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Free adult games are waiting for you right here on JerkDolls, the site that thinks about its fanbase first. These aren’t the shitty free games that other sites give out, while saving all of the quality for paying customers. Our games are filled with all of the best hardcore fucking action you can get, all rolled into the most entertaining package available. The sexy sluts of other sites paid games will pale in comparison to the luscious tits and ass of the incredible hotties on our sites.

You’ll see every tiny detail programmed to perfection in the massive tits, realistic nipples, bodacious bodies, bubble butts, and even the realistic nature of the tattoos being sported. It will look like some of your favorite bad girl porn stars have just walked out of the movies and into your flexible gamer fingertips. Imagine the punk rock porn chick you’ve always wanted to fuck, and there she is in high-def detail, all the way down to her tight little cunt, and sexy asshole. She’s sporting that plaid skirt, torn shirt, and suspenders, with a side of combat boots, and as soon as you make the right moves that clothing starts dropping to the floor.

It’s going to be anarchy in that tight little ass today, and you didn’t have to pay anything to play with this gorgeous little sexpot. You’ll enjoy every moment in our exciting free adult games, with a variety of fun fucking action to choose from. It’s all about what our gamers want. We’ve been reading your grievances with other games out there. Doing our research into what kinds of things get you hot and bothered while playing sexually explicit games, and what kinds of things don’t. We have built these exciting worlds just for you, and now we want you to play for free.

Will you have the option to pitch some cash in for different power-ups, items, character skins, etc.? Of course! But the free adult games will be just that...FREE TO PLAY. You are going to be in there with the characters you create fucking the realistic smoking hot girls and guys that our programmers have taken time putting together. It’s all about you having fun for free, with some options that you can add on if you choose to.

Mods are fun to play with, and you’ll have plenty to choose from. This isn’t about excluding anyone from playing. These games are too good to not let everyone experience them. It would be like having the Holy Grail of sex and then not letting anyone else drink from it. We’re givers, and we want you to enjoy the incredible gift of online game fucking. It’s all about your desires, wants, and needs. We love hearing feedback from players as well, and seriously find your input to be essential. With your cock in one hand, and your keyboard/mouse in the other, you can enjoy sexy games the way they were meant to be played…absolutely FREE.

Extremely Easy To Fuck

These dirty sluts are going to free the cum from every cock onscreen, because they can’t get enough of that hot cum.

Games Within Games

An exciting avenue of the wild world of our free adult games is the concept of games within games. There are plenty of party games out there for people to get up to, when they happen to have the right kind of friends all together that aren’t uptight about sex. Those boxes often sit on a shelf for the longest time collecting dust, and you never get to see how debauched they can turn out to be. We have the fantastical worlds created for you, with tons of sexy characters, that can play some of those raunchy adult party games for you.

It will get as naughty as you want it to, since you’ll be in control. Strip poker can turn into fuck poker between a princess and some troglodytes that live in a nearby tower she sneaks off to for some erotic release from her royal duties. It’s all going to be up to you and what fun things your twisted imagination can come up with. Perhaps it’s all about cards with tantric sex positions, and you have to see how many you character can fuck in with the hot vixen on the screen before you fall down; A sexual twister with cards instead of a spinner. The sensual meta-nature, because yes, we’re all sexy nerds at heart, and playing out exciting erotic games within games is the next step in ultimate eroticism. It’s twice the active voyeurism for no cost, when you play our free games.

It’s about getting the most out of your erotic play time, when it comes to our free adult games online. We don’t want anyone to walk away with an average experience, we want all of you to have an incredible time. The kind of time that leaves you sticky, with your eyes rolled back in your head, and your hands trembling with pleasure. All of the fantasies you’ve bottled up will come alive the moment you login and choose your favorite games to play. The choices will be plentiful, the tits will be realistic and beautiful, the asses will jiggle, the cocks will be veiny throbbing monsters, and the hardcore fucking will make you feel like you’re right there yourself.

Sunlight will shimmer off of the muscular bodies of women, men, and crazy creatures of all sorts, as you plow your way through the intense scenarios, and wild adventures. You will become the player and the game master, as the intricacy of each sensual puzzle is unlocked under your deft hands and realized sexual desires. Is it you, or your character, fucking in this exquisitely crafted world of slutty wonders. You’ll have a hard time telling the difference, since you’ll be as hard as your character the whole time you’re playing. Add the special mods for that extra sense of realism to match your hot vision of your character. Come and live out your wettest dreams and most devious desires for FREE, in our games of sexy fantasy!

Greatest Moments Captured Inside

Group Sex Your Way, Three Way, Four Way!

Watching three dudes stuff every hole of some hot porn star isn’t a bad way to spend a few hours. What if you could be the one making all the action happen. You’ve wanted some incredibly dirty slut to beg for the girthy long dicks filling every orifice, and you have had so many thoughts about how it should play out. In our free games you’ll be able to tailor the scenes to your dirtiest fantasies. You won’t be beholden to any director’s visions of how you should experience some hot DVDA action. There will be no limits as to what the actors will, or won’t, do in the orgies you’ll be able to design.

