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Foot Fetish Game

Off With Their Shoes!

You wake up and see them down at the end of the bed in the morning, dazzling little digits being dappled with rays of sunlight. The curvature from toe to arch and back to heel, as every subtle movement alters the shape of the padded soles, further extending its symmetric evolution of the seven bones of the tarsus, completing the ankle through the top of the foot.

We often take for granted how magnificent our feet are. Utilizing them to travel to and fro. Wrapped in leather or canvas as they carry us across dance floors and up mountains. These extensions of wandering, that help us meander into situations where the sensual adoration of aforementioned appendages may be called for. The feel of a feet as they caress your body, possibly sliding inside your pussy, or stroking your ever-growing cock.

They are as versatile as a hand when properly applied, and just as sensual in touch. Foot fetish games are more common than you may think, with so many avenues of eroticism available. When a lady has her feet strapped into 6-inch heels, causing the muscles of her calves to stand out and the arch of her foot to become an accentuated chalice of sex from which many have often remarked about drinking champagne from.

It’s not just the shoe that makes people want to drink from it, it’s the spectacularly sexy compilation of flesh and bone that races hearts to a feverish pace. The intrepid traveler knows the value of one’s feet.

Even with all of the means of travel available, it’s your feet that get you there first. You wake to rise upon them. You work-out utilizing them to the best of your ability. You brace your lover up against the wall by positioning them properly, as you both fuck your way to glory.

Finest Foot Porn

Suck on these toes and put them in all of your holes. It’s all about feet and all the fucking they can get into.

Foot Long Fetish

Your feet are your valuable allies, and your sensual comrades. Taking another’s feet and washing them, a sign of respect and caring in other cultures, and also the perfect lead in to sliding your tongue between them. Unless of course, you like them dirty, then maybe straight out of that shoe after a long day of running around, to keep the flavor of existence as real and spiced as possible.

There is foot porn out there that will dazzle your love of arches and metatarsals. With a stunning 7,200 nerve endings in your feet, one can only imagine how much pleasure can be garnered from playing with them in a sensual fashion. You can only imagine it until you cross that bridge, and realize the sexual nature of the body parts you found solely utilitarian up until that revelation. Whether they start in boots or high heels, there’s an expansive world of sexual foot play that is waiting for you right under your knees. Just look down and give a wink, because those tootsies are ready to play.

When you think in the medical terms of how many nerve endings exist in our feet, and the concepts behind methodologies like reflexology and acupuncture, the feelings that can come from our feet range greatly. The connection between those nerve endings and the multitudes of organs and muscles throughout our bodies make the tying of the sensual to our feet, only make more sense.

A foot massage can arouse a lover to great heights of passion if the proper pressure is applied to different parts of the feet. Awakening the other parts of the body by playing with the feet of your lover, stimulating their blood to flow more freely to other erogenous zones. Using the science of our nerve endings will allow your love of feet and sex to achieve the pinnacle of orgasmic gratification.

Greatest Moments Captured Inside

Sexy Foot Worship

Spreading the legs of a beautiful woman to form butterfly wings as they brace their feet upon your shoulders, and you are able to bury your tongue deep inside of the pussy. Her feet helping to alter the pressure and depth of your tongue. The naked toes of men, or women, being used to stimulate the prostate, or play with a clit.

So many deviously pleasurable uses when the digits of feet are allowed to play erotically. Whether between the salivating lips and tongue of your lover, or you’re sucking on them yourself, the sensations will run through your entire body. A sexy use of such useful appendages that will only expand your appreciation of feet. Within the Kama Sutra, an ancient Indian text on emotional fulfillment through better expressed sensuality and eroticism, the position of your feet is often important.

Where they are placed on your lover’s body during a wide array of positions, will lead the to best enjoyment of the position itself. The sexualization of feet is thousands of years old, and has been present throughout many culture’s expressions of sex through their artwork. With that in mind you can research the many different uses of feet during sex, and find the visuals that get your juices flowing the fastest, before finding the foot fetish porn game tailored to you.

History, commonly quoted as the greatest teacher, is filled with so many wonderful forms of sex and sensuality. If you find yourself fantasizing about having your feet played with, or playing with someone else’s, it couldn’t hurt to look into the many ways that can be accessed.

You dig the idea of a toe sucking, well how about following it up with a toe fucking. Let those digits caress your lover’s face, or if you’re trying to access this delightful fetish from a distance, then look for the porn with extensive foot play.

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Foot Fetishism

One Foot At A Time

The more touch the better, and there are so many movies out there that will run the gamut of toes and feet, that you won’t have to pick just one. It’s time to get your foot fetish games realized, up, and running. There are so many different ways to access a foot fetish games. Some people like to be dominated by a lover’s feet.

They’ll want to be your foot rest as a form of adoringly worshipping your feet. The desire for you to step on them and walk all over their body, possibly applying harder pressure in places as a form being a sub for the pleasure of your feet. Or it could extend into the realm of adorning. You want to drape someone’s feet in rings and anklets, soft silks, and vibrant gold fabric.

The act of making their feet feel regal and loved. The desire to turn that sexy foot into an altar of sensual worship. Perhaps a shoe of the deepest red, and straps that wind themselves up the ankle, like roads leading towards an unknown destination of hot wonder. These feet will feel special and desired by all who see them, but they will be the feet just waiting for your touch.

The bond of worship between you and your lover’s feet will be palpable, by the how you have adorned them. If you want to be more voyeuristic in your foot fetish games you can watch the porn around others worshipping feet. You are worshipping from afar, but still holding reverence for the sexy feet on display.

There are a multitude of ways in which feet can be sexualized and the temple you want to build to them, whether with your eyes, or in reality, is all possible. Think of what fantasies you can accomplish when your foot fetish games are no longer bound by the laws of physics.

Screenshots From Inside The Game

Sexy Foot Gaming

Let the sexy world of foot gaming porn give you access to all the feet you’ve ever dreamt of, and then get ready to explore even more!

Suck These Toes Slave!

Humiliation through foot porn is a common part of the foot fetish games. Having someone lay down as toes are shoved in their mouths and they’re told to suck them until the owner of the foot is done. Some incredibly busty babe is perched over a dude lying face up on the ground. She extends her dirty foot from having walked around outside all morning, and tells him to lick it clean. If he stops before she’s ready there will be some punishment. Maybe a bit of a ball grinding with the heel of her right foot.

The light kicking of his cock to remind him of his failure to his mistress. But if her toes are sucked properly then she’ll suck on his dick with he keeps licking her feet. Deep throating his rock-hard cock as he deep throats her toes. If high heels are worn, there could be more intense foot torture bestowed upon the willing sub.

The grinding of a long spikey heel into a nipple, or a more piercing pressure put on his balls while the other foot raises to his lips to be kissed. If you’re looking for some good old-fashioned foot tickling torture, that’s available too. Find the sexy slut that’s stripped, tied down, and then has her feet tickled until she’s scream-laughing so hard she can barely breathe.

Think of the way you want to see feet sexualized and you can find the porn that covers it. Your kinkiest foot dreams will become foot realities in the realms of adult entertainment.

Just when you think the porn around your foot fantasies couldn’t get any better, you’ll have to explore the adult foot fetish games on Jerkdolls. With all sorts of feet from, orcs, to goblins, to elves, and everything in between, you’ll be able to expand your fetish even further.

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