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3D Just Keeps Getting More Sexy Dimensions

Giant throbbing cocks that you can’t look away from. That deliciously sexy bit of drool falling from the glossy cum-coated lips of a busty hot babe that looks hungry for more. The gleam of sweat off of a body that’s been ridden hard, and won’t stop fucking because you’re in the driver’s seat. This is the world of 3D Sex Games that doesn’t just bring a new world of porn to the table, it blows it up like a giant cumsplosion, covering the faces of smiling viewer everywhere. What we’ve always settled for in the past was the basic point-and-click with a sexy sequence following, that we hoped didn’t look too pixelated.

Once any actions were involved on the side of the gamer, it was a cat and mouse game of hoping the graphics and programming were going to be advanced enough to give you the kind of heart-pounding, titty-twisting, gaping-holed experience that only that extra step of real will create. The days of Up-Up-Down-Down-Select-Start will no longer give you the orgasmic code to consensually beat the last boss into hardcore submission.

It’s the dawn of a new era, and that era is naked, horny, and begging for you to fill every hole possible. Cum hard. Cum Fast. Take your time and tantra the fuck out of that gaming session, but just know that getting-off is going to be unavoidable. Your imagination can be used to solve the problems, and interesting sexual situations, provided to it, while not being bogged down trying to make the fantasy look real.

When our titillating hot fantasies of the past made their way into the realm of gaming, everyone was excited by the possibilities. All of us went rushing to buy the newest sex fantasy turned into an interactive game, but it wasn’t until now that the adult industry has finally taken the reigns and turned that fantasy into a reality. Characters with real lust in their eyes as they beg for you to choke and fuck them at the same time.

Tits with nipples so wonderfully pink you start to salivate at the thought of running your tongue over them. The ability to have options, like you would in the real world, of how you want to fuck the cum-hungry slut right in front of you. To top all of the realism off, your fantasy also takes the driver’s seat in your own personal character creation. Sure, you have a nice cock, but you’d rather be driving a monstrous battering ram into the princess’s voluptuous castle.

You’ve been looking for the warrior that will satisfy your battle lust after the foes have all been slain? Or maybe your daydream is about visiting the neighborhood, and banging all the neighbors you’ve been wanting to bang since you moved in. Then it’s time to login to the new world of 3D Free Porn Games and start clicking with one hand and masturbating with the other, because you won’t be able to stop yourself from cumming.

The Incantation For Massive Cock

Once the fighting’s all done, the cloaks and armour come off and the cock comes out, because this slutty sorcerous can’t get enough of that hot elven cock.

The Fantasy of Fucking Just Became A Reality

What if The Lord of the Rings had a lot less epic adventuring, and a lot more epic fucking. All of those ageless elven women with their countless years of sexual prowess just waiting for you to stumble upon their hidden kingdom. You fought the trolls, decapitated an ogre, and now have earned a bit of rough and tumble from these wise sexy maidens. At first, they seem distant, but that’s only because they’ve been dealing with withdrawn elven men.

You’re a ranger used to the rough trade of woodland interactions between you and other sassy travelers, but these refined babes are a whole new terrain of sexual discovery. After being welcomed inside of their hidden elven stronghold, you make your way to your room, where you strip off your clothes for the hot bath being drawn for you. It’s elven custom for them to bathe you, so you let the silver haired elven slut run a cloth up and down you until you can tell that she would rather get hot and sweaty instead of bathing you.

This is when the fun really begins, because you’ve just started your seduction of the hidden elven kingdom. Sorceresses, sexy warrior babes, and magic to enhance the wild fucking you’ll get up to as that elven lady levitates herself up and down upon your cock. You are in full control and having a full access of this sensual sex adventure you used to always dream about, because 3D Adult Sex Games turns that dream, into a reality.

All of us have wanted to wander through the endless libraries filled with magical tomes. A place where some incredibly hot, pointy eared, busty librarian, with countless mysteries resting on the tip of her incredibly talented tongue, welcomes you in. “Practice your sexy magic under my watchful gaze, young mage.” She whispers in your ear, as lithe elven fingers start to unbutton your tunic. The hot gaming action just turned itself to inferno, as you bend this temptress over the table of tomes, and show her how deep your magic runs.

You’ve always wanted to explore the wilderness with a sexy ranger, and after defeating a band of fearsome goblins you both decide to bathe in the crisp clear waters of the nearest river. Of course, you’re both naked, and then the heat of battle turns into so much more as you pound and pump them on the shore. The world will feel so immersive as you plow your way through mage, warrior, queen, or king, and play out the kind of fantasy that erotic books don’t hold a candle to.

What you’ve imagined for so long as you watched movie after movie, and read book after book, has finally come to be in the world of 3D Sex Games, and there will be no going back to the normal world of erotic fantasy once you’ve lived this one out online. Don your armor! Pick up your giant throbbing vorpal sword! Raise your hardened wand! And go get some online action that you control with a free access!