Every bit of hardcore fucking will flow together according to your needs. The big titty neighbor next door will invite you and your two friends in for some tea, cookies, pussy pounding action, as you designate who gets to fill which hole. Maybe you want it to get a little wilder. Time to invite the whole neighborhood in for the best orgy block party that’s ever been. The fucking will be as epic as you want to make it, and the characters will work with you to form the most amazing sex scenes possible. No longer will you just be watching somebody else’s fantasy, you’ll be making yours come to life.

Get that mind back in the gutter and start imagining the sloppiest cum-guzzling sex you can think of, because it’s time to make it real. With great power…comes a lot of devious fun. Our sexy games have the best to offer when it comes to limitless hardcore fucking. You’re not bound by gravity, because that only applies to the real world. You’re not bound by species, because all of the mythological creatures will be at your disposal. Magic? It’s here! Heaving breasts in scraps of armor, with details so exquisite you can make out the definition of their nipples down to tiniest bumps? They will be everywhere you want them to be! That’s right.

We have created worlds for you to fuck your way through in so many different ways. The orgies of ancient times will be at your disposal, because you’ll bring the other characters together to have them. You’ve never read anything as naughty as what you’ll get up to in the worlds just waiting for you. Movies will pale in comparison to the cum-drenched adventures of the character you create, as you solve mysteries, cast spells, and unlock powerful orgasms from the countless sluts you’ll encounter. Connecting with other players in forums, increasing the realism of every fantastical fuck session with the more experience you gain. Learn the best moves.

Build your character to become even better at sex and battle. The hyper-realism of your adventures, be they fantastical, or a bit closer to reality, will only intensify the more you play. You won’t just be playing the most cock-hardening, titty sucking, cum exploding, games out there…you’ll be playing them for FREE!

Most Popular Characters Being Played

Deep You Go The Better It Becomes

Words that are always music to the ears often come in threes. Three words that offer the possibility of incredibly sexy entertainment that won’t cost you a dime. What three words are these? Free Adult Games are the musical words you’ve been waiting to hear.

The creators of JerkDolls realize that so many services out there make you pay to play. That games often end up costing people money to even try to see if they like the game itself. Realizing that they want their fans to be able to play some sexy adult games for free, has set them apart from so many others out there. You’ll be able to login and build a character out to your sexy specifications, and choose from a wide selection of partners to have fun with in the game.

No hidden fees for you to worry about, because the folks at JerkDolls want you to enjoy their free adult games without any stress. They’ve taken the time to build out dynamic worlds for you to live out your best fantasies in, and as you get further into the game-play you’ll have the ability to add-on extras as you choose.

It’s not just about making money, it’s about connecting with the people that love what you do. JerkDolls wants everyone playing their games to know that your sexual fantasies are important to them, and leading your best sexy gamer life is what they want too. Go on out there and start building those sex fantasies into startlingly seductive realities, because the games are waiting for you. Create the characters you’ve wanted to see fuck each other, and then take control of the action and make it the hottest fucking you’ve ever seen.

The games will grow your fantasies into sexy fun realities that will be absolutely free!

Screenshots From Inside The Game

Bring Me Your Excited And Slutty

The crazy orgy of action that ensues in this wild setting will leave these wild animated hotties covered in sticky cum and begging for more.

The Ultimate Sexual Freedom

What fantasies have you been holding onto that haven’t come to fruition onscreen, or in the books and magazines you’ve collected? How many of them are filled with fantastic images, or characters, that haven’t been explored in any films or animations you’ve seen so far.

There’s always a small part of it that falls a little short of your fantasies. But what if there was a game out there that allowed you to create the characters and build out the settings, to tailor the sexual escapades to your particular tastes. You won’t be bound by any of the traditional problems of fulfilling a fantasy, because the games won’t be bound by race, body type, or physics.

The hot alien, or orc babes, of your fantasies will be ready and waiting for you to create them and dole out the sexual tasks. Your choices of location will range from vast desolate post-apocalyptic wastelands, to posh Grecian style mansions filled with naked statues and primed for an orgy olden-times. You want your character to have a massive giant cock, rippling huge muscles, and be an eleven warrior, well you’ll have access to all of these specific modifications. Every sexy partner you want your character to fuck will also be built out to your specifications, and with the later mod additions, be able to evolve as you so choose. You’re not going to feel caged in by the options, because the games are all about exploring your sexual fantasies in a freeing, and free way.

Give yourself the room to fully explore the desires you’ve been holding onto, and the porn games of JerkDolls will help you flush out the sensual dynamics of your erotic fancies and dreams.

You’ll be able to get as hardcore as you can imagine, because these games are all about pushing the boundaries further than ever before.

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