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A Horny Hospital

Imagine going to a nurse hospital where all of the women who work there are incredibly sexy and, better yet, trying to make you solid as fuck as a way to cure whatever it is that you have! Sounds pretty incredible, right? Well the good news for you is that Jerk Dolls is able to provide this experience to you via our collection of incredible hot nurse games! We've worked long and hard to cobble together a collection and selection of titles that is primed to get any would-be gamer the goodies downstairs.

Now naturally, you should only come inside if you're over the age of 18 and able to handle the idea of being sexually gratified by a medical professional. I say professional – there's pretty much nothing professional about these naughty chicks and the methods they have for curing their patients! Fortunately, everyone who attends the nurse appointments doesn't complain once they leave – we've always wondered why and now finally have the answer!

Initially, we figured that the demand for nurse-themed adult games was going to be somewhat limited, but you'd be amazed at how quickly this niche blew up and become a big ticket item here at Jerk Dolls. We eventually learned that the old adage of 'if you build it, they will cum' turned out to be absolutely correct! We've not proceeded to connect our gaming delights with the rest of the planet via the Internet and cannot wait to get you inside so you can explore these erotic nurse hospitals for yourself. So, regardless of what particular sub-niche of nurse XXX entertainment you consider yourself to be a fan of, please sign up and you'll see that we're more than capable of offering it all. Thanks for coming along – now get that cock ready because we're coming for it!

Pure Nurse Bliss

Got a fetish for nurses? Want to see them getting down and dirty? Then sign up here today!

Incredible XXX Artwork

What's fantastic about Jerk Dolls is that we're relatively agnostic when it comes to artwork style: not only do we want to offer you the finest experiences known to man with a sexy twist, but we want to do that for everyone out there, regardless of what they consider to be top-tier stuff. What do we mean by this, exactly? Well, you'll notice pretty early on that Jerk Dolls has a fantastic team of producers and artists, all of whom work together – and apart – so that we have unique flavors and styles across the full range of our games.

We've always wanted to make it abundantly clear that we're passionate about catering for the tastes of anyone and everyone. Want to see nurse hentai? No problem – plenty of our games go for the Japanese artwork approach! Of course, that also comes alongside a bunch of Western-style productions that we think are primed to make you hot under the collar if you're so inclined toward them. We refuse to rule out any type of nurse porn in the games we offer, so the artists really are giving a lot of freedom here. Just the way we want it to be done!

Our artists are also given the ability to interact with the audiences they serve through our official forums and Discord channel: pretty important if you feel the need to voice what's hot and what's not in this space. We're always looking for new ways to take the database to incredible heights and think that if you want to come along, you should be invited – no questions asked! Our finest hour is when the gamers roll in and do so time and time again: a returned gamer is a happy gamer, which is why we're looking to explore more ideas for insane artwork styles, as and when appropriate.

Greatest Moments Captured Inside

Free Gaming Access

Okay, now this one might come as a bit of a shock to a lot of you, but the full library of hospital games we have at Jerk Dolls are free to access. Can't believe it? Well – create your account right now and you'll realize in less than 60 seconds that we're telling the truth! This powerful approach was our decision for one simple reason: we truly believe that if you love porn games you ought to be able to access them and enjoy them without having to foot a massive bill.

One quick glance at titles in the mainstream business – like No Man's Sky and Cyberpunk 2077 – shows that even games offered with a high price can be complete failures. That's something we want to avoid at JerkDolls, which we can do with one simple philosophy: give away access and then monetize our game games via other methods. How do we do that, exactly? Well, that's really for us to worry about, but if you want to know what's backing up these sexy nurse games, I'll give you a brief overview of how funding works!

Firstly, advertising inside JerkDolls – while relatively non-intrusive – gets us a lot of our revenue. We also work alongside gaming and anime/hentai-themed brands, so you'll be getting appropriate offers and the like to satisfy your every desire. Jerk Dolls also has competitions from time to time that sponsors will provide gear for – that requires a small fee that's handed out to us and supports the team! Finally, Jerk Dolls also has supporter packs and cosmetic purchases throughout our titles. These are entirely optional and you do not need to give us money under any circumstances to enjoy what we have to offer. This has been our policy since day one and we plan to continue with that until the heat death of the Universe. Anyway, in short – come on in and enjoy the hot nurse games free of charge!

Most Popular Characters Being Played

Lots Of Plots

Just like with the artwork, we don't want to force developers at Jerk Dolls to actually approach the games we offer with a single mindset. The only real rule here is that the games must be fun to play – that typically is the name of the game for most developers anyway, so it's not like we're breaking any boundaries as far as that's concerned. Now on the surface this might look loose, but we want to give complete autonomy to the game producers – if they've got an idea, they should run with it!

Sexy nurse games as a concept are relatively rare as it is, so while a few of them are relatively generic, you're going to come across a few unique ideas and styles that are bound to put a big fat smile on your face. Oh, and please realize that we create these games with you jerking off in mind. This means that more often than not, they have support for one-handed gamers – pretty sweet, right? We'd like to pretend that this was done to help the disabled gamers out there, and while that's a good by-product, the real reason was so that you horny freaks can massage your sausage while you go hard at the nurse games we offer.

Surrounded with pleasure and games, it's your choice what style you want to go with. A few games are text-heavy with lots of options that actually make a difference: others are a little more casual and act as a 'choose your own adventure' over anything else. We're not going to tell you how you ought to play the games we've got, but yeah: the choice is ultimately yours and we're confident that no one is going to refuse this wide expanse of titles. In short, thanks so much for being a gamer here – now pick a damn title and get to work!

Screenshots From Inside The Game

Amazing Graphical Performance

JerkDolls creates the most aesthetically pleasing games around. Our visuals are the hottest in the game.

An Incredible Future Plan

Jerk Dolls isn't here for just a good time: we're looking at the long-term future of the project, and that means getting involved with the gamers so we can truly understand what they want and how to give it to them. We love to gather data and information for the purposes of creating the best hospital games out there, so please – be willing to provide us with your thoughts and feelings so that we can make what we have just that little bit better. We're always concerned with ensuring the best for our gamers, and feedback is a vital part of the system so that we can make our naughty nurse titles just that little bit better.

The forums are a great place to discuss what you want to see done differently, but also feel free to just tell us how great we are and how you wouldn't change anything – these are both fantastic options and we need the good and the bad to work out how to move forward. The team is incredibly passionate about long-term sustainability, so don't hold back: anything to keep you in the ecosystem is what we're willing to do!

As for future releases: Jerk Dolls currently plans to add around 5 new titles in the next year for our 'nurse' section. This might be as few as 3, but could go up to 7: all we can promise is that when the games that we have planned are ready, we'll push them out so you can enjoy them.

That just about does it from me. I hope that if you've made it this far, you're willing to go one step further and see for yourself just how amazing and incredible our team is. So how about it – create your account now and let's get this party started!

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