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Greetings friend: welcome to Jerk Dolls and please, make yourself at home! This is the number one community online right now for gamers who know what they want! See, we're always in the business of putting a smile on the face of every gamer out there and the way that we do that is by creating great games with an adult focus. Do you think you're ready to see the full capabilities of what the team here on Jerk Dolls is able to provide? Will you fish out the very best public games we have on offer, all of which come with a sexy adult twist?

Well, then you might as well create your account – things are about to get pretty fucking raunchy and we'll soon have you jerking off that cock of yours until it's just about ready to let loose some juice! Now, if none of this seems like something you might be interested in: why the hell are you still reading? You can search around the rest of the Jerk Dolls database for other adult gaming themes or, alternatively, bugger off if you're not looking for X-rated interactive experiences. Sorry, but that's just our focus here!

Jerk Dolls wants to be known as the premiere provider of content in the public gaming space, so pleas: feel free to compare us to the other sources out there. What we've noticed through our research is that they really struggle when it comes to giving gamers a decent gaming experience and yes, we'll always strive to give you exactly that. The team knows the ins and outs of creating adult titles and well, let's just say that by this stage, it's second nature for us. Now: would you like to learn more about the public XXX angle we've got going on? Read below for more details – it's fun stuff.

Outdoor And Naughty

Satisfy all of your public gaming desires with the full sex collection offered by Jerk Dolls. Such hot games!

Outdoor And Observed

There are many different angles when it comes to public sex that people enjoy, so at Jerk Dolls, we're looking at exploring all different avenues and streets to ensure that no jerker gets left behind. What this means for you is an excellent selection of titles that branch from random niche and genre to random niche and genre.

To give you an example of what this means – some of our games have interracial fucking taking place as you climb a mountain with a complete stranger, whereas another one will see you engaging in teen gangbangs at a strip club because everyone got so horny that they had to start banging away right there and then. We're confident that expanding out so that we cover both ideas of what 'public' means is a good step forward. Outdoors is part of the equation for many, but others really just want that risk of being caught or, in many instances, literally fucking in front of someone else. What's your poison when it comes to this particular branch of gaming? Let us know because boy – do we treat your feedback with value! The details our gamers give us allow the team to direct what's going to happen in future games. Ask and ye shall receive – simple, really.

You'll find a bunch of different sexual themes throughout our library too. We're talking lesbian fun, femdom, kinky fucking and anal. Who doesn't love a public display of ass fucking, right? Just everything about it makes so many dudes hot under the collar and hard under the slacks. If you're looking for an emergency jerk and you feel the need to grab a game that's focused on public sex, well – look no further than your boys over at Jerk Dolls. We'll have you shooting thick ropes of the sticky stuff in no time at all.

Greatest Moments Captured Inside

Sensual Graphical Arrangement

We like to make a big point of showing the world that our graphics are simply stellar. We've worked so hard to get the engine firing on all cylinders and we truly believe that now is the time to show the world that we can rival the AAA studios when it comes to graphical quality. How do we do it? Simple – grab the latest technology and hire the experts who know how to use it! We actually poached a number of game developers and 3D rendering gurus straight from the world of mainstream gaming.

They were a little worried about the idea of adult content, but when we told them how much we'd pay – well, let's just say that the dollars did the talking! Nowadays, we've firmly cemented ourselves as the power player in the niche that you would know as graphical perfection: just take a look at the samples you see here and see the lengths we've gone to in order to produce the best games with a porn concept. It's seriously incredible stuff and the only way from here is up! We dread to think about just how poor the adult gaming space was back in the early 2000s: so few options compared to the mainstream arena.

Our graphics run pretty damn well on all machines too, so you won't just need the latest and greatest graphics card in order for the games to feel and play decently. We're trying to raise the bar when it comes to accessibility too: we don't want to dress this up as an elite club for the 3000-series GPU owners. Instead, we're trying to pump out the very best of the best when it comes to sexy gaming entertainment that can work on any PC we throw it at. Yes, that includes your old Dell from a decade ago – try Jerk Dolls on it and see what happens!

Most Popular Characters Being Played

Great Multiplayer Gameplay Fun

Gameplay is just as important as graphics, so while we're pleased as punch with our approach to the latter, don't think for a second that this means we're struggling our lacking when it comes to making the games fun and enjoyable to play. Part of the way that we achieve this stunning level of pleasure from the actual gameplay sans the sex is that our development team basically focuses on ensuring that everything we have inside can be played – and loved – without the adult focus. There are many reasons to go down this path, but the most important one is that it keeps the gamer happy and satisfied.

Why would you want to play some sub-par title that wouldn't be able to make you jizz over and over again? Well, simply because it might actually be a great game! Our desire is to make Jerk Dolls the type of gaming platform that, if we removed all of the erotic content, would still be an absolute blast to visit. Then, when we add that little spicy something for the masturbation addicts, they're going to be shooting off ropes left, right and center! Seems like a pretty simple idea, right? All the developers love this approach, since they actually love making proper games for people to love and enjoy time and time again!

Now the thing to realize about the gameplay with Jerk Dolls titles is that there is a big variety here: it's something that we openly endorse and push our team toward. We really don't want to just copy and paste the same game concept but with different graphics slotted throughout: that's not good for anyone, right? The better solution is to instead show everyone that they can enjoy the games we have over and over again. Try them all out – seriously – you're going to love the public displays and sexy happenings!

Screenshots From Inside The Game

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A Beautiful Community Inside

You might not be the type of person that enjoys community stuff at all, and if this is the case, you should probably just skip to the end of this page, since I'm going to explain why our community is the best on the Internet for horny gamers! See, we first started off with just a chat box, but this got overcrowded quickly as Jerk Dolls expanded and so for our next decision, we decided to add official forums. There are hundreds of thousands of posts there now and dozens are added on an hourly basis – it's really quite alive and kicking! We're truly thankful for the community and as a thank-you, we've handed out prizes and rewards from time to time to those who have shown themselves to be really quite special in the Jerk Dolls space.

Another core tool we have available to us is the Discord server, which only got online a few months ago, but has rapidly swelled and become the de facto destination for gamers who want some adult gaming bliss. There are dozens of different channels here to cover your every erotic desire and love: can you handle the porn gaming fun and talk to others at the same time? Well, there is plenty of reason to try – so feel free to join the Discord and yeah, you'll see just how alive and kicking that destination is.

Friends: as much as I would love to continue waxing lyrical on the perfection of Jerk Dolls as a gaming entity, I truly believe it's time for you to step up to the plate and see this with your own eyes. You've got questions and well, let's just say that all of the answers are inside. Sign up and let's get this party started – your public XXX gaming adventure begins right here!

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