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Perhaps one of the most enjoyable erotic fetishes out there is parody content: especially when this stuff gets ported to video games. What are parody titles, exactly? Well, for those who aren't too sure on this topic: let me go ahead and give you a decent little look at what Jerk Dolls has been working on over the last few years so you can get a taste of what's to come if you decide to sign up. Since the inception of this little project, we've been determined to appeal to as many people as possible – what better way to do that than to sex up whatever it is they've already been looking at?

Parody Porn Games: Play Them At JerkDolls!Parody content is simply taking an existing concept from media and then making a sexy game from it. We're talking about your favorite TV shows, superheroes, video game characters and so on: if they're famous and you want to see them fuck, there's a good chance that you'll find them inside Jerk Dolls. Our team works day and night to offer everyone out there access to the very best in parody entertainment – you won't be disappointed with what you find, that's for sure!

We like to source our parody inspiration from a number of different locations, plus all of the games are different, so you'll never have the same experience more than once. This offering is something that we haven't found anywhere else online, so we're pretty confident that we're the only developers out there who are actually in this line of work. This has naturally built up quite a lot of traffic for us, but we're keen to see where it goes and we won't stop pumping out great parody porn titles if it's the type of thing that you're looking for. Jerk Dolls is in this for the long haul, so buckle up and get your gaming fingers ready – you'll be needing them.

Realistic Artwork And Parody Style

Keeping true to the original content vibe is important for us. Check out the accuracy!

League Of Legends Titles

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take on the sexiest sluts from Summoner's Rift? Everyone knows that Riot Games have designed pretty much every chick in their titles to look like a total whore: chances are that they're doing this so that porn parody material is very easy to produce. We have 5 LoL-themed porn parody releases available right now – all of them 100% exclusive to the Jerk Dolls experience.

We're talking about a dating simulator where you can find the likes of Caitlyn and Ahri hanging out in a bar, hoping to get fucked! We also have a turn-based strategy game similar to Final Fantasy where you'll put your mind up against the toughest enemies in the pursuit of Rift pussy. League of Legends XXX games have always been something we wanted to work on – now we've got the time and the ability to do exactly that, we cannot wait for everyone to see the end results!

Perhaps the best aspect of our League of Legends parody sex games is the fact that you get artwork that is genuinely true to what the characters are actually like. We've seen enough eye sores over the years to realize that if your parody material doesn't look authentic, people aren't going to bother spending that much time on accessing your goods.

Jerk Dolls wants to create a library with a difference: rest assured that these sexy champions are going to have you cumming time and time again! We've got some of the hottest whores too: Shyvana's tight dragon pussy and Riven's asshole are literally begging to be violated: will you do the honors? It's time for you to take up the battle and show Faker that you're the true king of the rift – well, when it comes to fucking the enemy mid laner, maybe he's got you beat, but still!

Greatest Moments Captured Inside

Inspiration From Our Fans

Something that separates what we do from everyone else is our commitment to non-stop communication with the people who make our place a great destination to be. See, we know that demand is the most important thing for our titles, so we're constantly consulting the people who actually engage with our platform to get an idea of what it is that they desire. We've got lots of tools available for you to give us your feedback too, including an email address that we check every day, official forums with a feedback section and perhaps the best of all – a Discord server that allows you to talk directly with developers to let them know what you're thinking and more importantly, what parody games you want to see in the future on Jerk Dolls.

Don't go thinking this is just an empty platitude either: last year we developed a parody title themed around Borderlands 3 because a few guys got together and told us that the artwork style would be a challenge, but something fresh for all of the gamers inside to actually enjoy. We agreed and well – let's just say that if you want to turn Borderlands into Bangerlands, we've got you covered.

Games inside are regularly updated and if we find specific titles with more attention and admiration than others, we'll use those metrics to determine what we should release new content for next. That's right: none of our games are every truly 'finished' and there's always the potential that we'll come back in the not too distant future to push out a fresh content expansion. How many other parody gaming hubs with a sex focus do you know who'd be willing to do that? Not many, we can promise you that!

Most Popular Characters Being Played

Final Fantasy And Beyond

Some of the most cherished characters from video games have obviously got to be attributed to Final Fantasy: we've got you covered if you want to enjoy a parody title that has your favorite heroes from that epic series. Naturally, the biggest source of erotic goodness we have right now is Final Fantasy VII, mainly because the remake got everyone hot under the collar – especially when we saw the Jessie angle playing out and realized just how hot of a theme that was. Oh, and if you think that our parody FFVII games will be filled with stupid grunting every two seconds, think again!

We understand it's popular with the Japanese crowd, but come on! That shit was absolutely ridiculous: you can be comfortable knowing that the FFVII action inside is completely grunt-free. We've also done a fantastic job of getting the artwork as clean as possible: it looks like the remake, only with a lot more hardcore fucking and sucking. You'll also finally get to see what's up Tifa's skirt – she's a naughty little slut, that much I can tell you!

Other characters you'll find from Final Fantasy include the likes of Rikku, Paine and Rinoa: we've done fans a complete service here by ensuring that we cover the most popular out there. Fun fact: we did our research by looking a number of different Rule 34 and doujinshi libraries to get an idea of what it is everyone wants. Talk about going the extra mile for our visitors! Jerk Dolls has the very best Final Fantasy sexy gaming parody fun, so why not create your account right now and see for yourself what we've managed to curate?

Screenshots From Inside The Game

Suggest Your Own Parody Inspirations

Got an idea for a title you want us to parody? Drop an email or connect to the Discord!

Artwork Accuracy And Priorities

We have made it an absolute priority here at Jerk Dolls to focus extensively on making sure that our games have great artwork accuracy. This means being able to actually copy the original style of the piece that we have, as well as add any twist or change that we think is appropriate. While our artists generally get a lot of freedom when we get them to create their delicious visuals for us: we're incredibly strict when it comes to the parody material.

We actually pay them to sit down and watch the original content for dozens of hours so they get a good understanding of what each character is about, how they move, what their personality is like and so on. This might not sound interesting to too many of you, but it's an important step that we absolutely must take if we want to be able to get people coming back time and time again. We're incredibly firm on this and the results speak for themselves: everyone knows that the best porn parody gaming action is available right here. We don't mess around!

As a result of this commitment to sticking to the original artwork, you'll also find that a lot of the games we have play on themes associated with the content you'll find. It wouldn't make much sense to have Marge Simpson going on an epic adventure in some magical land, right? She's headed to the Kwik-E-Mart to have a, well, you know, quickie! Same goes for Skyrim, Cyberpunk 2077 and everything else: the team are proud of their creations and we think you're going to agree with us that they really know how to put together a stellar parody title. So, with that in mind, how about you come on in and see for yourself what Jerk Dolls has become? It's epic, that's for sure!

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