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An All-New Erotic World

Lots of games out there on the market are fun, but for many of them, they remove that sense of primal lust that exists. Part of what we're looking to do here in our erotic category is really signal that there's nothing wrong with having a passionate sexual experience with someone you care about! Empty sex can be fun, but fucking for a reason is the best thing in existence, bar none. So with that in mind, I want to introduce you to Jerk Dolls and, secondarily, our small – but growing – collection of games that are focused around sensual engagements.

You'll probably notice early on that we look at a hell of a lot of niches: this is just one arm of our development team and while we have other great options for you to check out, this is very much our pride and joy. You'd be amazed at just how much fun the developers have when it comes to thinking up new and exciting ideas for XXX titles with a kinky twist. So yeah – if you want to learn about our erotic porn gaming collection, I highly recommend that you look through everything below. I'll take you on a journey and explain it all to you in due time!

Jerk Dolls has always been proud of our community and having new people come along to join the party. That's why I'm happy to offer you free access to our gaming database – if you want it! We can't promise that you'll love what's inside, but to be perfectly honest with you, we've seen what the other sites have and yeah – it's garbage compared to the XXX offerings here on Jerk Dolls. We're well budgeted and the boss knows what he's doing, so the end result is happy employees that make the most erotic sex games around! Now then: let's get deeper into this and talk about the JD difference.

Sensual XXX Bliss

Take your porn gaming to the next level with these character rich, emotionally charged games.

A Graphical Quality Focus

Humans are inherently visual creatures: that's why we rely on sight for so much in life – especially when it comes to getting down and dirty in the bedroom! Since day one, Jerk Dolls knew that quality was going to be our major focus: the games have to look good or the punters aren't going to be happy! We must confess that it was a difficult choice at first, but after we learned to love the Unity Engine, we've never looked back. Compare the average quality of the game you'll find here to any other platform: it's a night and day difference. They're stuck in the stone age and it really shows.

Hell, if you go back even further, you'll realize that in the 2000s, the only porn games around were on Newgrounds and they offered little for those who are stimulated visually. Games in general have excelled in this domain over the last decade, but we're excited at the opportunity it has brought to the adult market. Never again will gamers feel like they're being short changed and given the shitty end of the stick! JerkDolls has a game for everyone: we'll all going to make it, bros.

I also think it's probably worth pointing out that all of the games inside Jerk Dolls have adaptive quality control turned on by default. What does this mean, exactly? Well, if you connect to our games with a lower end PC, it doesn't mean that you're going to miss out on the fun! We need to keep everyone satisfied, even if they happen to be connecting on a PC that is far below what their peers might have. Our data suggests that only around 16% of users have this adaptive quality feature on for a sustained period of time, but when it is activated, the difference should be night and day!

Greatest Moments Captured Inside

Some Seriously Sensual Gaming

You head to a bar in Sydney, the capital of Australia with your best friend. After a few drinks, he decides that it's time to head on home – he has work in the morning. You, on the other hand, feel like sticking around, since there are some pretty sexy babes in the mix and they're all letting things get a little wild. Soon after your friend bounces, you decide to grab your coat and head to a new area of the bar, only to realize that sitting next to it is a gorgeous girl in a cute dress who's all by herself. It doesn't take long for her to get talking to you and wow – is she confident! Eventually, you sit down next to her and things instantly click.

You two feel like you've already fallen in love, even though you've only known each other for a couple of hours. You eventually summon the courage to go in for a kiss and well, let's just say that she isn't holding back. The loudness of the music eventually starts to take its toll: how about you grab a hotel room and show this broad that you're able to fuck like an absolute trooper? She's game as fuck and there's a place just over the road – so you both get on over there and you book out the penthouse suite. Sure, it's a little pricey, but if you want to impress and truly have a sensual experience, you might as well opt for the cream of the crop, right?

This is one of the themes in a game we have and well, the dialog and gameplay choices you have are incredibly hot. It's a fantastic title to replay and experience from different angles, with different sexual choices being available to you depending on which path you go down. Like I said, we have some truly sensual releases that'll make you cum time and time again!

Most Popular Characters Being Played

A Sibling Love Story

Got a taste for incest? Wouldn't mind having a step sister for a lover? Well then – you'll be pleased to know that we also have games in this neck of the woods that are bound to cater to your specific sexual proclivities. Jerk Dolls thinks that it's imperative anyone, regardless of their wants or desires, is able to get their hands on the best gaming experience possible, even if that does involve publishing some pretty taboo erotic games.

We're not here to judge, especially since we focus on the fantasy and the lust: plus, no family members were harmed in the making of these games! While we might dream all day and all night about growing up with a sexy step sister, that sadly wasn't the case. When most gamers decide to just use their imaginations as they jerk off thinking about this, we step things up a notch and let you live through the sensual incest gaming experience with a first-hand account of how it would go down. Do you love your sister enough to fuck her hard and fast? Do you want to give this sexy slut a hot creampie while your parents are watching TV downstairs? The choice is all yours, friend – enjoy our incest games any way you see fit.

Please note that for games that receive a lot of attention and feedback from gamers, we often add new patches and content updates for so that they can enjoy even more of the same great experience. Just by playing games for a long period of time, you assist us in making sure that we get to the bottom of everything without there being any concerns or problems. Put simply, keep trucking on and we'll be sure to deliver the hottest sensual games directly to your computer!

Screenshots From Inside The Game

Next Generation Graphics

Jerk Dolls uses the best engines around for supreme graphical quality. Our games are super gorgeous!

Feedback Gets Us Horny

Look: we're not going to pretend for a minute that we're perfect and honestly, we constantly need reminding from our fans of what they're here for and what the team can do to make sure that Jerk Dolls is the very best spot on the Internet for porn gaming. Our erotic games are some of the hottest around because we take advice on and use it productively. This essentially means that we welcome feedback – both positive and negative – from the gamers out there that utilize our platform. With that in mind, we'd really like to encourage anyone who signs up here to spend a little time telling us what they felt about the various games we have in stock. Other hack developers think they know everything and proclaim to be fantastic, even though the gamers themselves are very much skeptical of such announcements. Sure, we might take a lot of pride in our work, but that's just because the team at Jerk Dolls works with the community to get everything running real smooth.

Jerk Dolls also has an extensive community platform that allows you to talk to us through the official forums and Discord server. You can even chat with other people about your favorite games and provide advice – or get some yourself – on how to go about playing these games. None are particularly difficult, but it's easy to get stuck on one section – especially when you're the type of gamer that only has one hand available (no, we don't have a lot of disabled gamers, but plenty of dudes that jerk off while they play!).

That's just about everything I need to discuss here: thank you so much for reading into Jerk Dolls and I hope to see you on the other side. We'll never stop pumping out the world's best games themed around erotic engagements if you want to continue to play them. Cheers and have a great XXX gaming session!

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