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Filmed On An Iphone

Everyone always has a phone on them nowadays. There’s hardly a moment when someone isn’t pulling out an Iphone to take a picture, Tweet something, or live out that Instagram life that looks so pretty. Think of all of the sexy pictures you, or your friends, get sent from cuties you’ve hooked up with, or girlfriends you’re seeing. Sex and phones have made the natural transition from just sexting, to full on porn shots and videos being sent back and forth. Tits and pussies being fondled and snapshotted for your viewing pleasure.

Giant throbbing dicks on the verge of orgasm photos that are saved for you to send off to those naughtier sluts in your phone directory. It’s not just guys that like to see naked pictures of people getting up to dirty deeds, especially when they’re being done in public places. Women are into it just as much as men, and the myth that they aren’t is just that…a myth. Maybe you can take more than just photos of your penis to send, make the shots a little sexier, use a filter, position yourself well with lighting.

The capabilities of what you can do with an Iphone get you as close to being a professional cameraman, or photographer, as possible without gear that costs thousands of dollars. So challenge yourself with upping your game of sexy photos and videos. Ask your date to spread her legs beneath the table your sitting at in a restaurant, and see if you can snap a picture of her pussy while you’re out to eat. She’ll feel like a bad girl, and you’ll be living out your best perv life, so it’s a win-win situation all around. The hot shots you’ll be able to get with your Iphone will rival the professional work you find online, or in magazines. Start practicing for your own private porn shoot, because it’s right around the corner if you keep working that phone magic.

Can Those Tits Fit On This Phone

Watch the massive tits of this buxom slut get fucked with as many dicks as she can take, because it’s all about the cum facial for her.

The Sexy Porn iPhone

Lights…Phone…Porn Action! The new cry of the modern amateur porn director, ever since the incredible advances in phone technology have turned anyone that knows how to point and click, into the next artist. With the constant running of today, now even making amateur porn can all be done on the go. Phone porn makes up a huge percentage of porn being filmed, especially from amateurs, and there’s no reason that number will ever go down. You now have a decent quality video camera right in your pocket at all times.

Yes, you could spend your days filming sunsets, and cats playing in sunbeams, but why not put your dirty mind to some creative use. Your girlfriend always talks about how she wants you both to be more passionate during sex, so maybe it’s time to talk about filming you both fucking. See if the added attention of your Iphone as the voyeur gets the juices flowing even faster. What at first seems like acting, could really spark a fire between you two. Say all the dirty things you’ve heard in your favorite adult movies, but say them to your girlfriend as you fuck her. Film her swallowing your cock and gagging on it.

Catch the moans of ecstasy as she rides you cowgirl, pounding up and down on your cock with her tits bouncing feverishly. With your camera you can savor the look on her face as your dick slowly slides into her ass, and she starts to cry out, but then tells you she wants more. There will be so much hot material for you to capture on your Iphone, and later on, after you’ve both recuperated from your nasty fuck filming, you can watch it together and get riled all over again. Just remember not to share it on accident when your sending pictures to people, or that might be the last film she ever lets you make.

Greatest Moments Captured Inside

Masturbation Games On The Go

You want to play a video game. You want to masturbate. You won’t be able to get to your PC for a number of hours still, and that’s your command center from where you get most of your gaming and masturbating done. What’s a horny gamer to do? It’s time to whip out your phone and your cock at the same time, and tune in to the Jerkdolls Iphone games. Now you’ll be able to accomplish both, and still not be sitting at your computer at home. With the advent of online games comes the incredible ability to both jerk-off, and unleash your gamer self upon the world.

You’ll be able to do all of this using your phone, if you’re also someone that is constantly on the go, or wants some devious entertainment while in public. Creating the big tittied babes with beautiful asses, and lips that were just meant to wrap themselves around a cock, that you’re going to put into fantastical porn scenarios, will all be accessible from your phone. It won’t be a matter of whether you can play a game on the go, but how many times you’ll be able to get off from start to finish once you’ve begun your game playing. The hyper-realistic graphics, along with the stunning audio and gameplay, will make not cumming the hardest part about it.

Something to remember once you’re playing adult games in public is that the massive hard-on will be hard to hide. If that’s a specific kink of yours, then have at it with wild abandon. Just make sure the folks in the grocery line aren’t paying too much attention to you, or you might find a bit more of a legal problem at the end of you sexy gaming journey.

Most Popular Characters Being Played

Cocks Hard And Phones Filming

When it’s time to get some fun action on the go you have all of the equipment you need right in the palm of your hand. With the current Iphones out there, the incredible advances in technology have brought the sexy into everyone’s hands. The accessibility of porn has grown ever vaster, and the quality of it has increased just as much. There’s even access to VR games on your Iphone, with the proper attachments of course, but the technology is there.

Graphics have gone leaps and bounds ahead with the advancements of the incredible software and hardware to go with it. With 5G increasing the speed of downloads, and 4K HD being steadily available with the increasing amount of movies coming out, the adult industry has embraced the stream of advancements with open arms. The days of jerky movements and slow download speeds are long gone, and the stunning men and women of porn are displayed in their full glory. Cocks will be seen in all of their veiny throbbing glory as pussies get pounded, and asses get filled to the brim with cum.

The cream pies will be oozing out of every hole, with the pearly cum looking like it was ejaculated right in front of you. Hard nipples attached to beautiful huge breasts will be bouncing up and down in their full glory, and the look will be so real that you might try to reach into your phone to play with them. Not too mention the sexy meta moments of watching porn on your Iphone, that was filmed on an Iphone. You won’t be able to take your eyes off of it, except to wipe up after you’ve cum everywhere. Get into the world of Iphone porn in every way possible, and you might just end up in your favorite porn movie starring you.

Screenshots From Inside The Game

Loud And Proud

These dirty sluts are going to cum so loudly that you might have to turn you phone down so the neighbours don’t hear your porn.

First Timers Don’t Mind A Phone

It can take some convincing, that first time you talk a partner into filming something erotic. Pictures might be an easier beginning, making a sexy photo shoot that your partner can use costumes in, or be in a comfortable setting, may add to the accessibility. The more at ease everyone can feel when doing your first filmed erotica scene, will add to the passion behind each captured moment. With Iphones being at the ready at any given moment, and the incredible filming capabilities available on them, you won’t have to take a lot of time setting up equipment. In fact, one of the only attachments you might need will be a stand to place the phone in.

Choose some music that entices both of you, and start with taking sexy pictures of you and your partner. Remote control access is available, and comes with some of the different stands you can purchase, so you won’t have to constantly be touching your camera once you start the scene. As you work your way into the photo shoot, talk with your sexy comrade about possibly filming the smoking hot energy that runs between you both. You’ll find that the more comfortable, and connected, you can maintain during this shoot, will only enhance the natural passions just waiting to be explored.

Take into account that it’s a first-time experience, possibly just for her, but maybe for you as well, and try not to get frustrated with any hiccups. Keeping the environment filled with positive sexy energy, and focusing on your partner’s needs, will help have a memorable porn experience. Making sexy memories that you can both get off to later is not only going to be fun, but will help you both explore your inner porn stars, and your voyeur kink, all at the same time. A win for anyone with an Iphone!

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