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The True Way of Balling!

There they are. Those big beautiful round testicles just resting underneath a giant throbbing shaft of cock. So bulbous and filled with all of that hot delicious cum, just aching to spill out all over some sexy slut’s face. These incredible testicles are filled with nerve endings that translate pain and pleasure to their owner with incredible alacrity. We’ve all seen someone get kicked in the balls, and how they fall to the ground like a bag of bricks. Applying that type of sensation, but with a pleasure-oriented mindset, can bring tremendous waves of enjoyment through a man.

When a woman, or another man, takes the time to lick and suck on another man’s testicles, they’ll find a whole range of exciting reactions. All of those nerve endings firing up into the cock and through the rest of the body, might just get you a hot load of steamy cum right on your face. Take your time with those balls, don’t rush it, and pay attention to the amount of tension and pressure you put on them with your hands, or mouth. Some men will want a bit rougher play, but it’s a sensitive area, that when you’re not expecting the pain/pleasure scenario, can cripple the rest of the recipient’s enjoyment.

When the lightest tap can bring a man to his knees, it’s good to know exactly how much pressure can be applied before the person on the receiving end will need you to stop. Balls often get overlooked, but that doesn’t mean that have to be. Work your way down the cock and give those round little beauties a good lick to see what kind of reaction you get. If it’s a ticklish one, then don’t just give up right then and there, offer a little more pressure to see if that stimulates a different response. It could be that no one has ever given that naked stud’s balls any real attention, and you’re the first to rock their world with some incredible ball sucking action.

Balls All The Way

This sexy slut is going to gape so far and wide that she’ll be able to take a gigantic cock and the balls attached all at once.

Speedbag These Testicles

That’s right. You’ve come to the ball busting event of the season. Dudes with massive testicles want to have them worked on like a speedbag. You’ve entered the testicle porn world, and it’s got a lot of no holds barred ball busting action unlike any you’ve ever seen. Men tied up while standing, or strapped to an upright table that has a slot to fit their dick and balls through, so that the dominatrix on the other side can go to town on them. Slapping, stepping on, punching, and electrodes, are just some of the ball torture you’re going to find in testicle-oriented porn.

When you start scrolling through the wide array of choices around ball torture, you won’t come up short for a selection. More people are into their balls getting beaten than you might think. If it’s a BDSM sub dynamic, it could be that this is the best way to make the sub in the scene learn a lesson. Balls will be beaten black and blue, with cries of anguished joy falling from the lips of the willing recipient. Electrodes might be attached to the scrotum to deliver jolts of electricity into the balls, that will in turn send jolts through the rest of the body. It can get pretty wild in testicle porn, and you have to be ready to feel a bit of squeamishness if you’re going to sit down to watch some. Know that everyone involved wants to be there, so that might take a bit of the edge off, but that a lot of it is still going to be torture based.

It’s common for a bit of the rough stuff to come into play when testicles are involved. Those veiny cum balls will take a pounding and then receive the loving sucking and kissing they deserve. If you’re looking to play out some ball torture scenarios and aren’t quite ready to be the one on the receiving end of such hardcore action, you can jump into the Jerkdolls testicle porn games and make a character to either receive, or deliver, that kind of action for you. Build out the big balls you want on your stud, and then go to town on them with all of the intensity you want.

Greatest Moments Captured Inside

So Full Of Cum

You can tell when a guy needs to get laid. His balls have grown full of so much sperm that the need for release is absolutely necessary. Every inch of space is just bulging against the scrotum skin, and when the porn star onscreen cums, it’s going to be a volcano of cum shooting across the room. Everyone in its path will just be dripping with pearly sticky semen from head to toe. This is when the cum sluts come out in droves to just mop it up with their hands and tongues.

Feeding those salty juices to each other, as the former owner of all of that cum just lays there in orgasmic exaltation, having released entire generations into the air. Yes, there is an incredible sense of relief that washes over those that have stored up their semen to create these massively explosive moments on film. There are even types of foods that can supposedly help in creating more cum. Using those massive cum vessels to fill a scene with all of that sticky sweet joy can help bring the voyeur watching the kind of release they need.

Put yourself in the shoes of the man having his cum filled testicles tantalized and teased after having been brought to the edge so many times before, and not allowed to orgasm, to feel that sweet explosion. Part of the fun of testicle centric porn is that most of the time balls are just a slight addition to all of the sex going on in adult entertainment. Give those bulging oblong testes the chance to take the spotlight, and the money shot will be even more worth it. Give testicle porn a try and you’ll find that the action builds to a climax more cum filled than you ever seen, but will definitely be back to watch again.

Most Popular Characters Being Played

Big, Beautiful, And Needing Attention

Watching sexy beautiful porn stars with giant tits, slide a huge throbbing cock between their breasts, and take that dick between their lips, is always a thrill. When they take it that extra step further and slip those balls into their mouth with that excited look in their eyes, the movie just got more exciting. Seeing a hot slut so hungry to gargle balls in her mouth gives that extra oomph to the best adult entertainment.

Down on her knees, running her tongue down the shaft of the cock, and then taking the balls into her mouth one at a time, before shoving both into her mouth. Working her long tongue around the sack as her eyes look longingly up into the eyes of the man above her. The submissive longing to worship her partner’s balls, to give them the due that is often reserved solely for the cock above them, adds an extra level of sensual. Once the fucking begins, and that pussy starts to gape, even the balls get shoved in. It’s the full package delivery in some intense hardcore action that you won’t be able to take your eyes off of.

Every ball dropping moment into that wet gaping hole will get you so hard you won’t be able to stop jerking on your cock. Balls deep inside a pussy is the deepest kind of fucking possible, and once you’ll see it, you’ll long for being able to experience it. Finding the partner that wants to have you fill them with every part of you is readily available. Look for someone to watch some testicle focused porn with you and watch for how they react to it. If their eyes light up at the sight of those sexy balls being used to their full potential, then you’ve found yourself the right partner.

Screenshots From Inside The Game

Hottest Power Fucking

This stud is in for it when the dominatrix enters the room and starts wailing on his balls like a prize fighter going for a knock-out.

Taking Her To The Balls

It’s not always the go-to maneuver, for a sexy girl giving you a blowjob, to head past your shaft and start sucking on your balls. This is when you can use soft leading techniques to head them in the direction of some more all-around head. Depending on the attitude of the dirty slut sucking your cock, you might want to make sure you leave the direction of the blowjob in their capable hands. Just use subtle excited movements to give a leading direction, and make sure you are very vocal about your pleasure.

Reassure them with how much you’re really enjoying yourself, because you don’t want to make the impression that your partner is doing something wrong. When they make their way down your long hard shaft just raise your hips up slightly to give them better access to your testicles. If your dynamic takes on a bit more of that hardcore feel, then don’t hesitate to grab their hair and push their lips in the right direction. This is another tactic that can lead to the intensity of the oral your receiving, if your partner is into having that sub dynamic with you.

Pushing their mouth further down your cock to get that delicious gagging sound from them, and forcing their lips onto your balls for some hardcore testicle worship can bring the sexy level up to eleven. Both the subtle and the more intense interaction should be discussed ahead of time, especially if it’s a new lover. That way there’s no confusion in the midst of, what would otherwise be, an incredibly erotic time. Talk about the fact that you’d like your testicles to garner some good attention, and you’ll be setting yourself up for a more fulfilling sexual dynamic that will leave you both feeling heard, and satisfied.

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