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Let Your Dirty Fantasies Fly

All of those movie monsters have always done a little something extra for you when you watch them. It’s not that you don’t get the joy of being scared, as they chase down their human prey for whatever devilish act they’re trying to get up to, but you actually get excited. Not just an adrenaline rush, but aroused to the point where you might need to excuse yourself from polite company to rub one out.

Those demons, with their wings and fangs, really get you excited. You’ve started imagining their giant cocks in your dreams and what you’d like to do to them. The succubae that have crossed the silver screen with their huge tits, batwings, and barbed tails, have sparked a lust in you that you’re not even sure what to do with. This otherworldly fixation is the kind of fantasy that’s not that readily available to have fulfilled.

Porn out there has some fun roleplaying fantasies that delve into the monster side of your wet dreams, but you’d really like to tailor it more to your needs. Is it possible? Will you ever be able to live out that goblin orgy you keep dreaming about. Will those orc sluts ever knock on your door to deliver the hardcore fuck you’ve been aching for? Looks like it’s time to tune in to monster games, and bring those monstrous fantasies to life.

Build out the monster you wish to be, or be fucked by, and the scenario. Take the reigns into your own devious hands, and explore how far your monster hardcore desires can go. With the JerkDolls worlds at your fingertips, the gameplay will keep you engaged as if you were actually in the game doing the fucking yourself, and the graphics and sound will pull the rest of your senses right into the mix.

Monster Cock Stuffing Those Holes

Dirty slut getting filled in every hole by monster cock after monster cock, until she’s just brimming with their cum.

Vampires and Werewolves Oh MY!

Those creatures of myth and legend, that terrorize small villages in the Carpathian mountains, or run amok on the streets of Paris. With fangs and claws they wreak havoc upon mortals across the vast landscape of our imaginations. Their forms at times are human, or humanlike, but that doesn’t detract from the fact that they’re still monsters. Like humans, monsters have desires as well.

Desires that may be filled with bloodlust a lot of the time, but also the kind of desires that run along the carnal lines. These monsters want to sink their teeth into necks, and shove their cocks into holes, with an equal ferocity. Do you need them to choose just one? Well, for the sake of a good porn moment, maybe ease off on the bloodlust, and jump further into the cum lust.

With the sure of so many people wanting to fuck a vampire or werewolf, especially since the Underworld and Twilight films, there needs to be a space for everyone to run wild with these fantasies. A place for all of the goth chicks and dudes that have wanted to become part of the dark scene in a more sexual way. The magical spot where your darkest fantasies of the myth and legend take root, and become the orgy you’ve always wanted to be a part of.

This is the magic of the JerkDolls monster games. The place where you can live out all of your mythical monster fantasies down to the smallest twisted detail. Nosferatu wishes he’d had it as deliciously devious as you do, but he doesn’t because he’s dust in the wind, and you are viral and stroking your cock to some serious monster game magic. They may not shine like diamonds in the sun, but they will fuck like the monsters of myth and legend.

Greatest Moments Captured Inside

Green Mean Fuck Machines

The fun taboo of monster porn is that these are the creatures you’ll never be able to actually fuck them. They are the creatures of the sexy nightmares you have, where tentacles are used for so much more than just grabbing things. Chimera creatures made up of many different things, giving the perfect mix of scary and sexy that your devious imagination can run with. Every little detail of these terrifying monsters is important for the fantasy you have in mind.

Perhaps some demons and darklings are the bedroom playmates you’ve been imagining, with sharp claws, wicked teeth, and skin like rubbery leather. Your fantasy is yours, and it should be filled out to every tiny detail. The movies and animation you watch come close to filling out some of the dark wet dreams you’ve been having. With sexy Japanese girls in tiny skirts getting fucked by tentacled demons from another dimension, and then transforming into powerful succubae themselves, you get a little taste of the kind of action you want to see.

It still feels a little distant though. Being just the voyeur in your monster porn fantasy isn’t quite as fulfilling as it could be, especially if you were the one controlling the action. This is the time for some monster games. Where you’ll choose the kind of monster you want to control, and the sexy sluts you want to fuck. No longer will you be on the sidelines of your sexy nightmarish fantasies.

Get in the driver’s seat of your demonic fantasies, and revel in the amazing graphics and gameplay. As you shove the giant throbbing tentacle in your animated slut’s mouth, and your massive demon dick in her ass, your own cock will get as hard as a rock. Before you know it, you’ll be king of the fucking monsters.

Most Popular Characters Being Played

Howl At The Poon

In all of the monster movies involving vampires and werewolves, the werewolves rarely get to have as many sex scenes. You have to go back to The Howling to see some more intense werewolf fucking action, where there’s some firelight fucking out in the wilderness between a sexy brunette and a moustachioed stud. When the moon fully rises, and the fucking grows more intense, they start to transform into creatures of tooth and claw.

Most movies since then give barely a head nod towards werewolf fucking. Vampires are always the one’s getting laid by willing victims that want to suck their cocks and then have their blood sucked in return. It’s hot. Vampire sex is definitely an extremely erotic and exciting thing to watch, but the wild werewolf needs to get more of their due.

Those sexy monster beasts have the primal edge of being super strong wild beasts with giant cocks to match. All that fur, teeth, and claws, can be put to sexy use in the right hands. Why not build out the scene where you’re the giant werewolf fucking a big titty vampire slut that has had centuries of learning her way around a cock.

Your throbbing furry cock fills every hole of your prey, as you grab her hair and slide your dick back and forth between her ass and her pussy. Let loose with some wild howls as you rock some vampire pussy, and then have a threesome with a human woman too. Create the kind of orgy you’ve always wanted to see in the movies, but no one has the balls to make. Make yourself the director and star of your own personal dark fantasy.

Screenshots From Inside The Game

Ravaged By A Monster

So many monster cocks to be sucked and fucked by the dirty sluts that can’t get enough throbbing monstrous dicks inside them.

Raging, Roaring, And Lots Of Fucking

Ogres, goblins, orcs, and a horde of so many more monsters are finally getting their due in the porn world. This is due to the incredible software and hardware advances in the tech industry that the world of adult entertainment embraces with open arms and wet pussy. With the cutting-edge graphics and gameplay, the creatures in the adult game world have taken on increasing realism in their movements and look.

Gamers are able to create the avatar they want to fuck with, cock size, look, etc., and then build out the participants in their sexual fantasies. Yes, humans fucking other humans is always going to be hot and steamy, but now the options are even more varied.

You’re a fan of Lord of the Rings, and often thought to yourself about what it would be like to me well-muscled orc that has just captured an elven warrior princess. You’re not thinking about eating her, but you do want to eat her out. The way her tight buttocks moves when she’s in battle caught your eye, and you want to see if that ass can take the massive throbbing orc dick you have swinging between your legs. Your interrogation of this prisoner begins by stripping off the little bits of clothing she has left, and roaring in her face.

Instead of looking afraid she seems excited, and you can see a little drip of moisture between her legs. That little slut has been rubbing her clit while she was waiting in the tent for you to begin. First you have her on her knees, and those pretty elven lips wrap around your orc cock as you fuck her mouth.

This action will get as hot as you want it to, since you’ll be in the driver’s seat of the gameplay. Other than how hard your cock in real life is going to be, the hardest part will be not cumming all over the place before you finish the game.

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