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A Commitment To Perfection

Hey there, welcome to Jerk Dolls – the Internet's most loved solution for horny gamers that want to jerk off while they game. Today, I'm going to spill the beans on what makes our APK selection the best in the business and hopefully, convince you that you should sign up if you want to have the very best adult gaming experience known to man. We've produced some of the hottest releases around and I'm excited to expand on the future of our community. The lord knows that when it comes to getting hot XXX gaming bliss, no one does it better than us.

We're desperate to show as many dudes out there as possible just what we're capable of too. The theme here is sexual pleasure and we'll stop at nothing until you've given exactly that. So please – forget about wasting your time on spots that aren't capable of giving you what you want. Jerk Dolls is the true source of all gaming perfection in the adult space and our APK range is going to make you shoot thick ropes time and time again. It's majestic stuff – I just hope that you see that before it's too late!

One thing to realize about Jerk Dolls is that we don't play by the rules. It's in our DNA and instinct to go one step further and make bold choices. Sometimes, these can mean that we fall flat on our faces. Other times, it exposes the failures of the other spots out there to give you great gaming fun. At the end of the day, we want to explore the hottest – and most cum-inducing – ways to provide you with great gaming fun. Our fans deserve the cream of the crop and we're not going to stop until they get it. Like what you hear so far? Then sign up to the APK database you've been wanting – you know it makes sense!

World-Class APK Gaming

Put down the rival URLs: Jerk Dolls is the one and only source of XXX games you'll ever need!

The Perfect Storylines

You wake up on your father's private jet, with your mother and two step-sisters on the same route. You come from a rich family, but having a very limited level of sexual experience with others means that you lack confidence, even though you're handsome, pretty smart and capable of making girls cum if you put your mind to it. After gathering your head for a few seconds, you then decide that it's time to explore your surroundings. The time is around 1:30 a.m. from where you came – let's just say that aside from the pilot, everyone else is sleeping.

This is a perfect time to go snooping and if you're lucky, to score some panties! Turns out that you have a sick and twisted incest fetish: all three of the family members in your life make you super horny and you want to fuck them over and over again. Sadly, the best you can do is jerking off into their thongs and giving them a quick wash before stuffing them into the washing machine. You do this for one reason: your cock would be rock solid all day long if you didn't get the release you wanted!

This is an example plot from one of our games – it's also one of the more popular ones that we have. In the adventure, you'll undertake a number of decisions and choices which will mold and shape the outcomes of everything that happens. Some paths will prioritize relationships with certain characters, whereas others will make some completely ignore you. There's plenty of replay value here and it's great for your average incest addict that wants to enjoy some seriously sexual, family-focused fucking. The APK range of games just keeps getting better and better! Make sure you're ready to bust before it's too late and remember that you can always replay the game if you want to explore different avenues!

Greatest Moments Captured Inside

Stellar Graphical Focus

One of the things that makes our APK games so damn great is that they look absolutely sublime. We're talking about cutting edge graphics that will blow your mind – as well as your load. The team knew from the inception of the platform that we'd want to invest heavily into making our games look and function as well as possible. One thing that has been seriously lacking over the last few years in games is visual quality.

Look we're not saying that APK titles can't just be good by their mechanics, style, writing and so on, but let's just be real for a minute: if any genre of game is graphic dependent, it's going to be adult ones. This created a weird situation for gamers, since so many of the options out there on the market were far below expectations and didn't really cut the salad as it was supposed to be cut (is that a saying? I think it is).

This naturally doesn't apply to Jerk Dolls: you can likely tell by looking around here that we take the idea of APK graphics in all of our games incredibly seriously. It wasn't the easiest thing in the world to guarantee, but if we have to go down the complex road in order to get the results we want, is there really harm in doing that? Comparisons demonstrate that users really do prefer our high quality games with a big focus on graphics too, so we'll continue to work on making every game look as stunning as possible. When you land at Jerk Dolls, you can be pretty damn sure that our APK sex games are going to make you cum time and time again. We'll extract that seed one way or another – don't you worry!

Most Popular Characters Being Played

Fun Gameplay Environment

If you thought that we were a one trick pony outfit with a good looking collection of games and nothing else: think again! Jerk Dolls is insanely committed to this idea of dishing out the very best in gameplay action too. The central principle here is one that we think more adult producers should adopt: if someone wouldn't play this game without the porn, then the game is bad and you should rethink your title! Don't get us wrong: porn is fun and it should be a reward mechanism for anything that you do, but if the gameplay isn't something you gel with, why would you even bother to play the game in the first place?

You might as well just go ahead and watch adult entertainment direction. It's not like there's any short of porn video streaming services out there on the Internet that would have no issues taking your visitors. So, with that concept in mind, Jerk Dolls is very much of the opinion that we should gift gamers with good looking releases that look great but play really damn well too. We're transparent with our choices a lot of the time too: sometimes you have to make sacrifices to get what you want.

Now something that we also ought to stress is that there is no one Universal gameplay style here: we offer titles that range across a multitude of themes and concepts so that you're not locked into any one style of gaming. There's variety and that's for a good reason: horny gamers online want to be able to try as many games as possible, because if you only have a few and they don't like them, you better believe other destinations are going to get that APK traffic. Jerk Dolls doesn't want to become a second-rate hub that you visit when nothing else will do: everyone's first choice should be us and if it isn't, we're doing something wrong!

Screenshots From Inside The Game

Full Community Features

Our focus on the community is great for gamers who love interactive experiences. Sign up today!

Stellar Community Approach

Jerk Dolls operates as in independent producer of the games that we publish: this means that no matter how hard you try, you cannot find the APK titles here anywhere else. We want to keep exclusive control over the games we provide and don't want to risk any other publisher messing with our vibe: especially when we're known for going above and beyond for our gamers. So, in short, if you want to get a slice of the Jerk Dolls collection, you're going to need to create an account!

Don't worry: this is totally free and comes with a bunch of amazing features. Alongside the hundreds of games that you'll be able to enjoy, we also have an official community forum area that's great for shooting the shit and chatting with other gamers. You can also use the feedback area to let us know what's hot – and what's not – about the various games we provide. Your responses and information are incredibly important to us and we'll go as hard as possible to get as much feedback as possible from you if we can.

Jerk Dolls is also in possession of an incredibly large Discord server, with dozens of rooms that categorize your discussion into different themes and ideas. This is good for immediately chatting with other gamers and getting an idea of how to be the best at the games we have in stock. The team is also looking to expand into the world of speedrunning and rewards for those who show themselves to be the absolute best. You don't need to compete if you don't want to, but there will be a bunch of prizes every month for the kings of Jerk Dolls!

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