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The premise of our arcade section here on Jerk Dolls is for guys that want to jump straight into the action and feel a little sexiness with their nostalgia-driven cum sessions. We've been working hard to work out the best course of action for producing these types of releases and we're pretty happy that we've nailed it. Part of what's central to this game is a constant ability to replay the title, gradual progression with no real attachment to items, upgrades or the like, relatively simplistic controls and some sexy pixels to be added to the mix.

I think it's safe to say that the general gaming community out there has been a big fan of what it is we have to offer – at least based on the feedback we've managed to receive from the people who have already signed up! Now, we don't want to overreact to what folks have been saying, but I'm confident that Jerk Dolls presents itself as a fantastic alternative to all of the other spots on the Internet that deal with XXX games. We're hip, we're modern and yeah – you're going to be busting nuts all over the damn place once you get accustomed to what it is we have.

Jerk Dolls' arcade porn titles are great because they allow you to play on pretty much any device and you can instantly get into the mix and have some fun. We're really excited to be able to present you everything that's here and know that the future is looking insanely good. Don't believe us? Well, create your account and you'll see for yourself that we have the skills to pay the bills. Not only is our current collection of games top notch, but even if you're not so keen on the arcade environment, there are plenty of other sections to check out! The world is your oyster when it comes to Jerk Dolls action. So – how about you sign up? Seems like an idea to me!

Instant Gaming Fun

These arcade sex titles get you in the mix real damn quick! Who doesn't love instant porn gaming action?

Graphical Impact At Jerk Dolls

We take graphics incredibly seriously here at Jerk Dolls, which is why you'll find that even our puzzle games look absolutely fantastic. To survive in this business, you have to be able to beat out the competition and we're pretty happy with what we've been able to manage in the last few years of production. Now, it's not perfect, but Jerk Dolls is certainly going to make a hard push over the coming years to show you all that our commitment to graphics is second to none.

Games have to look good if they're going to be good – that's because we recognize that the modern porn gamer has a history of seeing things that don't look attractive. A simple look at the history of games will tell you everything you need to know: they were typically created with Flash by a single person and yeah, it wasn't that great. Today, we're pleased to have a database of games that beat all the others out of the water. Dropping this type of smut onto the Internet seems to make a lot of sense for us: especially since we're quite good at creating it!

The most important thing when it comes to our XXX puzzle graphics is that the sex and the women have to look realistic: if they don't have that vibe, then you're going to get a hell of a lot of disappointed folks that can't bust off their nuts as and when required. To survive in this business you have to look the part and Jerk Dolls plans to achieve that by serving up the hottest of the hottest: take a look around at our tour and you'll soon see that we practice what we preach! It's cum city here: so get your tissues ready, you'll be needing them soon enough.

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Fun And Instant Gameplay

Graphics are important for our arcade releases, but so is the overall gameplay experience. Through our research of the adult games that have preceded us, we noticed that a lot didn't really deliver when it came to enjoyable gameplay and were really quite unenjoyable to play. They also struggled when it came to understanding what makes a good arcade title. I'm happy to announce that these issues don't exist here – we listened to the gamers and truly understood what it meant to be a database of arcade porn games.

It's so exciting to be able to present our collection to the world too – we've spent a long time putting it all together so that you can see for yourself just how serious we are about all of this! You have to survive in this game by doing whatever it is you can by giving up a hot load or two. If that means refining our releases and making sure they match expectations, so be it.

The central aspect of all the games we have is a focus on survival and again – quick gameplay with simple mechanics. We have complicated games elsewhere if that's what gets you hard between the thighs, but we realize for most folks, this simply isn't required. Arcade releases should feel fun and enjoyable: if they're neither of those things, you're going to be having a pretty unenjoyable session of masturbation. Plus, we've designed almost all of our arcade titles to be playable with a single hand. Your gaming sessions here allow you to use your spare hand for, well, reasons. Look: we know you're going to jerk off, and there's no point pretending for an instant that this isn't what's going on in your dirty mind!

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All Devices Accepted

We decided very early on with Jerk Dolls that we'd focus extensively on making sure anyone who wanted to play our games would be able to do that without a care in the world. So, as a consequence, we've gone ahead and made all of the titles we have compatible with browsers – no downloading required! It wasn't an easy decision to make, and from time to time we rip our hair out looking for solutions to problems that are entirely self-imposed, but the end result is a collection of porn puzzle games that really deliver what you want them to: great gaming fun that is acceptable to literally everyone out there.

We're excited to be able to present this to you and look forward to demonstrating that even if you're on the best PC in the world or a low-range product from a decade ago, you're still going to be able to play here. Our adaptive quality and object technology makes sure that your machine runs smooth, regardless of how much juice it has to give.

Those keen-eyed gamers out there will have probably also noticed that since we've dropped the need for downloading and only really require you to have a browser, you can play our games with your mobile device if you so desire. This means that gamers on literally any device can also get themselves a slice of the action! All we require a semi-recent version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Opera. Other browsers might work just fine, but these are the ones we currently support as an official way to play our games. In addition to this, our cloud synchronization allows you to save your progress from one device and then instantly go back to it on something else. It's a cool way to give you access to the very best gaming action regardless of your access medium!

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Great Community Tools

Join the best adult gaming community around and play alongside other XXX arcade addicts!

The Best Gaming Community

We brag a lot, but the thing we really love to brag about is the community here at Jerk Dolls. It started off small, but boy – has it grown! Today, we boast a huge collection of members that play our games every single day and love doing so. They also hang out on the Discord server we've established, which as most gamers can probably figure out, ended up becoming an incredibly popular way for people to communicate and have a great time.

Jerk Dolls is very much of the opinion that for a great community, we ought to be able to communicate with one another – no questions asked. The Discord server makes this an absolute walk in the park and we're going to push it as a stellar way to solve issues, give advice to friends and generally have a great time. The server is open to everyone and yeah – it's free. Each game also has its own little area – perfect for people that want to communicate with others about their titles of choice!

Another big community focus that Jerk Dolls works on is giving people the ability to provide us with feedback – we absolutely love knowing what people like and dislike about what it is we offer here. Our survival literally hinges on the opinions of our gamers, so the more they tell us, the better. Over on the forums, you'll find a place to tell us all about our arcade games, what you enjoyed, what wasn't so great and so on. We also have an email service if you prefer that method – it's totally up to you how you wish to compliment or criticize our games!

Now then: it's about damn time you stopped reading all of the great things about Jerk Dolls and instead experienced them yourself. So please, create your account and let's get gaming!

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