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Coed Babes Get Wild

Heading off to college is a time of exploration. You’re finally away from home, and there are so many hot and interesting people that you’re getting to meet. Everyone has cool things to stay, your classes are actually educational, and the parties are some of the wildest you’ve ever been to. Everyone seems to be discovering so many new things about themselves, and you don’t want to miss the boat of self-discovery. The next time you end up being offered to play some party sex games you decide to stick around.

Truth or Dare doesn’t seem to have escaped college, but the stakes seem to get a little more intense. The next thing you know you’re telling the four others around you about how you’ve always wanted to have sex with another woman. Right around the corner comes the dare to start making out with the sexy lady Lisa sitting right across from you. You’re nervous, but you want to look cool, so you start off by slowly kissing Lisa, and that ends up with the two of you rolling around on the floor making out. Before you even realize what you’re doing you’ve got Lisa’s tits out of her shirt and are starting to suck on the nipples and play with them, while Lisa’s left hand has starting heading into your panties.

Her fingers start to fuck your pussy, and you kiss and suck harder on those massive tits. The whole group has stopped playing the game and is just watching the two of you go at it. Your not even thinking about them anymore, because this hot college slut is getting you off, and you’re about to cum. Moaning loudly you squirt all over her hand, and Lisa heads down to slowly lick your clit and taste your cunt. Best game of truth or dare you’ve ever played, and this party has made it to the top of your list.

Teach Me Something

This hot classroom setting will be all about the extra cock for extra credit, the moment class is out, real teaching begins.

When You’re In College You’ll Try Anything

It’s true that college brings out the wild desires in a lot of people. You’re in a whole new world of people and adventures, and that also translates to sexual experiences. The dating pool has grown much wider, and you’re discovering that casual sex is something actual attainable. Not every fuck needs to end in a long relationship. It’s college, and the rules have all changed. You meet an incredibly hot lady that is the top runner on the women’s track team. Her body is a finely tuned machine of muscles and sex.

Not to mention that her eyes are a sparkling green, that just shimmers from that mane of midnight black hair and olive skin. Along with being just an all-around babe, this woman is also somewhat exotic for you. Coming from the country of Greece, she’s finishing up her 4th year of college abroad, and thinks that your downhome cornfed look is the exotic thing. Both of you make conversation for a while, and then finally this babe takes you hand and leads you towards her dorm room. Her roommates are gone for the weekend upstate, so it won’t matter if you come over for a bit. Once you get back to this dirty slut’s room, you quickly learn what she has in mind.

Clothing comes off, and as she’s sucking on your incredibly thankful hard cock, she looks you in the eyes and utters some words you’ve never heard before. “I want you to cum in my ass.” Is what you hear, and that makes your dick even harder. Next thing you know, you’re bending that incredibly toned ass over the bed and slowly sliding your cock inside of it. You’ve never fucked anything so tight before, but as her moans increase, that ass starts to loosen up and gape for your cock. The cries for your cum get louder, and as this slutty track stars eyes roll back in her head, you fill that ass up with cum. College life is turning out to be truly amazing.

Greatest Moments Captured Inside

Who Wants To Go To School

Once you learn about all of the nasty hot sex that people get up to in college, everyone wants to go. It sounds like a twenty-four-hour orgy that only stops for food, booze, and an eventual diploma. This is the place where getting to know yourself, and many others, sexually is not only invited, it’s encouraged. Sure, it’s not going to be on any of your class curriculums, but the rest of the student body will gladly verify it for you. Everyone has come to get their degrees, try to figure out some direction in life, and to discover some things about themselves.

If someone was ostracized and teased for being a slut in high school, they’re welcomed with open arms into all of the college action that awaits them. Maybe you were the shy wallflower in high school that didn’t know how to approach the hotties that entered you wet dreams every night. That doesn’t mean you can’t be a total sexual stud in college. There will be someone that wants to show you the ropes of college life, and they might even want to show you the ropes around the bedroom. Your naivete will be somebody’s cup of sensual tea, and they might find a reason to have tea-time all the time.

The wide range of desires you’ll run into, if you’re open to them, will evolve your world into slew of sexual adventures you only used to read about in your dad’s Penthouse stories. It’ll be worth it to get away from home and really explore yourself, and so many others. The college women and men will be at varying degrees of sexual experience, and there will be someone for everyone, if you’re open to new experiences. If you’re lacking in ideas as to what you can get up to at college, then check out some of the incredible coed porn out there. So many hot tight bodies just waiting to learn the carnal knowledge that won’t come from any books, unless it’s got the title Kama Sutra on the front.

Most Popular Characters Being Played

Office Hours Mean Fucking Hours

Hot for teacher isn’t just a song, and you know it. All of us have had those moments in a classroom where you really want that smoking hot intellectual teaching your class to drop the chalk one more time so you can learn her curves a little better. When she talks to you it feels like she always pushes her breasts forward towards your face, and even more so when she makes her way to your desk to ask you to stop whispering to your neighbor.

Were you whispering? You don’t remember talking to anyone. Your friend behind you kicks your chair to get your attention, and then you see them mouth the words, “She wants you.” No way. That can’t be real. Of course you’d love for it to be true, but she can’t really be that into you. You’re a college student and she’s your hot professor. God, she looks so fucking good in those glasses with her long red hair pulled back in a pony tail, and pencil skirts that fit her tight body so well.

You sit there fantasizing about what you’d like to do to that incredible ass underneath that tight skirt, when all of a sudden you realize that class is over and you missed the homework. Trying to hide your massive erection as you head up to the teacher’s desk, you ask about the homework. Ms. Hot Teacher tells you to come to her office hours and she’ll go over it with you later. Thinking you’re in trouble, you head to your professor’s office at the right time, and she lets you in and locks the door behind you. You’ve been a bad student, and now you’ll have to earn some extra credit. As she bends over the desk and lifts her skirt up, you see shimmering metal butt plug inserted into her ass. What happens next is some of the hottest ass-fucking action ever, and you know you just made up for not paying attention in class.

Screenshots From Inside The Game

Party Fucking

Everyone has ridden a train, but now that this slut is at college she’s going to have one ridden on her.

Making The Grade

What would you do to make that grade in the class you know you’ll never be good at, but that you have to pass to graduate. Well, you’d probably do just about anything. Especially if the teacher of your class is a stone-cold fox that gives you a good eye-fucking every time they see you. It’s college, and you’re both adults, so it’s not outside of acceptable to hang-out after hours at the local watering hole. Drinks start to loosen everyone up. Some fun flirty games of pool happen between the two of you, and then another round of shots is ordered, and you decide they’re going to be body shots.

Having your professor drink a shot from between your perky tits gets you both really excited. He leans in and whispers in your ear that you should follow him to the bathroom. That’s when you know the night is going well. When you get to the bathroom you both go into a stall, and he asks you how you like his class. You let him know you’d do just about anything to get a passing grade in class. His dick is out of his pants, and as hard as a rock as you drop down on your knees and begin to gargle his cock.

Besides getting a better grade, you’ve been wanting this dick for a long time. Not able to hold back anymore you get up off your knees and face the door as you tell him to ram that cock as deep as he can into your pussy. The whole bathroom shakes with how hardcore you guys fuck, and you take the sweet hot loads of his cum deep inside you. As they’re dripping out you stick your fingers down there and lick up some of your professor’s sweet juices. You look him in the eyes and say, “I guess I made the grade then.”

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