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A Superhero XXX Universe

Hello there – if you're new to JerkDolls, congratulations on stumbling upon the Internet's most loved destination for all things XXX gaming! Since our inception, we've obsessed over creating the world's hottest spot for literally every single porn genre. We recruit and hire the best designers, graphical renderers, game developers and so on so that we can create a database that's bound to make you cum time and time again.

Our mission is to provide the Internet with the most enjoyable and sexually erotic games known to man. Some consider us evil for this – we like to think that we're secret superheroes that are doing the world a massive favor with our inventions. Speaking of superheroes – would you like to play some games themed around them? I sure hope so: we've got an entire cache and database packed full of them which you're free to access right now if you so desire!

Oh, and it's important to realize before you go any deeper that Jerk Dolls is a gaming powerhouse that themes its content around sex and pornography. If you're not looking for an X-rated hero gaming experience, it's probably a good idea for you to head elsewhere because this is exactly what we create and we're not planning on stopping that any time soon. What is it that makes Jerk Dolls so great, you ask? Well – read below and I'll fill you in on all of the details so you get a good, clear view at the skills and systems we have in place to give gamers out there a world-class XXX experience. Remove all of the shit in this industry and well: you're left with something very incredible indeed. Either sign up now or read the full details below – we'll fill you in on all the great things Jerk Dolls has going for it!

A Visual Approach

All of our games look absolutely fantastic! We have the best graphics in the business for XXX superhero games.1

Free Access Forever

One thing a lot of Marvel addicts love is getting something for nothing: that's often considered to be a negative thing, but where I'm from, a free lunch is the best thing in the world! Jerk Dolls is planning to attract a lot of people to its database of games because we actually have the ability to give you free games – no questions asked. Why do we do this, you ask? It's all about mutual alignment of incentives: if we do the superhero thing and pass off games to you with a pornographic feel that are entirely free to play, you only bother doing so if they're good, right?

This is in stark contrast to the alternative, which is forcing you to pay before you play, in which case we don't really care if you have a good time or not. We've seen enough problems from mainstream games to realize that this isn't the optimal approach, so we've instead adopted the strategy similar to League of Legends and CS:GO. By giving away the game to you, we demonstrate value and more important than that, show how serious we are about the future of our projects. Sound like something you might want to get into? Then create your account and be a part of the gang, buddy! It takes less than 60 seconds.

We monetize our hero games by giving you access to various methods of funding if you so desire. These include supporter packs, in-game cosmetic items and special events that you need to pay a little cash for in order to access. Please appreciate that nothing inside Jerk Dolls fits the mold of being 'pay to win'. We're incredibly serious about our work and want to attract people for the long haul – not a short buck to be earned. So in short, if you want some Marvel superhero gaming entertainment with a sex focus, Jerk Dolls is here to provide exactly that to you!

Greatest Moments Captured Inside

An Attractive Environment

The core element and aspect of Jerk Dolls that has given us so much success as of like is the fact that all of our games have the best graphics in the industry. We studied the competition and realized that pretty much every major XXX gaming initiative lacked when it came to the objective quality of their rendering work. Many didn't even support 1080p – the team at Jerk Dolls has 4K as standard across all of our desktop titles! This commitment to visual fidelity made a lot of sense to us: it was even more obvious when we asked the gamers out there what they wanted from a superhero XXX game and they all professed that visual quality is the go-to important factor.

We carry ourselves a lot with our 3D rendering crew and graphical artists: shout-out to you guys for giving Jerk Dolls the edge that it rightfully deserves over all of the competing hubs! As you can probably tell, we're incredibly proud of the job that we're doing here and firmly believe that the superhero future in adult gaming is going to be coming from this type of arrangement. We give you good gameplay with great graphics and you jerk off – doesn't get much easier to understand than that, right?

It's important to realize that Jerk Dolls wants to remove any issues we find, which is why we constantly bug fix our titles and allow you to assist if you really want to! How is this done? Well, you can opt into our superhero beta experience, where we provide you access to games that are currently in development and then ask you to assist us in making them as perfect as possible. You'll be rewarded for your efforts too – especially if you manage to squash bugs and keep Jerk Dolls functioning as the world's best destination for gaming fun. Are you up to the challenge, friend?

Most Popular Characters Being Played

Superhero Gaming On Browsers

Look: we're not going to pretend for a second that the porn industry has a squeaky clean history and that there's nothing to be concerned about here: we understand the risks associated with sites in our domain and we're not looking to punish you for wanting to become a member here. With that in mind, I want to touch briefly upon the fact that Jerk Dolls is currently giving folks access to all of our games through their browsers. That's right – no need to download anything here! The entire suite of DC Comics and Marvel parody games with a sex focus is yours directly through a browser.

Officially, we support Chrome, Firefox and Safari, but pretty much any browser that's semi-recent should be able to give our games a good session of action. This might seem weird, but it's done for a really big reason: you're going to be able to run the games we have on any device you could possibly have, so long as they're able to run a browser of some description.

Keen gamers out there who love hero titles will be pleased to hear that this also means you have mobile gaming enabled. We've also pledged to ensure at least 50% of our games are 'mobile optimized', meaning that controls will change and everything else will align to make the experience as simple and enjoyable as possible for someone on their mobiles. We challenge you to find another producer online that's giving you the ability to do this: all we found thus far was a few low-quality Flash games that pretty much no one would want to play in the first place! Jerk Dolls is so happy that we're able to carry this business on our back by showing the others how to do things correctly. It's a simple tactic, but the end result is a whole host of DC Comics and Marvel XXX parodies that'll have you shooting thick ropes over and over again.

Screenshots From Inside The Game

A Loyal Team

Our team has shown time and time again they care about creating the best porn-themed games in the world.

A Great Community

Everyone knows that the central selling point of joining Jerk Dolls is that we have one of the best communities known to man. You'll soon realize that you're not sacrificing anything by becoming a member here: especially when you check out the official forums and see how busy they can get! We enjoy being the Internet's favorite spot for superhero XXX gaming: we plan to keep it that way by having the best features around that will be sure to keep your cock rock solid and pleased as punch. We want to return gaming to what it always should have been: a bunch of people having fun together!

This means that we're also going to offer you the ability to sign up to our Discord server, which is one of the central ways to interface with everything Jerk Dolls has going on. We made the decision to get our server online about 4 months ago and well, let's just say that it's going incredibly well. Granted, the numbers are much bigger than we were expecting, but that doesn't mean much when we give you world-class XXX gaming that'll keep you happy in your pants for a long time to come.

Alongside the community, we also have a great feedback system that allow you to interact with the developers for the sole purpose of assisting them in creating better and better games. We have a real passion for this type of thing and will attempt to take Jerk Dolls to higher highs in the XXX gaming space. None of this is a ploy either: we're serious about the experiences we want to offer and think that you'll appreciate the work we're doing.

So, based on what you've seen thus far – think it's time to join the dark side? Take your love of superhero smuttiness to the next level with Jerk Dolls! I'll see you on the other side. Happy fapping!

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