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Ass Punishment On Tap

Howdy there: Jerk Dolls is the premiere destination online these days for guys who want to offer their services when it comes to the task of punishing naughty girls. We're talking about full-on spanking simulators here that have you pushing women to the limits and demonstrating that when push comes to shove, you're in charge. Some guys like to greet their women with a hug and a kiss – others opt for flowers and a tit grab. At JerkDolls, we believe that one of the hottest ways you can show your affection for a lady is by bending her over your knee and then going to town on that ass.

It'll be red, it'll be sore – nothing she's not used to, right? Whether you opt to utilize your hand or something else entirely, Jerk Dolls gives you the tools you need to ensure that your spanking adventures are as happy and enjoyable as they can possibly be. Everything produced here is done so with one thing in mind: give the freaks who love dishing out punishment a set of games that'll keep them hard for a lifetime!

We've studied all of the other destinations out there: let's just be honest for a second, they completely suck! Always sub-par gaming experiences where the guys clearly don't have a good picture in their head of what a stellar hub for game bliss actually looks like. We're pleased ourselves to be able to offer you this cache of goodies and hereby declare that we've got the best of the best waiting for you. Sounds like a pretty stellar deal, right? Well – how about you sign up to Jerk Dolls right now and show us how well you understand the spanking niche? There are millions of NPCs waiting for their punishment, so please, assist as soon as humanly possible. These misbehaving ladies aren't going to spank themselves!

Schoolgirls Deserve Spanking

As a teacher, it's your job to punish these naughty student sluts. Time to get the paddle out!

Prepare For Schoolgirl Naughtiness

As the headmaster of a school, it's your job to ensure that all of the girls and boys who attend do so without messing around or engaging in silly activities. A lot of parents just love the fact that you manage to keep everyone in line, but what's crazy is that your methods of ensuring the pupils behave is owed to the fact that the punishment for not playing by the rules is very destructive indeed.

No one dares share their own story, but there's an understanding among the students that if they're particularly bad, it's off to your office for a painstaking session of spanking – they won't be able to walk after and you're going to love every second of dishing out your sadistic fantasies on those teen asses! Oh, how much you love to have a student drop by with a feeling of tense nervousness – the spanking begins before you even get your tools out!

Today, one student has been particularly naughty – they decided to set off the fire alarms in order to get out of an exam! Most spankings only last a few seconds, and a few hits at most: that's all about to change. You cannot allow something like this to stand on your watch, so you'll do whatever it takes to send a message to every student that if they misbehave, they're going to be dealt with accordingly. Can you be the author of sadism in this context? Would you love a game that allowed you to explore dozens of different spanking options, with sex as a choice available once that ass is well and truly destroyed? Nothing like a double fucking, eh? Well – Jerk Dolls has this exact game in its collection and its one of our most popular – so be sure to play it and see for yourself the difference it makes when a great studio picks up a theme like this one!

Greatest Moments Captured Inside

Full Autonomy And Control

Part of what makes Jerk Dolls different is the fact that we're able to give you a level of control and autonomy that the other game producers can only dream of. They're typically just hobby enthusiasts with a limited amount of time and, as you can probably imagine, no budget to go along with it. Jerk Dolls is different: we're in this spanking gaming business for the long haul, so we see every dollar spent on an employee as an investment into a very valuable asset.

We've produced over a dozen of high-tier spanking games and we're not planning to stop any time soon! It should be made abundantly clear that all of our games are produced in-house and cannot be licensed out to third-party platforms. In essence, that means that everything you see here is 100% exclusive: you have to sign up if you actually want to play what we've got! The team loves being authors of such wondrous releases and this has to be one of our favorite niches to work on. Turns out that there's quite a lot of enthusiasm these days for games centered around spanking!

But I digress: giving you control and choices is what makes Jerk Dolls gaming so damn good. These aren't just stories that you click through and maybe get one or two options to make it feel interactive: our games are built from the ground up with an intense focus on putting the steering wheel in your hands. It's a hot method of digital distribution and based on our playing figures, it's certainly paying dividends. We've never had such a great crew of gamers that just love to come on in every day to enjoy the latest and greatest games about spanking. Probably a good time to go ahead and join us, eh?

Most Popular Characters Being Played

A BDSM Dungeon Adventure

Ever wondered what it would be like to be in charge of a sex dungeon? Picture yourself in a mansion at the end of a relatively dead road: very few folks come here, but those that do get sucked into your world and end up being slaves for you every single day of the week. They take turns bending over and offering their bodies to you, with complete freedom offered in exchange for being able to stay.

You've built up a collection of 10 ladies who in full time in your dungeon – perhaps it's time that you pulled one of them out for a regularly scheduled spanking? Dishing out justice in various forms is always fun, but you have a particular penchant and appetite when it comes to punishing booty – who wouldn't, especially when you've got so many gadgets for the task? These ladies have already forgotten about their previous existences: all that matters now is their willingness to submit to you and show off their addiction to being complete submissive whores.

Train the older ladies or bring in fresh faces – it's up to you what goes down at the dungeon. Hell, you can even arrange and organize spanking parties where other folks in the local area come along to join in. They're touched by your generosity and love to punish just as much as you do: the looks of the faces of these slaves just drives you absolutely crazy! You're not sure when the spanking mansion will come to an end, but until it does, you're going to continue recruiting, destroying and buying new objects to make the abuse just that little bit more enjoyable. This is honestly one of our most popular games in the spanking category and what's more – we literally just released a whole new content expansion for it! Try new girls, locations, toys and positions: the spanking fun just never stops at Jerk Dolls.

Screenshots From Inside The Game

World-Class Graphical Engine

Our spanking games look incredible. Play them and see for yourself just how good the graphics are!

A Flare For Artwork And Aesthetic

Because we've employed a rather large team of designers and 3D renderers, we've really managed to put together a collection of games that look fantastic, but in addition to that, also look unique from title to title. One of the biggest complaints gamers can have about the games they play is that it's simply too much of the same stuff: especially when one developer decides to copy and paste assets over and over again! Jerk Dolls is firmly against this practice, and our artists work a hell of a lot to make everything feel unique and delicious. It costs us time and money, sure – but the end result isn't something that can be achieved via any other method.

Now I must pay a little bit of attention here to just how next generation our spanking game graphics are: they look delicious and it's really important to get the skin texture right here – especially after impact! Spanking titles create a unique set of challenges, which is why most other releases have fallen well short of gamer expectations. I'm here to let you know that Jerk Dolls will pull out all the stops so that you get the very best in butt demolishing entertainment. If that doesn't sound like your cup of tea – well, why the hell did you decide to read for this long? I think it was obvious from the start what this place was all about!

Thanks a bunch for coming along, but now it's time for you to create your Jerk Dolls account so that you can actually experience the spanking entertainment with your own two hands. In just a few short minutes, you're going to have access to a new world of sexual pleasure and bliss, delivered exclusively by the Jerk Dolls team. So, with that in mind – let's get down to business and game! Peace.

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