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A Platform For Both Parties

When you come to a destination that describes itself as being hot on the whole sissy gaming thing, what comes to mind? For many people, they think it's going to be fucking transsexuals in the ass and showing those whores what it's like to take a fat cock up the back door. Others might instead think it's all about feminization, and you're actually going to be brainwashed into becoming a cum whore who wants nothing more than validation from huge cocks. Well, the great news about Jerk Dolls is that we're able to cater for both parties!

Our games are roughly a 50/50 split, and many even come with the ability for you to 'pick your side', as it were, so that you can enjoy it whether you want to fuck a shemale or be treated like a good sissy slut. Yes, we know that this is going to send a lot of you stark crazy – especially when you consider the sheer quantity of smutty games we have. You have been warned ahead of time that your sissy desires are going to be fully exploited by our games: turn around now if you don't want to become a whore for cock.

All of the people who work on our sissy gaming portal have a full understanding of the fetish and know what a good femboy looks like. Regardless of the angle, you're going to go crazy for these dick girls and how well they get fucked. Hell, in some of our games, we even give you the ability to dish out the butt pounding, only it's the sissy cock going inside the dude's hole! Sometimes it's nice to mix things up, right? Otherwise it gets a little too boring if you ask us. Anyhow, just know that anyone with a sissy addiction is going to get the medicine they desire right here at Jerk Dolls. Winning is a complete understatement if you ask us!

Ultimate Sissification Adventure

Become the perfect woman thanks to Jerk Doll's unique collection of sissy gaming treats.

Design Your Perfect Sissy

Imagine for a moment that you've got complete and utter control over how a sissy looks: what would you design them as? Would it be a skinny ebony slut with a big cock who loves to get oiled up and butt fucked? What about a tiny cock Asian boy who can't help but dress up like a maid so that your Eastern desires are fully satisfied? Well, the great thing about Jerk Dolls is that we're able to offer you complete and total customization over a hell of a lot of characters you'll come across in the games we offer.

We think it's incredibly important to allow members of our platform to actually have an input and show the world how hard they've been winning when it comes to taking out their passion on a tight boy pussy. Are we allowed to call them boy pussies? Is that offensive? Woops if it is – otherwise, breed that sissy hole and show the soon-to-be cock addict who's boss! We've spent enough time looking around Twitter and Reddit to have a firm grasp on what the perfect sissy looks like, but that means different things to different people, so why not go down our customization path?

Customization is the name of the game and with our sissy titles, you get a hell of a lot of autonomy over the goodies that result from your actions. What do I mean by this, exactly? Well, you'll be able to decide whether or not you want to dress them up in a particular outfit, select a huge number of body features and even control their voice and personality. Some like a sissy who's a little assertive – others want a bottom boy that's going to bend over and do whatever you ask them to. Hate fuck or passion love making: the quest for ultimate sissy attention is here for you to explore on Jerk Dolls!

Greatest Moments Captured Inside

Become A Woman Inside

Jerk Dolls doesn't just cater for the dudes who want to fill up asses: we also offer a full course of sissy gaming bliss that is custom-made for the curious and transitioning out there that want to venture into the realm of sissification. We're talking about putting together a full package of games that you can play for hours on end, turning you into the perfect cum slut that will do anything to have a cock buried in her holes. Remember that your ultimate quest as a woman is to make man happy: if you're not doing that, something is very much wrong!

We've also got special tools for you to get an audience if you're interested, but that's currently a beta testing feature that we can't reveal too much publicly – you never know who's going to steal our ideas when it comes to giving sissies out there the ultimate erotic thrill! Our games also come with a great deal of control for you to decide just how much you want to give up. The games can practically run themselves and you'll be subjected to humiliating tasks to feminize you, or you can instead have a lot of input and make sure you're treated just how you want to be.

We can't promise that by the time you're done here at Jerk Dolls, you'll be a perfect woman that has every man lusting over her: what we can do is show the dudes out there who are curious what being a woman is like and maybe, just maybe, push them toward that direction. These games are leaps and bounds ahead of any typical sissy hypno that you'd find on a porn tube: so come and get a slice of that mind-blowing gaming fun that's custom made to turn you into a sissy.

Most Popular Characters Being Played

Multiple Sissy Worlds To Explore

Since we have a great deal of games here, you're going to have a lot of control over how these sissies get down and dirty. Perhaps you're the type of person that likes to meet up with an Asian sissy at a bar who's only just decided to dress up like a girl in public. Get talking to her and buy a drink – her makeup is flawless and while walking in high heels might be a bit difficult for the time and being, there's a good chance that with enough practice (and cock up her ass), she'll soon be a model lady and have white chicks out there seething.

Everyone knows that the perfect sissy is an Asian one – those boys need to learn that the best thing they can do to ensure future sexual pleasure is get a dress, doll themselves up and then offer up that freshly shaven asshole for a lubed up dick! Sound like a gaming experience you'd be thrilled to experiment with? Well friend: we've got that, and a whole lot more, waiting for you inside the bowels of Jerk Dolls.

Another fantasy that you might have is a hung black sissy that looks the part upstairs, but can't keep that massive cock under control. It's yours to decide how you want to treat it – leave it alone or suck on that thing until it's absolutely bone dry! You'll have the opportunity to also pick the plot for a number of games, so that regardless of how you want to explore the feminization niche or fuck these tight boy holes, you'll get the chance to experiment. Forget wasting your time with platforms that don't actually offer a decent amount of customization and control: Jerk Dolls has gone to a whole new level so that your sissy erotic addiction can be fully taken care of.

Screenshots From Inside The Game

Fuck Her Ass Raw

Take these delicious shemale asses and pump them full of cum - you know it makes sense!

Fantastic Sissy Graphics

Visual treats have always been something we've focused our time and effort on here at Jerk Dolls: it's important for us that you see these dolled up sluts in their complete glory. I mean, if you've got a nice boy cock between your legs and a smooth asshole, don't you want to make sure that it's able to be enjoyed in full 1080p? We even have a few games that support 4K resolutions – the next level for folks who have monitors capable of enduring sissy action with that many pixels!

We also have a couple of VR releases that push the concept of sissification to a whole new level. Those who are pumped to try and turn themselves into a woman will feel right at home here. We'll also be adding more over the coming months, since we've had so many sissies sign up here and tell us that what we offer is better than the competition by a country mile!

The team behind the 3D rendering and graphical artwork we have are the best in the business. They're not cheap, but if you want to create a cache of hot sissy sex games, you've got to make sure that you're doing everything by the book, right? The seductive visuals are going to have you rock solid in a matter of seconds: especially when you see just how fluid the butt fucking action can be. We've pulled out all the stops, so why don't you get inside and pull out the butt plugs so you can finally fill up these penis-addicted whores with the meat sticks they crave? You're not a sissy if you're not getting fucked in the ass on a daily basis, right?

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