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Let Your Mind Wander

There's nothing wrong with little the brain go ahead on a little empty path searching: lord knows that if you want to play these mind games we've got inside, you're going to have to get used to the idea! If you haven't already figured it out, we've been in the business of creating adult games for quite some time now and there has literally never been a better time for you to come on in to the mix and sample our wares for yourself. Rest assured knowing that we've looked at what the competition has and they're absolutely pulling your leg if they think the games they have are even worth loading up!

Jerk Dolls' full suite of mind control titles are the industry standard and you'll soon realize once inside that we're leaps and bounds ahead of the other platforms. It's easier done than said when you're as good as us – but no, really, you have to play our games and sample the wares for yourself. We can only peddle and soft sell until you actually pull the trigger and go for the full-on hypno experience!

A word of warning before you do come to the dark side: we're not responsible for any actions or choices that you make while under the influence of our games. You agree that the AI hypnosis you come across is engaged in entirely voluntarily and if you decide to spend 12 hours jerking off your cock as a result of your decisions, you cannot blame us for the friction burns on your shaft. Now we've never had someone spend half a day wanking to our games – at least, not to our knowledge – but that doesn't mean we won't at some point. The lawyers didn't tell us to put that in, but we think it is a good idea to err on the side of caution when you consider just how crazy some of these mind control games can be. Some folks can't hack it – that's just a straight-up fact!

The Anime Sissy Submissive

A good hentai slut always has a cock between her legs and a forced feminization agenda.

Busty Lady Boss Hypnosis

It's about time for you to finish up your shift: you're the only one left in the office, save for the boss lady who has been giving you a little bit of grief over the last few weeks. Just before you decide to head out the door, she calls you into her office and closes the blinds. There's no real need for privacy, you think, since no one else is in the office – just what is she playing at? After sitting down, she unbuttons her shirt and starts to talk in a cadence and rhythm that absolutely spellbinds you.

You can't help but look at her necklace, resting between her two magnificent tits. You tend to shrug off any bother that she gives you, merely because she has two cracking boobies that you think of while jerking off non-stop. Your mind begins to wonder and soon enough, she unbuttons another layer of her shirt. It's close to coming off and you're powerless to resist – just how has she managed to gain this much control over you? It defies belief, but somehow it's managed to happen: all you can do is sit back and go on the adventure that she wants you to partake in. You're not too sure what the end result will be, but to be perfectly honest, you're not so bothered about the circumstances you find yourself in.

She soon comes over to your seat, breasts fully exposed at this point: either one is placed at the side of your face and they're essentially surrounding you as she pulls out your cock and starts to massage it. You're frozen solid, but the feeling of warmth that these massive tits give off end up making you incredibly hard downstairs. She's working your cock and before you know it, riding up and down on your shaft, all while you struggle to speak or do much of anything. Did she put you under some form of mind control? What a naughty boss!

Greatest Moments Captured Inside

Hitchhiker Pays Her Way

Driving a big truck is fun: you get to explore the open road, keep to yourself and generally have a great time exploring the country. On occasion, you'll decide to pick up a hitchhiker, simply because you like to give back and most people are friendly. One day, you spot what you'd consider to be the holy grail: a tight piece of blonde meat on a pretty baron road that's begging to be picked up. She's tiny and dressed like a real whore too!

This is an easy target for you – especially since you've been practicing your mind control techniques for the last few months and are finally ready to put them to the test. She doesn't seem all that response at first to your general chit chat, so you decide to pull over, look her straight in the eyes and then finally, you click your fingers together: she's under.

What would you do if you found yourself in a situation where a barley legal brat is before you, completely entranced and without any way to resist your advances? This hypnotized fuck pig is free use, so go ahead and utilize those holes however you wish: what's she going to do, say 'no'? It might seems strange, creepy and unethical – don't worry, it's all of those things! The good news is that you won't be caught, so you can do whatever you want to her without a care in the world. Three holes and a chunk of time – play this game and discover just how far you'll go when pushing a petite bimbo to breaking point. Just make sure that once you're done, you at least drop her off at the next gas station – that way, some of the other truckers can have a little fun with her!

Most Popular Characters Being Played

Sissy Mind Control Titles

We've got a number of different titles at Jerk Dolls and they cover a number of niches: one of the biggest ones we find demand for is sissy mind control. For those who aren't too familiar with the concept, it basically involves being entranced into a state where you want nothing but to become a woman and, if you reach peak levels, actually feel like you've reached the other side. Plenty of little boys with pathetic cocks get off to the idea of being forced into a feminization dynamic – if that sounds like something you can endure, perhaps it's a good idea to check out the games we have and play some that fit within this scope!

Jerk Dolls has a long and lengthy history when it comes to games under the mind control category: our sissy hypno is the best in the business! It's a real treat that you won't find much competition for anywhere else on the Internet. It really is an excellent place to come if you want to dip down into your deepest, darkest desires that involve transitioning over to another gender. What's stopping you? Submit and become the perfect woman – you know it makes sense!

Some of the titles in our sissy mind control catalogue also allow you to take on the position of someone who convinces another individual to transition. You have the option to pick many different storylines and relationships – all of which end with you fucking the ass of the person you've turned into a sissy. They might put up a bit of a fight to begin with, but they'll soon realize the best thing they can do is become a boy for the pleasure of everyone else. We have someone on our team who's known around the world for the crazy production quality they put into these forced hypno releases – pretty fucking hot if you ask us.

Screenshots From Inside The Game

Learn To Suck Cock!

Mind control means putting you into uncomfortable situations – can you handle the blowjob onslaught?

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Jerk Dolls is always working to improve our website as well as our projects: that's why we constantly ask people who visit here to give us information pertaining to our games and whether or not they actually like them. We have numerous systems in place for you to offer your opinion, with the most appropriate being our official forums and Discord server. These are great places to inform the developers and artists of what you like and dislike about various titles. We get all over the feedback to make sure we're going in the right direction and use it as a signaling tool so that we can continue to pump out the best smutty gaming known to man. It's also particularly important when it comes to areas like mind control games, since not everyone wants the same thing. A fresh set of eyes generally gives us a new perspective and angle that we didn't think of – you'd be amazed at just how good the outcomes can be if you make the right decisions in this regard!

What's more, games that you've already played aren't 'complete' in the tradition sense: why they can be played to completion, we can always go back and make changes if you think something's wrong or should be fixed. A lot of our titles also receive brand new content every couple of years, breathing a fresh dose of oxygen into them so that guys and gals go back to play that which we've worked so hard to create.

Now then: how comes you haven't already signed up to Jerk Dolls in order to get access to our database? You know it makes sense! In just a minute or so, you could be looking at over a dozen of the world's best kinky titles in the hypnosis realm. These truly are some special publications that you have to see to believe! Thanks for coming along: now create your account and get that mind control gaming goodness you've always dreamed of.

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