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A Stellar MLP Collection

We've scoured the Internet to find anyone who's capable of providing a good gaming experience in this niche and while there are plenty of mainstream titles, very little exists when it comes to adult-related releases. As a result, Jerk Dolls is going to work overtime to provide you with exactly what you seek: a sexy collection of adult games that are bound to have you shooting ropes over and over again.

The core function here is to show you that if you want MLP games – all with a pornographic focus – we're going to give them to you! When the market is unable to provide, JD will step in and show that we're the best damn platform around for horny gamers that want to combine their two favorite interests: jerking off and gaming. It hasn't been the easiest thing to do, but we're confident pretty much no one else can send you a link to a better hub for porn-themed gaming bliss. Want to put it to the test? Be our guest! Just make sure your cock is ready for the challenge.

We've always looked for ways to provide our gamers with the best of the best: this is why when we say a lack of games in this genre on the market, we had to step up to the task at hand. The demand for MLP games is somewhat limited, but there are plenty of clop clop fans online that are willing to do pretty much anything to get something in this genre. As a result, we're excited to be able to give you that which you seek: a full array of pornographic games with My Little Pony as the focus. I must stress – signing up to Jerk Dolls is completely free of charge, so it makes a hell of a lot of sense to get in as soon as possible! We'll hook you up with a collection unlike anything you've seen before and well, let's just say that your cock wont' be resting any time soon!

Picture Perfect MLP Parody

Getting My Little Pony parody content these days is tough – especially if you want a gaming adult focus!

A World Of Quality

My Little Pony porn games can often suffer when it comes to their overall visual quality: that's something we wanted to fix by giving you games that look the part and feel true to the original franchise. Jerk Dolls has a bit of a reputation when it comes to giving folks access to games that look beautiful. We're confident you'll be charmed by the visual aesthetic here and as a result, we've decided to show off what you get inside straight from the get go. Take a quick look at the tour and you'll see what we mean.

This is big business for us and we take a great deal of pride in having the best looking games across a wide variety of genres! We're about a lot more than just romance releases and dating simulators: give us the challenge of creating world-class MLP smut and you'd better believe that we're going to step up to the plate. It should send ripples and shockwaves through the industry, but the sooner everyone is able to catch up to us and our ability to adapt, the sooner this realm of smut gets even better. Think you've got what it takes to handle access to our smooth array of porn games? We sure hope so!

We'd also like to point out that the quality you'll find in the games we provide is entirely adaptive: this means that if you connect to our games with a machine that's less than modern, you'll still be able to enjoy what we have without too much of a problem. We insist on being able to give you great gaming experiences, even if you happen to have a pretty dated PC. Jerk Dolls understands that not everyone is fortunate enough for a 3000 series GPU – don't worry, we've got your back through thick and thin!

Greatest Moments Captured Inside

Regular New Releases

Giving people access to great MLP content shouldn't be that difficult, right? Well, you'd be amazed at how many people seem to think that this line of work is impossible to involve themselves in. While we have a great database of games, we also want to stress that we love to publish new games so that you can feel like we're giving you access to the very best out there. It shouldn't be rocket science to have a great base of games and then offer more as and when required.

Jerk Dolls wants to prevent people from leaving with one simple trick: regularly give them new titles to come back for! We have quite a large development budget, as well as a team that's more than capable of living up to the tasks that we provide them. Alas, we'll still only publish games if they're truly ready to be given to the masses – that's where you come in!

See, in our effort to make Jerk Dolls as stellar as possible, we've decided to have a great opt-in beta feature that gives you the ability to test all of the games we have if you so desire. It's a terrific system that gives a lot of incentive for you to try out what it is we have without needing any special permissions. Note that the MLP porn titles we have in our beta library are exactly that: beta! They're not finished games, so please – play them and understand that your job is to test and to help us make them as good as they can be. The more details and information we get from the players, the easier it is for us to make improvements to them and yeah, we want to ensure we've got the best damn array of MLP porn games on the Internet!

Most Popular Characters Being Played

A Great Gameplay Experience

Our games look the part, and you get plenty of them – but are they any good to actually play? We like to think so, and based on what our gamers have told us, they agree! Jerk Dolls is in a really special place right now, and we're excited to be able to show everyone that our team is in the best of health when it comes to creating games that are engaging and fun to play.

We won't bow out to pressure to put sub-par releases out there just so there's something to play – quite the opposite, in fact. We understand that salvation is met when you truly have a collection of “My Little Pony” MLP games that are interesting and engaging. We've also recruited some very special experts in various fields who have a full understanding of game creation to master the content and make the games we have as special as possible. One such feature I want to discuss is our ability to simulate voices with input data – let me explain!

When creating a parody of My Little Pony for a porn game release, you can't exactly go to the original voice actors and get them to do lines for you. Well, we've got the technology to make that requirement a non-fact! How do we do it, exactly? Well, we feed in thousands of lines from your favorite characters to a special machine learning tool and then it works out how to pronounce and say pretty much anything in the accent and cadence of the character we want. The results for MLP were actually far better than expected – that's what you get with crystal clear speech like the original series provides us with! So while not for everyone, we do have voice lines available if you want to hear the characters talk – it's really cool.

Screenshots From Inside The Game

Community Focused Platform

We're very much about the community here on Jerk Dolls. Join other bronies and discuss clop clop all day long!

A Great Porn Gaming Community

Jerk Dolls has what we'd consider to be the best gaming community on the Internet. We understand that this is particularly important for bronies too: you clop clop addicts are a special bunch and we want to provide what we can for you so that you feel more than welcome here on Jerk Dolls. The official forums has a full sub-section devoted to MLP, with dozens of sub-forums and threads for you to talk about and discuss whatever it is that you want.">

A lot of porn sharing and rule 34 goes on here, so if you happen to have a cache of clips or images that you want to share, this is probably the place to go! The forums also have other areas for other topics too, such as blender renders, general porn discussion, gaming tips and so on. It's a neat place to be – check it out when you're inside and see what we're doing different to the other places!

Alongside that is a Discord server, which we absolutely love and understand to essentially be a core feature for any gaming addict. There are so many places here for you to engage with others and talk about literally anything you could possibly want. We've devoted a lot of time and effort to making our Discord accessible and additionally, it's a great place to provide feedback and talk directly to the artists and developers that work on the games you love. Don't be afraid to ask questions here in the MLP sections we have – you're bound to get answers!

Okay friend: I cannot write for too much longer about how cool and amazing Jerk Dolls is. I think the better thing to do here is to prompt you to sign up and see with your own two eyes what we're capable of providing. So with that in mind, why not create your account right now and join the best damn website for XXX gaming? You know you want to!

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