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Tickle Me Baby

There are so many kinks out there, and one of them that might surprise you is the fetishization of being tickled. Sex isn’t often what comes to mind when you think of being held down and tickled until you’re about to pee yourself, but there are plenty of people that get excited by that idea. The more intense the tickling, the wetter that pussy gets, or harder the cock starts to throb. It can have as much to do with that feeling of losing control being exciting, as it can the actual physical sensation.

Laughter can be one of the greatest aphrodisiacs out there, lending that a little further to the act of being tickled seems like a natural progression. It doesn’t have to be an all out tickle fest either, because there are also techniques for sensual tickling. Running a feather up and down someone’s spine, traipsing it across their pussy, sliding it gracefully around their cock, will stimulate the nerve endings. It can definitely cause a ticklish sensation, which can also be playful and fun in an erotic scenario. Not every type of tickling has to be the kind you got as a kid when you and your friends got into an aggressive tickling war.

Having your partner tied up and then applying light tickling pressure with your fingernails, or different implements, can lead to a fun exploration of multiple types of erotic touch. Our bodies are complex networks of nerves and sensations, so don’t rule out the idea of being lightly tickled until you try it during some sexy time. Just make sure your initial response isn’t to flail so wildly that you strike the person you’re with, or that might end sexy time a lot sooner than you want. Lay back and let those soft touches work you into a fervor of need, because it’s erotic tickling time.

Tied and Fucked

Tied up and gagged doesn’t slow this slut from crying out for more as her pussy gets filled by a whole party of cocks.


Restraint fantasies are vast and plentiful in the world of kink. So many people want to explore the realms of being tied up, or tied down, so that they have all of the control taken from them. In a world where there’s so much need for us to be on point, that’s not surprising at all. High stress jobs ranging from surgeon to server, where the person working needs to maintain a clear head and has to be in control of the situation at all times, can give the need to release that very same control.

When you’re constantly in a state of heightened awareness about the health and needs of others, to either perpetuate their survival, or make sure you’re economically stable, it can eventually lead to a feeling of overwhelm. The need to let go can become fairy intense, and isn’t always that easy to vocalize. We’re taught that you should just soldier forward and bear the burden of your stress with grace, because someone always has it worse than you, when what we really need is to give up some control. Ball gags, ropes, straps, handcuffs, and a wide selection of other implements used for restraining can help achieve this release.

It can also lead to a fun exploration of dynamics, when you’re willing to let someone tie you up. There’s an extreme show of trust in a sexual relationship when your partner let’s you restrain them. Their fate is now in your hands, because their hands are tied up and incapable of being used. Setting up a fun safe-word ahead of time is a wise tactic. If being restrained becomes a bit too much, or nature calls and that’s not part of your kink, then a word to signify the need to be released is important. Discussing this ahead of time will lead to a more fulfilling tied up time, that will allow the restrained to fall even farther out of their comfort zone of control.

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Leather Me Up

Yes, leather looks good on most of us, and is one of the materials that tends to last a lifetime if taken care of properly. From the time we’re young we watched leather clad heroes and heroines decked out in badass leather outfits, as they fight bad guys, save the world, and maintain an incredible sense of sexy style. It’s no surprise that leatherware is fetishized, and that there are a number of makers out there that create extremely stylish sexy leather gear.

There are sleek harnesses that can serve the purpose of just being a hot fashion accessory, or be used in different elements of leather kink as well. O-rings added to any leatherware can be used as hard points to attached ropes, leashes, or hooks, when you’re looking for some good dungeon time. Leather collars can be used as identifiers at kink parties that someone has a dom partner that is in charge of that human for the evening, not to mention how hot it is to see a sexy babe in a leather collar. With a ring attached to a collar you can leash up your slut and lead them around, or use it to pull their mouth farther down on your cock.

Leather pants aren’t just for rock stars to wear, and can be adjusted to the more erotic fair with just a slight removal of certain parts of the pants. Chaps might be the better term to use if you want to wear leather pants that have the ass taken out of them. This sexy attire can lead everyone to the ass that you so crave to have worshipped and stuffed full of hard cocks and cum. If you’re not sure about whether you can pull of leather attire or not, maybe try it out in a Jerkdolls leather games. Make a leather-centric character and play out some scenes with other leather-dolls and daddies.

Most Popular Characters Being Played

Size Queens

The popular train of thought that’s been perpetuated in society, is that it’s not about the size of a man’s cock, but more of how he uses it. While yes, it is of the utmost importance that a man needs to know how to move their cock well during sex, or any other multitudes of sexual activities, size does sometimes matter. There are women, and men, called Size Queens, that don’t want just an average sized cock to stuff their holes. What they require is the monstrous throbbing beasts of porn lore that everyone has grown up hearing about, or watching on a regular basis.

The kind of cocks that make other men envious at times, and at other times glad they don’t have to deal with the burden of that monster in their pants. Size Queens want to have their tight little holes stretched to the limit. Every little bit of them needs to be filled to the brim, seemingly to a point that would make many people feel uncomfortable. The extra challenge of cramming it all in their gives some extra titillation to their erotic experiences. When a size queen sees a giant cock, she starts to salivate at the thought of how big she’s going to gape once its inside of her.

Plenty of them want to see if they can choke that cock all the way down their throats, almost to the point of puking on it. When you think of the phrase, “The bigger the better.” You’re thinking in terms of the Size Queen motto. They don’t have to be big individuals to need a giant cock. Many a tiny hot slut wants to ride a pole the size of their arm, making it almost seem like a hidden pocket dimension exists in their ass or pussy. Give it to them all the way, and you will make a Size Queen’s day.

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This naughty babe is tied up and tickled until she’s just dripping and begging to have some hard dick inside of her.

Water Sports

This is the kind of play that really gets a lot of people hot. No, it’s not for everybody, and you should definitely ask before you try to play some water sports with anybody, but those that love some good piss play are all in. Those golden showers that bathe some sexy slut in your steamy streams as you both glisten wet and naked in the shower. Or in a room with floor padding designed for such messy play, so that you don’t have to confine all of your urine play to the bathroom.

There are funnels that women can use if they’re looking for a little more direction in how they aim their urine, and that can also add to the fun of having a multiple partner scenario. It’s easier for men to take aim with a stream, and while it is possible for many women to have more control in that area, it’s easy to have a pee funnel on hand to help with aiming. There are plenty of water sport oriented adult movies out there, which gives you a chance to see if even watching it excites you. If you want to go a step further, without actually jumping into playing in person, you can try out some piss play in one the adult games online.

Jerkdolls fetish games can give you some access to the kinds of water sports that might intimidate you. Trying out some urine play in a game with characters that you control, could help you build the confidence to ask a sexual partner to play some out with you in person. It’s always nice to have a test arena for kinks, especially when it’s an interest that is completely new to you, and fetish games helps bridge that gap with comfort, ease, and style.

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