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An Obscure Parody?

It might come as a surprise to many people that Jerk Dolls decided to put together parody content in the first place: let alone publish games that features XXX renditions of games like Roblox. Well, the decision was actually made after we realized that so many people out there were actually looking for content in this domain. It might sound strange, but our numbers estimate that it's actually one of the biggest demands for people over the age of 18! Research is a big part of what makes us special – so who are we to judge the erotic proclivities of the people who frequent our little library of debauchery?

Jerk Dolls is here to give the masses what they desire, and if that happens to be parody Roblox XXX publications, so be it! We'll stop at nothing until we've fulfilled every desire out there and today, that means telling you all about the Roblox porn gaming adventure you can go on if you decide to join our little community. As far as we understand it, this is the first official website that has devoted more than a day's work to porn parodying Roblox Sex Games – pretty sweet, eh?

We had a lot of internal discussions over the months leading up to our development to make sure that we got the looks and style of the content we created spot on. We're happy with the results, although we'll constantly make changes and keep our fingers on the pulse so no one can accuse us of dropping the ball in that respect. We're a bunch of gamers ourselves and while no one who works here specifically longs for Roblox-themed porn gaming, we're going to make sure that anyone out there with this particular interest gets exactly what they want: plus a whole lot more. So buckle up and get ready for a porn adventure that you won't find anywhere else!

Accurate Graphical Accuracy

A number of our games have kept to the true aesthetic and style of Roblox. Prefer a modern look?

Variety In The Parody

Perhaps one of the most important things for us is to recognize that not everyone has the same tastes or interests: a lot of variety is out there, which is why we want to go wide with our approach and try to capture as much interest as possible. This meant that instead of just looking at one or two inappropriate games with a Roblox sex theme, we had to go a hell of a lot wider and have at least a dozen titles that everyone at home could love and enjoy.

Imagine a world where Jerk Dolls doesn't provide this – where on Earth would you go? We have seen a few small attempts at mods and that type of thing, but everything you find in Jerk Dolls is a 100% standalone project that doesn't even require you to download anything in order to play the games. Anyway, back to the topic at hand: I want to briefly cover the steps we have taken to be the best spots around for variety. You cannot use an embed code though - only play directly on our site.

What we mean when we mention variety is that if you want to play a game with true to life graphical focus of what Roblox Sex Games actually looks like, you can go ahead and do exactly that. However, if you feel like affording us a little bit of artistic license, we've also created a few games that go far beyond what you've seen before and yeah; it's nice to see the fruits of a determined bunch come to life. You'll also find a variety of game styles, with the original sandbox and customization angle very much covered throughout the database. We have come up with a pretty unique dating simulator though – definitely something you ought to check out! So in short, if you like the net to be cast wide and feel like variety, Jerk Dolls has you covered with this little database (with no embed code).

Greatest Moments Captured Inside

Feedback Is Key

I cannot stress enough just how much we love people playing our games and then telling us directly what they think about the experience. An extensive amount of progress has been made over the last few years when it comes to visual quality and subjective gameplay: two important things that can actually be quite hard for developers to gauge while looking at the game from an outside perspective.

The effect that results is a constant channel of community and horny gamers among you that don't mind giving us your two cents and basically calling it like it is. We don't want to live in a fantasy land where everything is perfect and no one is actually willing to be honest about how they feel. So with that, let's discuss a few of the key ways that you can tell us all about your experience playing our Roblox sex parody titles. Take notes folks – we'll need them so we can patch up and improve our games!

The most 'official' way that you can contact the team is via email, but to be honest with you, that's a bit old fashioned and we're not too keen on the idea. Instead, we suggest that you utilize the official forums for discussions about our Roblox Sex Games parody games or, as a secondary approach to that, sign up to our Discord server and have real-time discussions with others – as well as the developers – who will be more than willing to talk to you about the games we have here and what you like or dislike about them. Speak to us and we assure you that your concerns and issues will be dealt with as and when available: we like to solve anything we can and in some cases, patches can be pushed in as little as 24 hours! Good luck getting that level of support and updates from any other porn gaming cache that happens to have even Roblox obby games.

Most Popular Characters Being Played

Lots Of Sexy Action

You might think it's quite hard to parody this type of game and actually put an adult twist on it: to be honest, the less source material and angle to go with, the better! It means we have a lot of freedom with how the games ought to operate and in addition to that, it gives us so many different paths to go down that pretty much no one can complain about. Jerk Dolls is in this environment that so few studios actually have: we make parodies that are better than the rest! You can rest easy knowing that the developers and artists here work all day and all night to pump out the very best in Roblox platform sensual gaming.

Most of these guys didn't actually play the original title – until we told them that they had to if they wanted to work on this particular project area! That's right: like so many other niches we have available at Jerk Dolls, if you want to do something with a parody twist, you better bloody well understand the original concept and source material so you know what to parody and what to leave out. Sure, Roblox is pretty slim pickings compared to the likes of FFVII or League of Legends: that doesn't change the fact that research is a massive part of how we do things here.

One thing you absolutely must understand is that the primary focus here is on fucking: while there are a few customization tools and a lot of ability to build, we really want you to be hitting up those pussies as frequently as possible. Hell, you might enjoy the game without the adult element, given how far it's come along over the years. That said, we appreciate what everyone wants and we aren't afraid to provide it. So, in short, it's a good time to be in the business of hardcore porn gaming: especially when we have a big fat dump of Roblox releases for you to wank off over.

Screenshots From Inside The Game

Regular New Content Releases

Fuck your way to the top of the blocks with our new regular game releases – totally free for you!

A Bright Roblox Future Ahead

As long as you guys keep coming along to Jerk Dolls and sign up to spend hours playing our games, we'll make them for you! It presents a unique opportunity to corner the parody market and while sure, there might be one or two viable alternatives, we're confident that after spending a few minutes inside JD, you'll actually realize what a gift it is we're bestowing upon you.

It's about damn time we cleaned up the Internet and showed those soyboys out there who's boss: we're giving Roblox the XXX parody material it needs, because only the lord knows about the lack of goodies in this space! We've seen thousands of Rule 34 parodies, as well as Western-style doujinshi in a few selection locations that really blew our minds. It has been a charming time and we're so happy to be able to share that with all of your horny gamers at home.

So gentlemen, what's it to be? There's a good chance you're going to be incredibly impressed with what we have inside, so I think it makes the most amount of sense to create your account right now and take a look around the attractive library of games we have on offer. Again: remember that the more you play here and in particular, enjoy the games in the Roblox area, the more we can afford to develop and produce titles that are themed around this topic. If we see a surge in gangbang demands, we switch over to that – Roblox? You bet your ass we'll continue to pump out the best games possible if they're being lapped up by the mases. Anyway, that's just about all I need to say on the topic: now go get your wanking lotion ready, because it's time to jerk off to the very best game parody library around, porn style!

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