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There Built For Fucking

The sex robots of the future aren’t that far away anymore. With all of the advances in technology, the lifelike nature of androids has increases exponentially throughout the last ten years. Sex dolls are starting to mimic even more aspects of human men and women. Pussies, cocks, and mouths, are able to get much closer to the feel of the real thing, and now the next step will be machines that respond and react just like another human being would. It’s not to replace having sex with people, but to just add onto the sexual experience of our existence.

The science fiction of yesterday is becoming the reality of today with increasing frequency, and that means evolving in our definitions of sexual experiences. Isaac Asimov, Heinlein, and Clarke, all looked towards this future in their writings. It’s not something that we, as human beings, haven’t been fantasizing about for a long time. It often comes up in movies where the AI begins as just a sex robot for the creator to have fun with as they see fit, but as it gains more intelligence, it also gains resentment of being treated as a sex slave.

We’re still a ways off from that happening, and hopefully we can listen to the authors of yesterday for how we should proceed into the future. Not abusing our creations as they gain more sentience, but engaging them with positive sexual behavior so that if the war between man and machine ever happens, maybe our sex robots will stand up for us. The memories of how they were treated could evolve the compassion software in their CPU’s possibly broker us a peace with the rest of their kind. At the worst, it could lead to much more intense sexual interactions between human and android.

Gape Them Tight Holes

After fighting off the bad guys, this hot babe of a warrior needs to be stuffed with some hard cock until she cums.

All The Right Attachments

So many fun ideas and thoughts reside in the creation of androids when it comes to sex. All of the fun attachments that have already been built, and applied in the realms of robotics, give a great shimmer of hope to the future of fucking. There are already incredible advances in sex technology that’s been applied to vibrators and dildos. Some of them have stimulators for ass attached to the cock that vibrates and varying speeds and can simulate pulsing as well.

The pulsing addition must have a similar feeling to feeling the blood vessels inside of a penis expand and pulse, or the feel of a fleshy hand and arm fisting deep inside of you. Now imagine a more comprehensive sex android. Take the sex dolls of today, and add the electric pulsing attachments to them. Give their mouths the ability to contract and cause suction on whatever you put inside of them, or on top of them. Use cocks that can have controlled speeds of vibration and pulsing attached to them for insertion.

Build out pussies and asses that mimic the feel of gaping a bit larger if the participant fucking them can follow the flow of movements as described in Android Sutra. The options for how far this can go are only limited by what we can imagine, and we’ve been imagining this for a long time now. This isn’t to say that your sex doll is going to start talking dirty to you yet, though you could have a recording play while you fuck them, it wouldn’t be the kind of in the moment response most of us are looking for. We’ve got a good jumpstart on the beginning of sex androids, and if we keep moving forward it’s going to be the robot orgies of the future that come next.

Greatest Moments Captured Inside

Never Gets Tired Of Fucking

As human beings we all eventually get tired. Maybe you’re one of those bedroom athletes that can go for hours at a time without slowing down, but whether you’ve found a partner to match that level of sexual fervor or not is kind of doubtful. You’re in the rare category of superstar fucks that is down for the all-day sex Olympics any time you can get it. Finding the sexy partners to keep up with you is rare, if it even happens at all, and that can grow a bit frustrating when your libido is ready leap tall buildings in a single bound.

The myth is often that it’s just men thinking about sex all of the time, but that has thankfully been debunked throughout pop-culture over the years. Men and women alike can both have extremely powerful sex drives, and for two individuals to find matching levels of desire, without it becoming a seriously destructive relationship, tends to be on the rarer side. What if there were the ability to have a partner at the ready for you anytime you wanted to have a marathon of fucking.

You wouldn’t have to search through your social media rolodex of who might be down for some sex. All you would have to do is come home, turn on your sexy android, and start up the program for the amount of time you’d like to fuck. That doesn’t mean you have to stop immediately once the timer has gone off in the program, because you can just start it back up again. Does it take some of the randomness out of the act of sex? Of course it does. But what it gives you is the ability to actual fulfill your needs and gain a sense of satisfaction. The sex won’t stop until your ready. So fire up that libido, turn on your sex android, and energizer bunny it until you drop.

Most Popular Characters Being Played

Age Of Machine Sex

We’ve all been watching movies and reading books involving sex with robot, androids, and cyborgs for many years now. It’s nothing new, but the reality of it keeps getting closer and closer. Every bit of the fiction part in this fantasy is much closer to actually existing. Men and women are already using plenty of different electric sex machines to enhance their masturbation time, or to bring a little something extra to their sex with other partners.

It’s nothing new to add machines into our sex lives, and has only increased over time. Dildos and vibrators, rabbits, electric butt plug stimulation, and electrodes that actually shock people in sensitive areas, are all in use in the home and sex party scene. It’s only natural that we want to explore what the next level of that looks like. Humans are curious monkeys, and seeking out new ways of pleasuring ourselves and our partners is pretty consistent with how we exist as a species. Unless you believe in the antiquated myth that the female orgasm doesn’t exist, which I pity you if that’s truly how you feel, then stimulating the body in everyway possible is a worthwhile pursuit.

With sex technology constantly evolving, and our ability to fuck ourselves and others with intensified precision and responses, the age of machine sex bodes well for a much more fulfilled species. Machines can help us with some of the burden and stress we put on ourselves, especially when it comes to pleasure our partners. Having the right technological implements that have had their settings explored down to the letter by the person receiving them, will take away a bit of the guessing game around orgasms. That doesn’t mean you have to do it the same way every time, but it doesn’t hurt to know that your helpful electrically charged pal is going to score a win whenever you need them to.

Screenshots From Inside The Game

Girls Are Hornier Than Ever

Hardcore anal action for this girl out of every gamer’s wet dreams as that tight bubble butt takes the biggest dick available again and again.

Do Androids Dream Of Electric Dicks

Your fantasies run to edge of the science fiction world and then topple over into the countless android sex dreams of so many writers that have come before you. You want to know what it’s like to slide your cock into a synthetic vagina, or ass, while the android in front of you perfectly mimics the moans and excitement of another human being. What if you could upload the traits of your favorite porn star into their database.

The voice and moans would be the same ones you’ve masturbated to so many times before. Sex with an android programmed for you ultimate pleasure has some really exciting possible outcomes. Of course, we’re not there yet. There aren’t lifelike robots walking around that you can’t tell whether their human or not. Possible? Sure, it’s possible that in the future we might welcome these sorts of synthetic beings as part of our civilization, but now is not that time. That doesn’t mean the fantasy isn’t real. You still want to fuck an android, even though it’s not quite possible yet.

It’s time to play adult online games and see what kind of fantasies you can actually fulfill. Go to the Jerkdolls adult games site and look up the Android category. Make the hot slutty androids you’ve been dreaming about. You can even make your own character part machine if that gets you excited. Build the robotic orgy of flesh and metal you’ve been wanting to be part of since you discovered The Terminator. You’ll be in control of the gameplay, and the robot sex to come will surely thrill your nerdy science fiction heart, and get that cock cumming all over place. Make sure you move away from your keyboard before you cum, because that’s the machine you’re going to need to keep fucking those android sluts on the screen.

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