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The Future Of Porn Gaming

Jerk Dolls isn't able to predict the future, but we sure do know that if you want to be at the cutting edge of any industry, you've got to be willing to stick your neck out. As a result of this, we've decided that it's best to dip our toes into the MMORPG porn space. Sure, there might be a few areas online that offer titles in this specific category, but after playing them and doing our research, we think we've got the secret sauce to actually make a good title in the space. What was it that made the other adult MMORPGs fall well short of expectations? Oh, how long do you have! Not only do they typically lack real in-game options, but they make interfacing with others difficult and don't know their asses from their elbows in the visual effects department.

So, Jerk Dolls is doing what no one else could: curating a collection of a few MMORPG releases that are bound to shake the industry up and show others that we really are as stellar as we make out to be. This could earn us legendary status when it comes to analysis of adult gaming online, or it could be a huge catastrophe – who knows for sure, right?

All I can do is point you toward what's available inside and hope that you love our sex games as much as we do. It's been a long time coming for a lot of these projects and you'd really be surprised at how much relief the team has now that we're able to share everything with everyone. Are you ready to step up to the plate and compete in the wildest, most erotic MMORPGs on the market? Well then – create your account and let's take this thing to the moon! Otherwise, read below and I'll fill you in a little more on what the JD experience is all about.

Fully Interactive Game Worlds

Your decisions matter, so make the right ones! Interact with your environment and others in a sexy way.

Highly Interactive Titles

Part of what makes an MMORPG feel good is the interaction – otherwise you'd just go ahead and play a normal, offline game, right? This is especially true when it comes to porn MMORPGs, because there are so many ways to skin a cat and we want to cover the bases with the constraints that we have. Make no mistake about it: these titles are incredibly costly to create, so we have to plan our strategies accordingly and slip in ideas when and where possible. It should also come as no surprise that facilitating interactions between the gamers out there is a good way to keep things feeling fresh and enjoyable.

We don't want to pass the buck here, but fostering that sense of community goes a long way toward making a title a lot more successful and long lasting, because even if the developers aren't quite adding new stuff on a daily basis, the people in the games should have the tools to keep themselves entertained. This is why we have a great deal of respect for supporting events and again: adding that infrastructure that gives interaction between players meaning and, above all else, an ability to exist and thrive.

We're going to be looking over the next 12 months for ways to expand interactivity, with your decisions having a big impact on the game worlds you occupy and adding elements of real life to the titles we have. This includes stuff like being able to buy and sell goods, establishing a system of jobs and so on. Jerk Dolls has taken a great deal of effort and care in the analysis of general MMORPGs to see how we can apply their principles and successes to our own games. That might sound like stealing: we prefer to refer to it as being more like borrowing, only without giving it back. Hah!

Greatest Moments Captured Inside

Regular New Content Releases

While the interactivity angle is an important one to have, we're not going to leave our gamers out in the cold while we fiddle with our cocks and generally waste time. This means that everyone who comes to Jerk Dolls and plays the MMORPGs here can expect regular new content expansions, with an obvious preference toward new material for the most popular games, as well as those that haven't received an update in a while. We try to keep every game in the database fresh and add something new at least on a two-yearly basis, but when it comes to the MMORPGs, we don't want to go for longer than 4 months without rolling out a new concept or idea.

We've always been insistent on keeping this area of the site thriving: people spend a lot of time in RPGs with a multiplayer aspect, so they expect to do stuff while they're in the game and having a great time! It really drives us to innovate too, because games are incredibly observant and don't mind speaking the truth. If we let you down, we want to know about it as quickly as possible, lest we become what we hate in this industry: mediocre.

I would also like to mention that we have some limited beta access for gamers in our MMORPGs, with special in-game rewards offered for those who actually go ahead and assist us in the development of our games. We're always faced with a battle to get testing done, so if you decide to pitch in, we're going to go out of our way to commend you – and reward you – for that decision. You don't have to do it if you don't want to, but we really would appreciate it!

Most Popular Characters Being Played

Cool Community Features

What makes a good MMORPG? The community! As we said, we highly value communication, so we're going to work overtime in order to provide that to our gamers. Part of the best tools offered for this are generally off-game, which is why all of our MMORPGs have their own Discord server attached. Jerk Dolls has a general one, but we direct you to these sub-servers because there's so much going on! We're talking about planning for world bosses, discussing how to create new items, exploring unchartered areas in space and so on.

Yeah, that's right – Jerk Dolls has a space-themed sex MMORPG and it's absolutely bloody awesome! It's probably wise to mention that we also don't have the largest number of gamers when it comes to our titles, so we want to spend a little bit of time fostering a little collective as and when available – it keeps the numbers up and gives the 'multiplayer' in MMO an adequate reference point. It's also in the spirit of these types of games that there's literally no such thing as too many folks gaming, right? Unless our servers crash – which they haven't, thankfully!

Jerk Dolls also has forums available that you can utilize to talk to people about literally whatever you desire. We established this pretty early on and there are well over 100,000 posts there, with a lot of action going on in the MMORPG sections. People here talk about in-game drama between guilds, their favorite sexual experiences, tips for various classes and other cool things. Note that some of our games focus heavily on player-on-player sex with genuine roleplay and voice communication, whereas others are more like your traditional dungeon crawler that have lewd elements. Turns out our horny weebs really prefer the latter if it's made available to them!

Screenshots From Inside The Game

Regular New Patch Updates

We keep our sexy MMORPGs fresh with regular content updates and patches. Play all year round!

Fantastic Graphical Approach

One thing we get in feedback from our gamers at Jerk Dolls time and time again is the simple fact that our graphics are next level. We knew early on that our games had to look great – many destinations don't recover from the initial shock that their players receive when the titles look absolutely terrible. We're also removing as many roadblocks as possible with our games in terms of playing them on any machine. Contrary to popular belief, games shouldn't only be offered and available to people who have spent thousands of dollars on a machine – they should be on the market for anyone that wants to play them! This is why our adaptive engine is considered one of the best tools in the business for game developers that don't want to let anyone down.

The system is pretty simple: if we notice that your CPU and GPU are being taxed completely, we'll lower the quality of certain in-game elements so that your FPS can catch up and you can play the game smoothly. Don't go thinking that everything will look rubbish regardless though – our internal statistics suggest that less than 20% have this feature kicking in for longer than 5 minutes on an hourly basis, so it's actually quite rare to see your game shit the bed if you have even a semi-modern computer. For those players that do see a reduction – all the better that we have the technology in the first place!

So: I think that just about covers the most important elements and aspects when it comes to Jerk Dolls and what we provide the average gamer out there. Do you feel like experimenting with our MMORPGs and getting into the mix? Then please: create an account this very instant and we'll see you on the other side! Take care, happy gaming and may your next game-fueled fapping session be the best one yet!

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