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It’s Sexy Adventure Time!

The wild romps through the woods. The mountain climbing excursions that end in repelling down waterfalls. The times you dove off of the cliffsides off the coast of Italy with your friends. Amazing adventures that were only made better when fun adventurous sex was thrown into the mix. Having some hot babes with you that are down to scale a ravine and then fuck on top of it as you overlook the vast canyons below you, and start to fill their tight caves below the waist, and the one between their lips that can’t seem to get enough of you.

When the adrenalin is already flowing so freely that the wild things inside of you need to come out to fuck and frolic. These are the adventure times of sex. Getting sexy when there’s an element of danger involved isn’t a new thing. Humans have been doing it since the beginnings of our existence. About to rage into battle? Well you better get to fucking, because it might be the last adventure you take. You survive some crazy feats of daring do, and feel that energy just sweeping through you like the winds across the plains, that’s when you grab the hand of the nearest slut and make your way to a place to get your groove on.

It’s the rush that intensifies it. The pounding pulse of your heartbeat from surviving, that screams let me put my dick in something now! Yes, it’s primal, and it’s real. Fighting it won’t make you feel better. Have some friends down for the sexual adventure as well as the normal adventuring, and your sure to have the time that movies are made of. You might even want to film it and send it in as an amateur porn. There are plenty of wilderness fuck scenes out there, and yours could be added to the list of sexual adventure time.

Fucking In The Woods

This crazy adventure fuck in the woods that leaves this slut dripping with cum and aching for more camping cock.

It's Time To Get Really Wild

Build out the sexual adventure scene you’ve always want to be a part of. No, seriously, start writing down what would really make a thrilling roleplay time for you, and however many partners you want involved. It can be as wild as you want it to be, because this is your fantasy, so be honest about what’s really going to get your blood pumping. Have you always wanted to live out the kind of sexcapade that crosses the realm between reality and fantasy? You keep having those reoccurring wet dreams about being a barbarian fighter that comes upon to elven warrior women in the woods. All of you have just fought off a horde of orcs, and your warrior blood is pumping. These two elven vixens even happen to be making out with the tops of their elven mithril bikinis removed already.

You watch for a minute as the blond buxom beauty takes the red headed elf’s left nipple in her mouth and twists it with her tongue, and then makes her way further south to undo the chainmail loincloth dangling between her partners legs. You’ve already undone your loincloth and have started stroking your massive barbarian cock as you watch the blonde beauty go down on the moaning slutty redhead. The redhead sees you and beckons you forward. As you get there she points to your cock, and then to her ass. One elven tongue in the front, and one barbarian cock in the back. The fucking that ensues is of epic proportions that no fantasy novel has ever managed to capture. At the end you all take off your costumery, because these two babes were live action role players that you met online, and found your wild fantasy wasn’t yours alone. When discovering your fantasies, realize someone else probably is up for the adventure as well, and then put it out there and see who bites!

Greatest Moments Captured Inside

Gaming Adventures Get Super Sexy

The world of porn has had it’s share of adventurous sex on the screen. With all of the roleplaying out there, the gamer fantasies end up filling the fan-fiction world with constantly new material. The porn world has tried to match the growing need for more adventurous porn, with plots that fill out gamer fantasies with science fiction fucking, and incredible fantasy adventures. Those that have rolled dice and roleplayed characters often have some of the most devious minds, and their sex dreams take on leather clad warriors, cyborgs, and sorceresses, that are aching with the need to fuck. If it’s not the tabletop role players, then it’s the videogame players that have the wilder wet dreams. To not listen to these sexy gamers and hear the fantasies they need fulfilled would be a foolish endeavor indeed.

This is where some of the incredible adult online games have come in. With the ability for game players to build out the characters they want to play in crazy sex adventures, and the partners they’ll be playing with, the gamers of the world will have hard-ons capable of performing critical hits. In the Jerkdolls Adventure Games creating the ideal setting and playmates will be available to fulfill all of these desires. Cyborgs, goblins, elves, and vampires, can all come together for the kind of fucking that they’ve been hoping to see since they first rolled a die, or picked up a controller. The action will be incredibly real, with graphics that will make you forget your even playing a game. These adventures will beat any they’ve had so far, and will make them lifetime fans of the online adventure games. Build your favorite fantasy adventure with Jerkdolls, and you won’t need to roll to see if you get that maiden off, because you’ll watch her cum all over the place.

Most Popular Characters Being Played

Sex Is The Adventure

Making the sex wild and adventurous for you and your partner, or partners, is often the goal to keep things interesting. Not that just a good solid fuck at home isn’t great, but maybe a trip to your local park or other outdoor space wouldn’t hurt to spice things up. Some fucking off in the bushes of the golf course closest to your house, utilizing all of that natural space for another type of shoving balls into holes. You can even yell, “FOUR!”, when your cumming to keep in the spirit of the game. There are so many ways to keep the sex adventurous, and sometimes a little bit of that public sex, but not in front of the public can keep it fiery and passionate. You can go to the lookout spot overlooking the whole city, and fuck like you used to as a teenager, but with a lot more prowess.

Bringing the experience of age and more fucking that you’ve done since your youth to the table as you bend your partner over the car and play with her clit with one hand as you fuck her hard and deep. Maybe some reverse cowgirl laying on the hood of your vehicle so you can both see the view as you cum together under the stars. The options are plentiful as to where you can plow your partner, and as long as they’re game you won’t have any problem making even more of an adventure out of sex. If it’s being more in the public eye will light the fire between you, then finding a dark movie theatre to fuck in is available. Get to the back row, and try to aim for either the first show of the day, when there aren’t many people there, or last show, of some movie that’s not very popular. Keep an eye out for the attendant, so no one ruins your adventurous sexy time. The adventure will be the sex, and the place will just add some spice to it.

Screenshots From Inside The Game

When Death Is Possible The Orgasm Is More Intense

Being in the extreme adventure fucking scene just leads to the intense pussy and ass pounding action at every turn, no matter how dangerous it seems.

The Wildest Times Online

Sexual adventures are the stories that usually keep us riveted to our seats. Tales of daring-do fucking, as the possibility of getting caught always rests right on the edge of the story, excite us, and inspire us, to lead more adventurous sex lives ourselves. Sometimes it’s just the activity, or location, encompassing the sex, that adds that extra electricity to the story. Other times it’s the actual sex itself that’s adventurous, with all parties included trying new things for the first time, or teaching someone something erotically charged about themselves. Sexual discovery can be one of the greatest adventures we ever embark on, and at times it’s in the middle of the act itself that we find some inner erotic truth about ourselves. Your lover’s hand wanders close to your throat mid coitus and you find yourself placing it around your own windpipe and asking them gently choke you. Butt cheeks are slapping against your partner’s hips, and you’re enjoying the impact, so you tell them to spank you.

Doorways being opened into the further realms of sex. To the places that have been deemed taboo, and are surely not talked about in any classes or homes. Unless you happened to have had an extremely sexually enlightened family, which kudos to you if that is true. Most of us discovered these adventurous tidbits about ourselves through watching porn, or engaging in sex and haphazardly stumbling upon something we enjoyed. Others had more experienced lovers to show them the ropes with a bit more intensity, possibly making sexually adventurous suggestions that wouldn’t have occurred otherwise. It’s that first plunge of your cock into another’s ass, or when you were asked to grab their hair and push your cock farther down their throat. Those special discoveries, that let you know sex could be a wild and everchanging adventure, if you’re willing to be open to it.

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