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Animation these days has gotten ridiculous. By ridiculous, I mean ridiculously awesome! The fluid nature of animated characters makes it feel like you’re just watching a dream version of people. Possibly a look into the alternate dimension of sexy humans you’d like to fuck, and now they’re just animated. Animation opens up a lot of possibilities in porn, because they’re not bound by the laws of physics. All of those crazy ideas you’ve had in your head about flying through the sky while fucking Supergirl’s tight super pussy, can come true in an animated world.

Anything is possible when animated sex scenes are involved. Magical powers can be used to turn erections into throbbing beasts, only to be sated by the powerful ass of the wizard that enchanted them. Cum can explode around entire rooms, in a toon-like fashion. Vampires and werewolves can hold animated orgies, while ninjas furiously masturbate from the rooftops as they watch. If you’ve ever seen Heavy Metal, then you’ve seen the beginning of animated porn that took many from their youth into adulthood with fantasies of massive tits on a badass warrior babe riding an alien dinosaur through the sky.

The incredible curves of her body as she fucks and sucks the barbarian-warrior she’s brought back to her lair with her. Countless jack-off sessions have been held to thoughts of this moment, and that was just the beginning of animated sex scenes that would enthrall the masses. Animation captures sexy in a way that humans aren’t capable of achieving, because, well…they’re human. Your fantasies can take a truly wild turn, if you let yourself get into the animated world of porn. Imagine your favorite characters from some beloved cartoon of your past, that you always looked at with a bit of a sly smile, and you can find them fucking for your pleasure.

Spicy Animated Fun

Indulge deep into your wildest fantasies while gaming with the hottest animated toons online

So Many Sexy Toons

What’s a naughty toon like you doing in a wild place like this? About to get fucked six ways from Sunday is what. There are so many incredibly sensual animated characters out there, that you’ll never run out of choices for some exciting masturbatory animation. All of the animated babes of your fantasies are out there, and if you haven’t found the one you’ve ached after for all of these years, then look harder.

Whether it’s the hardcore sluts of the Hentai world that interest you, or your looking the more innocent on the outside and whorish on the inside beauties from Disney movies, there’s going to be a selection to choose from. The women of anime, which covers a number of genres of storylines, will often have some pretty unhinged sexual encounters in their movies. These will range from the boy meets girl at school, boy meets boy, girl meets girl, and then animated human meets sex crazed demon/alien/vampire from the planet Fucksalot. Anime tends to stretch boundaries of kinks farther than the vaginas you’ll see getting pounded by monstrous cocks.

Though those monstrous anime cocks will stretch every hole pretty far, the boundaries for what’s considered acceptable in everyday culture will be pushed. That’s part of the fun of animated porn. You might find out some fun cosplay kinks about yourself with every new animation that goes well past the norm of porn films. Push the limits of your porn interests with animated sex, and it might turn into an amazing discovery of some of your own delightful interests. There will be so many choices for you when you start looking through the catalogue of animated porn, but don’t get overwhelmed. Start anywhere, and work your way through, because the quantity of quality out there is just going to keep growing, and there’s no reason to rush the fun.

Greatest Moments Captured Inside

Animated Ass For Days

It’s a whole new world of animation out there, and all of the ladies and men of your younger cartoon fantasies are now available for you to watch them get fucked. Jasmine from Aladdin is ready to take an adventure into her father’s harem, where the journey of sexual discovery will turn into an orgy beautiful babes. Getting to see this smoking hot princess have her pussy and ass opened up, by the well-trained harem sluts in the palace, as tongues, fingers and fists are used to discover her shining, shimmering, splendid orgasms.

When she meets up with Prince Ali later that night, she’ll show him all the things she learned as she rides him like a wild beast through the skies on a flying carpet. As she swallows his cock so deep he feels like it’s going to get lost, Aladdin’s eyes will roll back in his head and he cum all over the kingdom below them. That is, if Jasmine lets any of it escape her mouth, because this princess is hungry for cock, and she won’t be refused her prize. The fan-fiction you’ve enjoyed isn’t going to have to just be read anymore, because the devious animators out there have already been turning it into the cartoon fuck fantasy you’ve been waiting to see.

Whether it’s the Disney characters, Looney Tunes, or anime hotties, someone has turned their cartoon world into a porn orgy just waiting to get you off. To go a little farther into the fantasy of animated fucking, you should check out the JerkDolls animated porn games, that are waiting for you to take control of the animated fucking you’ve always dreamt of. The action will all be in your control as you choose the animation you’ll control and pick the sexual partners of your dreams.

Most Popular Characters Being Played

Sexy Tight Pussy On That Toon

The incredibly sensual curves and movements of animated babes and studs, has only improved throughout the years. When you watch the cartoons of today, the sex appeal of characters has only grown more intense. All of the extra little details in the shape of breasts, legs, and ass, as they rush into battle, go on adventures, or just live their normal everyday animated life that you love, add to that animated spank you’ve held onto since your first cartoon awakening.

Every detail that’s been slaved over on the sparkling exterior of those animated hotties, has also transitioned to their naughtier bits. Tight little animated assholes and pussies are drawn with incredible detail, and they’ll even glisten as that slut onscreen gets excited over the massive throbbing cock she’s about to receive. Lips just salivating over dicks as they deep throat them until spit is just dripping everywhere are clear and concise down to every sticky little feature. When cum explodes everywhere, it will look just like real cum, though it might be in amounts that no actual human can produce at one time. The pearly white rivulets dripping down the lips and chin of the buxom babe that was just swallowing it whole, makes you feel like you’re getting your own cock sucked.

As that naughty warrior princess gets her ass plowed, the cheeks surrounding the massive cock pounding her move up and down with every motion, and her head pops back with moans of excitement. The animation may take it to an otherworldly place, but the characteristics of the bodies depicted, and their movements, will convince your brain that you’re seeing some real hardcore fucking. Bending reality will go as far as you want it in the animated world of porn, but no matter how far it bends, the sex will feel just as real as if you were watching living people doing the fucking.

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Control All the Action!

Build her, fuck her, impregnate! These animated characters will do anything you can set your mind to

Saturday Mornings Madness

Every Saturday morning you used to get up and start your day with an incredible selection of your favorite cartoons. There was singing and dancing, adventures, dragons, warriors, princesses, ponies, gargoyles, and so many other choices that gave your day that special feel of something magical. Of course, as you get a bit older your needs for what makes the day feel special can range a bit farther into the carnal. Starting you day off with some quality masturbation time gives that oxytocin and dopamine rush that will put all of the natural feel good chemicals rushing through you.

Just because you’re an adult, doesn’t mean your Saturday morning can’t start with some incredible cartoons of a different format. Those special adventures of your cartoon pals of yesterday, can now take on the adult themes you’ve come to enjoy today. That superhero team with all of the skin tight sexy costumes can still fight the bad guys, but the story can change up to accommodate your grown-up desires. Now that group of sexy superheroes can get into an erotic battle with their villainous counterparts.

Lex Luthor uses some kryptonite to subdue Supergirl, and then he awakens her inner desires to fuck a bad boy of the comic book scene. Watch as that super slut vibrates her pussy at super speed and takes all the cum that Luthor can muster to shoot all over her incredible Kryptonian tits. Wonder Woman captures Cheetah with her lasso of truth, and finds out that Cheetah really wants to fuck her arch nemesis. The pussy eating that ensues is some of the hottest girl-on-girl action you’ve ever seen anywhere. There won’t be any limitations to how sexually depraved your youthful animated fantasies can get up to. Think them up, and then spend your Saturday morning with cartoons and cum.

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