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The Totally Free Collection

Hello there and welcome to Jerk Dolls' library of alien games. As you can probably tell from looking around here, we're addicted to creating the best games in the porn business that are themed around a wide variety of niches. In this particular area, you're going to see something that breaks from tradition: aliens as our focus!

Extraterrestrial erotic games are pretty rare to find, but the good news for you is that if you're into this freaky niche and all of the stuff that comes with it, you're going to have a great time going through our collection and enjoying the fruits of our labor. Just make sure you've got a towel or something handy – if the idea here turns you on, chances are that you're going to be shooting off thick loads of cum in next to no time at all. Jerk Dolls knows how to handle its business and that's often going to involve you cumming time and time again – hope you're ready!

As mentioned in the title here, access to Jerk Dolls is completely free of charge, so you can enjoy the entire database of alien games we have without having to pay us a single penny. After looking at the competition – both adult-themed and mainstream – we realized that the free to play model was the best way to go forward. It allows us to focus extensively on giving you access to the goodies you want without breaking the bank, and it also puts a lot of pressure on us to continue creating great games. After all, if we can't keep you around without forcing you to pay in the first place, are we really delivering a good experience? That's just something that Jerk Dolls loves to explore and we're confident you're going to enjoy every last second of the time you have inside our collection!

The Best Alien Games

Good luck finding a database of alien games as good as ours. We know ET porn better than anyone!

Addicted To Quality

One thing you'll notice immediately once you play a few of the games we have at Jerk Dolls is that our developer team is absolutely focused on objective quality above all other metrics when it comes to giving you access to the games we have. It might sound strange, but when you compare what we have to the other spots out there – there really is no way you can compare what's going on. We beat them mercilessly, because we adapted to the demands of the industry and were willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to give everyone the games they want.

No excuses, no bullshit – just great XXX gaming that's going to have you shooting ropes over and over again. We achieve this by using the latest and greatest technology available to us, which comes in the form of the WebGL engine. Those who might know their stuff will probably realize the incredible benefit this serves: you're able to enjoy everything that Jerk Dolls has without having to actually download anything! That's right – access to Jerk Dolls' alien games is done entirely through the browser. So even if you're skeptical about the safety of porn sites and whatever else, you won't need to grab any local files – it's all done through the browser!

The second benefit of this is the simple fact that we're able to allow you to access the games we have on your mobile devices – as well as tablets. Sure, the gameplay might not be primed for that, but we've made a commitment that at least 50% of our games being produced in the future have a 'mobile mode', which makes it a piece of piss for you to game on while you're just on your phone or whatever else. We were virgins to this idea at first with just a focus on the desktop performance, but now that we're here, the end result is absolutely stellar for everyone. Alien porn game lovers unite!

Greatest Moments Captured Inside

Great Gameplay

Okay, so our games do look fantastic – but there's more to be gained here than just a pretty picture. We also happen to have a hell of a lot of great gameplay action for you to chow down on. These alien games not only look great, they play fantastic too! We didn't want to get too bogged down into one direction though, so you're going to see a lot of variety in this space. It's important that we don't put all of our eggs into one basket, as it's really obvious to us that variety is what keeps Jerk Dolls better than the other places out there.

Note that this is a permanent decision too – no copying and pasting of assets because we're not about that life! Every new game starts with a blank slate and we also work with different groups of developers and artists so that they can add their own flair and influence to the games we offer. Sound like something you might be interested in? Well – feel free to create your account right now and get into the mix, friend! We've got the visual quality and the gameplay quality across all of our alien games to make you cum over and over again. Your cock better be prepared, because we're about to push that thing to the absolute limit.

I think it's wise for me to mention that everything you see here on Jerk Dolls is produced in-house with a big focus on keeping it that way. This means that if you want to play our collection of games, you have no choice but to sign up and access them directly through us. It might seem like a bit of a weird decision, but our no licensing rule is a great way for us to keep our secrets exactly that – secret! Maybe if an advanced alien lifeform came down and asked us to cough up the game source code we would – until that happens, it's staying under lock and key!

Most Popular Characters Being Played

The Community Experience

Alongside having all of these incredible games, Jerk Dolls has a pleasant community atmosphere that we think is key to keeping people coming back time and time again to get their hands on the supercharged XXX material we have in our wheelhouse. Jerk Dolls' gaming warehouse comes attached with a forum that is probably the best way to discuss long-form things with other gamers. Each category has its own section, as well as all of the games that you can find inside.

The forums are also a fantastic way for you to give us feedback on your experiences with Jerk Dolls and the titles contained therein. We're incredibly focused on giving everyone the best experience possible, which naturally means listening to their complaints and ensuring that we're ready to give them a great gaming session going forward – come rain or come shine. We see it as a threat to our platform if gamers aren't able to chat with us and say what they want. The more details you give us about your time on Jerk Dolls, the better!

Another key piece of the puzzle that I want to mention is the Discord server. It's huge right now – we weren't expecting it to get to this size either! People come on in to the server to talk about a whole host of different topics and with instant feedback and discussions from other gamers, it's a prime piece of real estate for you horny gamers that want to let off loads. There's even a huge area there for you to just share porn – including an alien category if that's what floats your boat. Come to think of it, if you're reading this particular section of the website, you're probably all about that extraterrestrial porn gaming life. Want some rule 34 to go with that? No problem!

Screenshots From Inside The Game

Terrific Community Features

Talk with other alien addicts, share rule 34 material and much more across the Jerk Dolls community!

The Future Of Jerk Dolls

While things here at Jerk Dolls right now are pretty damn sweet, I do want to make it clear to you that going forward, we're going to have a lot of things open to us that will make the whole experience absolutely incredible. The most important thing to note about our platform is that we're constantly updating it and adding new games across all of the niches we provide. For the alien section, we're aiming to add around 5 new games in the next 12 months. This might be 4, it might be 8 – it all depends on when we feel that the games are ready to be shared with the wider public. A quick look at the mainstream industry will show you that publishing games before they're actually ready to go out live is a pretty big mistake. We don't want to fall for that trap, so we won't – only the best games are going to be given to our gamers because that's what they deserve!

Having said that, if you feel like you could contribute to the forward development of Jerk Dolls, it might be an idea for you to opt into our beta testing environment, which will allow you to basically play all of the games we have before they go live. Note that these games are in beta testing, so we cannot guarantee that they're going to be perfect and delicious – quite the opposite, in fact! There will be bugs, but how else can be create the best damn porn gaming platform if we're not willing to put it all on the line?

Okay friends, I think that covers the basics of our alien porn gaming catalogue: while I could type all day about the amazingness of JD, I think it's time to stop there and let you sign up for yourself to see what's going on. Thanks for coming along – happy jerking!

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