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A Modern Gaming Generation

One of the biggest problems you'll find online these days when it comes to hunting down games is that so few places have actually adapted to the needs and wants of the modern punter. Just one look at the technology they use tells you everything you need to know – who would have thought that so few destinations online were actually equipped to handle the demand for HTML titles? Note here that the alternative most hubs ascribe to is Flash: an outdated technology that Google told everyone would be useless and no longer supported like, two years ago.

Still, these so-called adult gaming websites didn't port over their products and now they're left with a steaming pile of rubbish that no device should ever touch! The good news is that Jerk Dolls has you covered in the gaming space if you want a modern approach that delivers world-class porn gaming bliss: let's look at what makes us a cut above the competition.

All of our games have been programmed from the very start with HTML5 in focus: this means that we were well ahead of the pack for the modern generation of porn gaming. Not only is this shift away from Flash to WebGL great for folks that want a modern and safe way to game, but it also offers us a huge array of programming features, tools and graphical options that we simply didn't have back when Flash was around. Remember playing games in the 2000s? So many sites had titles that were just a few minutes long – that's because of the limits that Flash had! Thankfully, our intervention here has meant that you can enjoy a fresh and modern take on porn releases that we produce entirely in-house. That's right: everything you see here is custom made by Jerk Dolls!

Incredible Lifelike Graphics

You've never seen skin and slits like this! Our girls are the most delicious out there.

Our Production Method In Focus

While we weren't forced to create our own games, it made a lot of sense for us to take this approach: especially since we want victory over all the other producers and developers out there! Jerk Dolls is a tight operation with over 20 employees working here full-time to create some of the best HTML titles you've ever seen. Sure, this approach has its trade-offs, but we're confident that the results will speak for themselves and you'll soon be on our side in that regard.

One of the biggest things you'll notice with the non-Flash approach is the simple fact that we have a huge focus on visual quality and on top of that, the ability for our games to run incredibly smooth without any interruptions. Good luck getting a Flash game to operate for more than 5 minutes without encountering a number of bugs, low FPS and everything else that no one wants!

In our spare time, we've also taken the liberty to port over a number of Flash games that we think members of our community will want to play. This is done completely free of charge and is almost a way for us to remember the world of games gone by so that you can truly experience what it was like way back in the day to enjoy XXX games online. It hasn't been an easy trip for this genre, but the way that the industry is looking right now gets us excited for the future.

We prefer being in the HTML camp too: especially after noticing a huge surge in demand for our platform when Flash was finally depreciated by various browsers. All of the spare consumers those other places have can chuck us the players – we'll provide for them and keep them more than happy with our database of amazing games.

Greatest Moments Captured Inside

Graphical Engine Superiority

One of the most exciting things for us when we transitioned to a HTML and WebGL integration was the ability for our rendering team to really dial up the graphics to 11 – all while not taxing the user's GPU or CPU that much. As you can probably imagine, this decision wasn't one that we took lightly: a lot of the guys here had to learn the coding books from start to finish, since they had no sustained experience whatsoever with programming in the language!

Alas, the results speak for themselves and we truly believe that when it comes to the physical attractiveness of games, no Flash platform will ever get close to what we're able to produce. The asset library we've accumulated also makes it highly convenient for us to make changes to existing games and add new ones to our roster with ease: you're in safe hands if you want a HTML game with a porn focus, that's for sure!

While it's all well and good having great graphics, it's also important to make sure that they are able to be accessed by everyone around the world. That's why we've taken important steps to ensure compatibility with relatively dated PCs and even mobile devices. We cannot promise that everything will work, but the vast majority of testing machines we've put together have come out the other side looking absolutely fantastic.

This is because a lot of the rendering work is done by our servers before it's all delivered to you: a relatively new technology and as far as we understand it, this studio is the only one of the planet in the adult space that utilizes this technology. Take a look at the samples you see here: doesn't it just go to show how incredible our HTML games are?

Most Popular Characters Being Played

Lengthy Games On Tap

Another benefit of HTML is that we're able to continue to load assets while you play through the game, with no need for you to go ahead and download everything ahead of time before you actually have a gaming experience. We would have murdered for this technology back when we had dial-up Internet – but it just goes to show you how far Internet access has come over the last few years. We've put a lot of trust into the browser-based access system and so far, everything has come up Millhouse.

This allows us to be very liberal with the size of our games and in addition to that, provide you with a constant stream of data that gets you into the game immediately, followed by downloading assets that you only need when you're actually going to come across that section of the games themselves. Again: it's fresh technology that the other developers out there simply haven't got around to working on. It's a core part of our platform and what really makes Jerk Dolls different to the rest!

Larger game files naturally mean that games can be a lot longer than you could traditionally be used to. Sure, Jerk Dolls has a number of titles that are heavily focused around short-term action and instant erotic gratification, but there will be a few games that require you to wait before you get to the saucy stuff. Everyone has different tastes and preferences when it comes to game speed: we're here to provide regardless of what you want and yeah, the end result is something we're sure a bunch of you will be fawning over in no time at all. We're looking forward to showing you that sometimes, a longer game is the way to go – especially when you're able to unlock all of this HTML potential!

Screenshots From Inside The Game

100% Secure Gaming

Game with confidence with our HTML titles that are accessible via full HTTPS.

Security As A Priority

HTML allows us to make games that are highly secured and second to that, able to convince you of the fact that they're good to go from now until the end of time. WebGL is a framework you can trust that has a decent level of restrictions locally – that means that anyone trying to put anything dodgy on your PC isn't able to do so! Flash lacks in this regard: especially since it no longer receives patches and has been subject to quite a few exploits over the years.

At this stage, we think that every serious game developer should immediately come on over to the bright side – ditch the nonsense of Flash and see for yourself just how incredible the community will become when you're shooting ropes over our delicious gaming collection. Jerk Dolls is in it for the long haul and boy: do we have a bunch of things for you to haul!

It's worth mentioning that the general security here at Jerk Dolls is incredibly robust: we know it's boring because the focus on this place is to just give you game built to be accessible via HTML, but we're passionate about keeping everyone safe online and that's why we're highly skeptical of any outfit that continues to push outdated methods of content access to the masses.

We've also noticed that quite a few porn gaming databases don't even offer HTTPS for their libraries of smut: seems like a completely ridiculous decision if you ask us! Rest assured that from start to finish, your entire interaction with Jerk Dolls will be unlike anything you've ever seen before. Our commitment is to provide you with a great cache of XXX titles that you won't find anywhere else online. So – with that in mind – take a look around and see for yourself just how incredible it is to be a part of the Jerk Dolls project!

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