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Hello there – if you're new to the concept of JerkDolls, you're in for a real treat. See, the premise of this destination is that we provide people with access to the best games around in a number of niches. This particular area is devoted to police porn, so if you happen to be in the market for some cop-themed hardcore entertainment, you're going to have a fantastic time. Jerk Dolls has been in the adult creation space for a number of years now, but we're finally ready to give folks access to our database that is literally devoted to the best hardcore sex and fucking games known to man.

If you're the type of person who likes to sit back in your chair with your cock in your hand while you game, I cannot think of a better destination for you to source your pleasure from! We're always going to be here too, so the arguments we make for signing up are even more compelling. Don't you love a good collection of XXX games themed around hot policewomen? Well, now's your chance to get them!

Make no mistake about it: the aim and purpose of our database is to help you stroke your snake. This was done for the main purpose of giving you express access to the sexual desires you want and, second to that, to assist in the process of making you cum. Our job isn't complete unless you're shooting off hot jets of the good stuff over our police games, so please – get on in and see why we're as good as people say we are. If you'd like to learn more about the platform and all we have to offer, please continue reading down below. Alternatively, create an account and see for yourself why we're the kings of this space.

A Great Community

We have the best gaming community around for horny dudes that love cops! Sign up and see.

A Beautiful Destination

Perhaps one of the most important things to realize about Jerk Dolls and our game creations is the simple fact that we put quality above everything else – especially in the visual department. People who come here are usually surprised from the get go, simply because the games we have are the best of the bunch and look absolutely fantastic on their PC. We're trying to take this industry into a new realm, because as we look through the history of the business, we notice that there's a clear trend toward things not actually looking all that pretty.

It doesn't make all that much sense either when you think about it: porn is all about the visual experience after all, right? So it would a lot of sense if the games actually portrayed stellar graphics that were designed to make you bust a fat nut. We've been very happy to collect the best of the best in this domain, because the people we've hired understand what good 3D art and rendering are all about. Suffice to say that if you're coming here because you like a game that appears beautiful and plays just as well, you're going to be very happy with what you find!

Don't go thinking that our platform is only reserved for people with high-end PCs either: we have adaptive quality technology that senses what your PC is able to handle and then removes background elements and other details that aren't important to keep your framerates high and your temperatures under control. The last thing we want is for you to BSOD because we're destroying your GPU, right? Put simply, no matter what PC you've got – be it completely modern or relatively dated – the technology and gaming experience at Jerk Dolls and its cop games are going to keep you very happy indeed. This is police porn on a whole new level of visual awesomeness!

Greatest Moments Captured Inside

Free Gamer Access

So it turns out that if you look over into the mainstream gaming space, guys and gals are still being scammed by producers of games and to us, that doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Today, we're pleased to announce that Jerk Dolls is giving gamers access to our full cop sex database completely free of charge. We're trying to follow in the footsteps of so many great free projects out there in order to demonstrate that you can still run a successful company even if you happen to give things away.

We think it's an absolute tragedy that so many people are being shortchanged by places that over promise and under deliver. What's great about this free access model afforded to you by Jerk Dolls is that we're capable of giving you what you want and if you don't like it, you've lost nothing! People hate handing over cash and then feeling like they've been swindled: we do too, which is why we opted to go down this path for the future of Jerk Dolls and all of our models of access. It just made the most sense.

The benefit for the gamer here is that we're incredibly incentivized to keep the platform enjoyable and good – if it's not, you just end up going elsewhere and don't bother wasting your time with our collection or community. That's naturally bad for the future of the platform, so we're putting in the hours to make sure we deliver a top notch product that's bound to make you jizz time and time again. We've seen enough people suffering over the last few years to realize that the free model of access to XXX games is the right step forward. Don't you like the sound of having free cop games delivered to your computer? It ought to make you very happy in your special place if you ask us!

Most Popular Characters Being Played

No Downloading Required

Now I know what a lot of you are thinking: there's no way on Earth that this is a legitimate project! They've got to be putting some virus or whatever else onto our PC! Well, as it turns out: Jerk Dolls is played entirely out of your browser and no, we're not using that old and crappy Flash technology. As we look back through the ages of adult gaming online, we realized that there were some serious issues out there with projects that were unable to actually deliver a good experience for one reason or another – the primary one being that they're unable to offer gamers access to titles in a convenient fashion.

I mean really, when you think about it for a second, who wants to download cop games to their PC when it's filled with sex? The risks are too damn high: that's why we've opted to go down the browser access path so that you can play our games on your system without having to have any local files that will incriminate you. The results thus far have been absolutely fantastic and, since we support Chrome, Firefox and Safari, 99% of gamers are having a great time with our releases.

This access model also means that we're able to provide you our games via your mobile device too, with around 50% of our current library being suitable for tap-and-go gaming. As we move forward on the platform, we're looking to ensure that there is at least some mobile port of every game we have available, although some are naturally more difficult to do than others. Of the collection we have in our police sex area, around 70% work flawlessly on your phone – pretty cool, right? Note that this will also work on older mobiles too, since our adaptive quality technology will jump in when it's needed to make sure everything's running smoothly.

Screenshots From Inside The Game

Regular New Releases

We'll add 7 new cop-themed adult games over the next 12 months, plus update our older ones where possible!

An Exclusive Environment

Jerk Dolls is the sole producer and publisher of the games we have inside here: you will not find these porn police games anywhere else on the Internet. This has been done intentionally, because we want to be able to have full control of what we publish and ensure that no one is getting access to our source code – sorry competing platforms, we're not interested in giving you the secret sauce that makes our amazing destination so damn good in the first place! Note that pretty much every game we have is never truly 'finished' either: we don't mean that we release half-complete projects and hope you won't notice.

No, instead, we pledge that if the demand is there, we will add new content and assets to various games if gamers truly want it. The team loves to update what we have – especially games that are fan favorites in the many niches we provide. So while you've got dozens of great cop sex titles coming up over the few years ahead of us, older ones will also be brought into line with our expectations of what a good platform should look like. Let's just say that we're incredibly keen to make this industry a killer one – no if, buts or maybes about it!

I'd also like to touch upon the community element here at Jerk Dolls: we have great games and a lot of stellar gamers too! The official forums are always pumping and if you want to chat with the guys on the Discord server, please go ahead and do exactly that. We're always looking for fresh contributions and the porn channels are great for every addict of adult material. Yes, we have a spot for cop sex – it's terrific!

So, how about you create your free account right now and come see the insides of Jerk Dolls for yourself? You know it makes sense.

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