ve been aching to fuck will be possible for you to build out and have your way with. The days of just watching are lone gone. Time to get that cartoon as you’ve been dreaming of.

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