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Hacked Celebrity Sex

All of us have had our celebrity crushes for years. With the long list of hot babes and studly hunks, there is a endless supply of celebrity sexiness that we like to masturbate to. The unfortunate truth, is that not all celebrities will make that smoking hot porn movie we dream of seeing them in. The sex scenes in R-rated movies will have a touch of the erotic that gets us hard and wet, but they never get quite as steamy as we’d like them to.

You never see Angelina Jolie bend over and spread her butt cheeks so that you can see that tight sexy asshole in front of you. Matthew McConaughey never whips out his massive hard cock and cums all over the face of his co-star Rachel McAdams, only to have her lick it up with a look of pure delight. Regular movies never quite get to the intense climax of porn, because…well, they’re not porn. These are super sexy human beings that all of us have come to adore in some fashion or another, whether it’s for their acting talents, their swagger, or their incredibly hot sculpted bodies.

They are also human beings with desires just like you and me. These famous hotties get up to their own naughty business when the big studio cameras aren’t watching, and occasionally make adult films of their own. Why wouldn’t they? They’re smoking hot, and look great onscreen. Most of us will never get to see these moments, unless these superstars get hacked! You filmed a quick little sexy hook-up video in a hotel room on location, but didn’t realize you put it in the cloud, or showed a friend that likes to make a little money on the side dishing out your dirty business. You’ve just been hacked, superstar. The rest of us now get to enjoy the slutty side of you that the silver screen only gives glimpses of.

Nobody Sees Me Right

This dirty slut is going to film herself getting fucked without knowing that her phone has been hacked and others are watching.

What Your Stepsister Gets Up To

As technology advances with such a rapid pace, so to does the ability of people to hack into new systems. Phones are now constantly attached to us, and they’re no longer just phones, they’re mini-computers. Because they can do so much more for us on a day to day basis, that also means that they can be accessed by outside sources that much more. This can be malicious, but it could also just be a bit mischievous. Say you have that incredibly hot and slutty stepsister that you know gets up to some dirty deeds, but in front of your parents she’s nothing short of a perfect angel.

Every time you think you’re going to catch her in the act of something deliciously depraved, you end up just missing the best moment. She was moaning, and you pretend to go in the wrong door to see if you can catch a glimpse of that tight wet pussy of hers, and instead she’s already dressed and just staring at you with a, “What the fuck?”, look on her face. That’s when it might be fun to see if you can hack her camera on her phone. You won’t have to look like a total pervert jerk, and you’re pretty sure her vanity won’t allow her not to film herself getting up to something.

These incredibly sexy moments are already out there when you look up “Hacked” as a porn category. Hacked porn is that ultimate voyeur porn, because you get to be the eyes and ears watching that dirty slut fuck herself, or get fucked by someone she wants on film, and you’ll be watching right along with them. The next time your stepsister wants to get you into trouble, it may be time to remind her of that video she made with her girlfriends in your parent’s bedroom last weekend. She’s been in a hacked porn, and now it’s going to be your turn to get away with everything.

Greatest Moments Captured Inside

Is That Your Girlfriend

That feeling that your girlfriend is getting up to some sexy shenanigans behind your back is becoming ever more present. The constant nagging sensation that maybe her sleepover at her best friend Sarah’s place is a bit more than just a sleepover, because she never seems to have any convincing details as to what they got up to. It sucks to feel this way.

It’s why a lot of people should just be in a polyamorous relationship to begin with, that already has rules set in place for them to hook up with other people. It would detract from the cheating that goes on all the time, and the feelings of jealousy would most likely fade as well. Unfortunately, the world isn’t that evolved in its mindset yet, so your “monogamous” partner is dallying behind your back. You didn’t get into this relationship to be a cuckold, that’s definitely not your kink. The other side of this is that you’ve asked her to talk to you if she wants to see other people, but every time you received with a smile and assurances that you are the only one for her.

If her underwear hadn’t been missing a few times this might have been enough to convince you, but who leaves their underwear at a friend’s house. Underwear gets lost in wild hook-ups where you’re so caught up in the crazy sex happening, that bits of clothing can often go MIA. To top it off, she guards her phone as if it were made of solid gold, which means you never have a chance to look at it. You know she likes to film the two of you having sex, therefore, why wouldn’t she film sex with other people. So instead of asking anymore questions, it’s time to take a circuitous route and talk to a friend of yours that knows how to hack into phones. You’re just going to do it for the next sleepover night that goes on, and if nothing happens then you’ll never do it again. What you end up seeing is a wild orgy that proves you right. That slut just got hacked!

Most Popular Characters Being Played

Someone Got Caught Being Naughty

All of us enjoy being naughty sluts from time to time. Some of us enjoy being naughty sluts all of the time. A thing about being a dirty sex driven slut, is that we usually don’t let everyone know what we get up to in our off time. That’s part of the fun. Your daily life is the normal wake up, have breakfast, go to work, come home, and then relax, kind of deal. At least, to the public eye it is.

People have no idea what you actually get up to when they’re not with you. What’re you doing in your spare time? Well you’re out there meeting hotties and getting laid. Having wild and wet sex in public bathrooms with adventurous sluts that can’t wait to have a hard dick inside of them. Taking nature hikes that end in outdoor fucking up against a tree, or in a roaring river, are the ways you like to spend your time in the wild. The sex parties a lot of people hear about, are actually a normal part of your life, and ending up in the orgy room is one of your favorite ways to start, and end, the evening.

This is your secret life of sexual freedom, that none of your coworkers know about, nor do your parents, or any of the people that have been eyeing you up and down as a potential partner. You like to keep this to yourself, because it’s none of their business, but with all of the modern tech out there now, you might just end up getting hacked instead. One of those crazy porn extravaganza parties you just attended ends up with you being in a wild little film fucking some furries without a costume on, and then masturbating all over another group dressed like Sailor Moon. This little gem ends up online, and your naughty business just got hacked.

Screenshots From Inside The Game

Celebrity Celebration

This famous hottie doesn’t know her masturbation video she filmed has been leaked to the cloud, now it’s time to see how much she digs herself.

What They Don’t Know Might Get You Off

You want the porn with a little dirtier feel to it. Your voyeurism is really about people not knowing that you’re getting off while watching them. It excites you to think that someone is having some incredible masturbation moment where they think no one else is watching them, and they’re really going to town on themselves. Or maybe somebody is getting fucked so hard, and because they don’t know anyone else can see them getting fucked, they really let loose with the hardcore action.

That checkout girl at the local supermarket that always eyeballs your eggplant as if she has a lot of other things in mind for such a delightfully shaped object, enjoys fucking herself with different vegetation when she’s off work. You’d love to be in the room when that cucumber goes on an adventure in her ass as she fingers herself. This the kind of fucking that really gets you going. The hidden camera moments of pure uninhibited lust that only come from the feeling that a person can now be completely free, and not worry about what the outside world thinks.

All of those delightful sexy kinks that are kept behind closed doors, where lots of paddles and ball gags sit, along with a ton of different sized and shaped insertable objects. These are your sexy moments that keep you going. The hacked porn moments that nobody knows you’re going to see. Unless they end up getting told by a friend about how hot they were in that movie online. Ensue the embarrassment, and desperate need to get it removed, that probably won’t happen. Once it’s out there, the more fuss you make about getting it off, the more it can become coveted by hardcore voyeurs. Look into the hacked porn for your kind of exciting erotica. You’ll find a whole world of undercover sex that you’ve been missing.

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