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Full Outfit Control at Jerk Dolls

When it comes to games, we like to think that the outfits are some of the most important things that you can truly focus on. That's why we decided to put together this stellar collection of titles which all revolve around a single theme: great dressing up titles where you have full control over the outfits that each and every girl wears while you're getting down and dirty. Depending on your tastes, you can fully control how these sluts look and everything associated with their aesthetic.

One look at the real world will show you that men are very much interested in the outfits that ladies decide to wear and with these dress up titles, you'll be given the control you want and without any of the bullshit attached. Imagine a sex simulation environment where you're the director and get full access to a huge wardrobe of goodies – can you think of anything more sensual than that?

The great thing about Jerk Dolls is that we will continue to create wonderful games in this niche that deliver a world-class experience unlike anything you've seen before. While the other places are headed south, we're just picking up steam and hiring more people to create great items of fashion that they can add to our titles. We do so much research in this domain too: you'd be amazed at just how varied the world of apparel can be! The genre doesn't just stop at kinky outfits or short dresses: you're going to find a lot more than that inside. Suffice to say that the best guys in the business for great outfit gaming is the team here at Jerk Dolls.

Schoolgirls And Nurses To Fuck!

Whatever you like about outfits and garments, these sluts will make you cum in an instant!

Nurse Or Nun – You Decide!

Alongside having straight-up dressing titles that allow you to customize outfits any way you see fit, a number of our releases are also themed around one specific archetype, if you will. What do we mean by this, exactly? Well, you've got yourself some nuns, as well as nurses, doctors, police officers and everything else in between. There are clothes that are 100% associated with these roles and because of that, we can really hone in on making these as seductive and saucy as possible.

Jerk Dolls has a great collection of games with dozens of different themed characters – all of which you can interact with and eventually fuck! Don't go thinking that these are just one-outfit wonders, though – not only do we have a variety of colors to play around with, but a huge number of cuts, sizes and so on are also included in the games we produce. Hell, one of our most popular games themed around female police officers actually has 31,294 unique combinations that you can play around with – pretty sweet, eh? These ladies even have a few different truncheons with optional attachments that they may – or may not – use to pleasure their pussies. Do you want to stroke your cock to the sights of a sexy police woman in her outfit dildo fucking herself? Then you've hit the right spot online! Jerk Dolls is all about that, plus a whole lot more.

Alongside profession-themed outfits, we also have a few to do with various activities, such as tennis, football and even skydiving! The world's your oyster here and you'll get a lot of control and ability to fiddle around with whatever you want. Don't waste your time with the closed minded producers that can't think about the bigger picture: we want you to be able to fuck a chick in a parachute who's hurtling toward Earth at terminal velocity. Is it really gaming if you can't do that? We don't think so!

Greatest Moments Captured Inside

The Best BDSM Attire

One of the most popular subsections when it comes to the outfit niche is surely that with regard to BDSM: they've pretty much cornered the market when it comes to how outfits influence our views on sex and intimacy. Thankfully, our team has assembled one of the most alluring and delicious collections of kinky sex games that you'll find on the Internet. We hope you've got a decent computer – you're going to need it after spending all day and all night fiddling around with various kinky outfits!

It starts off at the shoes and believe me: these mistresses and dominatrices just love a good footwear set. Some want to have high heels with a very small point (perfect for busting balls) or just a pair of thick, thigh-high boots that tells the world they're a kinky bitch with a love of pleasuring – and torturing men. Most of our games have dozens of footwear choices: especially the ones that you'll find under our bondage category. You can lick them, take them off or even take these babes to the local store so they can drain your credit card and get more of the shoes they love!

After the shoes are settled, it's time to start looking at the main outfit. Feel like having a bondage bitch in a latex cat suit? Perhaps something more submissive is relevant to your interests? It's all up for grabs here at Jerk Dolls! Oh, and optional accessories are always great when it comes to dress up games: we're talking about collars to put those sluts in their place or a pair of handcuffs to really show who's in charge. We've also got a fine selection of face masks and other associated head attachments to take your gaming experience to the next level. Dressing up these sluts to your every desire is a walk in the park – just sign up and see for yourself.

Most Popular Characters Being Played

Full Body Control Inside

Something that very obviously goes hand in hand with the dress up niche is having the ability to dictate how a particular woman looks when she's completely naked – this is something that we're more than happy to provide you with access to! Jerk Dolls has one of the best engines in the world that offers full customization over a whole host of different measurements. If you thought that designing the sexiest slut in the world was something impossible, think again. We're going to give you a whole new experience here that breaks every notion you had when it comes to what's possible.

Body shape and size is the core principle here: after all, different clothes look different depending on the exact woman that you're engaging with. Prefer ladies with a bit of heft? Well, that's no problem – we're able to cater to your desires! Naturally, we also have tiny body size metrics if you want your own Piper Perri. What's beautiful about this system is that you get what you want: no matter what that is. Putting control in the player's hands is something that we constantly strive to deliver!

You can also fiddle and play around with a number of optional decisions, such as whether the girl has piercings or tattoos, and options regarding where they are and what they look like. This has long been one of our favorite things to provide access to: who doesn't love a whore with a gorgeous leg tattoo running up to her pussy that's also wearing a miniskirt? It's something that'll make you shoot your load off time and time again. There's so much control here that you'll feel like a god – especially with how pretty and seductive the renderings are! Dress up games have never looked so good.

Screenshots From Inside The Game

Design The Perfect Fuck Doll

We give you complete control over the fashion with these games – design the perfect broad!

Storylines And More To Boot

While dressing up your favorite slut in an outfit that's perfect for her is all well and good: you want to make sure that the game you're playing actually has some level of storyline associated with it, right? After all – the plot is what makes a lot of sex taboo! Outfits help in this regard, but not as much as location, dialog and everything else that goes into setting a great fucking scene.

Our writers have been on overtime here since the very start: they've studied the best books around to bring you a seductive collection of themes that'll have you cumming over and over again. This crosses the line between great and well, into something that's truly epic. We're breaking all of the rules and taking you into a new world of seductive and sexual awakening. Study this – you'll soon see that we're the best folks in the game at providing games in this genre.

Many of the storylines we release also provide you with many options so that you can go into the direction that you want: no questions asked. We'll assume for the moment that you're someone who likes making decisions – in which case, Jerk Dolls has you covered with these fantastic games! You pick the outfits, the locations, the action and everything else in between: the player is in control here and that's something that we absolutely love about our community!

So do yourself a big favor: get the fapping tissues ready and embark on an adventure that'll be sure to show you the world of sexy taboo gaming like you've never seen it before. Clothing addicts are coming back here multiple times per day to play the fantastic dress-up titles we've got!

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