Greatest Moments Captured Inside

The Little Touches…On Big Throbbing Members

The subtle touches of hands running across a chest, fingers tracing a nipple, down to a well-manicured hand stroking your cock. These are the incredible details of our modern software that add that special sense of reality to every moment of hardcore action. Start with the traces of fingertips, move to the firm grasping of tits, and the spanking of an incredibly firm ass, as you fuck the hottie by the fireplace of the mansion you stumbled into.

Every bit of detail is nuanced. Her movements are the hidden aphrodisiac of form that you’ve longed for your entire life…and you’re playing a computer game. That’s right, you’re playing an intensely immersive game that will not only change the way we game, but change the way we get-off. It’s not a replacement for real sex or connection, which some fools will always make the argument for. It’s a way to more realistically explore the fantasies we long to play out with real partners, and give us a better grasp on the reality at hand.

Not only will you level-up by pounding ass through scenario after scenario, you’ll do so with realistic settings and partners that never take you out of the moment. This is the kind of online interaction that allows fantasies to be fulfilled and sex lives to take turns in the directions of feeling fulfilled.

The real-time action you’ll get out of the immersive worlds in our adult games is going to blow you away. It might even blow you away while your character on screen is being blown. That kind of meta-amazing sexual experience is one that every adult gamer can enjoy. Every aspect of realism is implemented into the fantasies created for our viewers, giving the intense tit bouncing you’ll look for when a nasty slut is bouncing up and down on your character’s cock.

Perhaps that sexy friend of yours asks you to come by and ends up needing more than just your assistance. You’re not just watching the fantasy, often portrayed in some of your favorite erotic movies, you’re controlling the actual action by maneuvering the characters in ways that may not have been possible otherwise. This takes you out of just being a bystander and ends up putting you behind the wheel of hot-ass action.

Everything happening is under your control, and the only thing keeping it from getting hotter is the moment you decide to take your fingers off the keys. This is the kind of immersive experience that the realm of 3D Adult Games not only brings to the table, but that it bends over the table, takes its pants off, and then covers it in the gleaming jizz of victory.

Most Popular Characters Being Played

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It’s Cumming Right For You

Your brain is trying to differentiate between what you’re seeing in front of you and what you know can’t possibly be real. It just looks so life-like, so incredibly real, that it almost feels as if you could reach out and touch it. That cock on the screen in front of you looks like it could shoot a load right through the screen on onto your face. So much so, you actually move left and right to avoid the motion when it’s coming towards the screen. Since you’re the one controlling the action it’s even more of a jolt to your senses, but you reign it in and remind yourself that the 3D sex game you’re playing is just a game.

The tits on the incredibly hot babe in front of you are huge, and bouncing just like the breasts of a real woman. She’s biting her lip and as your character pounds harder and faster into her. As your character’s cock slides in and out of this busty babe’s gaping wet pussy. Even the cum dripping out of this 3D hotties pussy looks startlingly real. It’s pearly and off-white, shimmers with the light being created in the game, and moves slowly like actual cum. With such incredible realism in such a fantastical world, the graphics and gameplay will keep your cock so hard.

An extra challenge to add to your 3D game play will be to see if you can keep yourself from getting-off before you get your partner off in the game. Feeling like you’re actually fucking is what will make this game such an intense experience. Once you enter the 3D game world, you may be able to take some of your gaming experience back with you, and give your real- world partners some extra hardcore action that they’ll never forget.

Screenshots From Inside The Game

The Fantasy Becomes Reality

These creatures of myth and legend get down to some of the dirtiest fucking, as no hole’s barred in this fantasy fuck-fest.

Get The Whores To My Cock!

Everyone appreciates a grand adventure. Whether it’s the epic tale of wizards and warriors, or takes place in another galaxy with aliens of all shapes, sizes, and varying degrees of appendages. These tales often involve heroic daring-do and often have some very sexy individuals involved, with rippling muscles, bouncing breasts, curvy asses, and pouty lips that were meant for kissing when they’re not casting spells, or shouting out war cries. The incredible heroes, villains, and support characters of such incredible stories often get up to the adventure part of the story we enjoy so much, but seldom get up to as much erotic activity as we imagine them in. Now is the time to dust off your sword, and don that codpiece of giant-cock strength.

With 3D erotic games you’ll be able to become those characters from the stories that thrilled you, the games that excited you, and the worlds that captivated you. Taking those characters to the next level of erotic entertainment will be the new chapter of their story, that you have just now become the author of. The even better part of this newfound level of interaction, is that you won’t just be watching the hot fucking unfold in front of you, you’ll be the one pushing the action forward.

You will be the sexy character that convinces the elven princess to suck your giant barbarian cock. You will be the orc that questions your prisoners with an iron penis. The action will escalate in intensity as you create the orgy you always wanted to ensue in the fantastical stories you’ve loved forever. Become the storyteller of the hottest story to ever unfold, that you aren’t just directing, but also starring in. Act out your sexy fantasies in the incredible JerkDolls 3D games, and become the erotic creator of a new generation’s wet dreams!

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