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Hello and welcome to Jerk Dolls. If you're new here – let me take the time to inform you that we're very much the go-to guys in the business if you want to get your hands on top-tier porn gaming the likes of which no other platform could even begin to deliver. You may search far and wide over the Internet for something that's akin to our database, but just know that your search will be completely fruitless! We've done the research and believe us: there's simply no comparison for what Jerk Dolls has to offer.

The team is incredibly well prepared to put together some of the finest porn gaming experience and yes: you are reading this right, we do brag about just how damn incredible we are. When you dominate the space, it's important to let the punters know that they're in safe hands. Our porn-focused action games really are going to make you horny in a matter of minutes – well, given that you actually like a little action when you jerk your cock off to games.

I should let you know that what's contained inside here isn't exactly your typical XXX game, mainly because you're going to have to use both of your hands in order to play the vast majority of the action titles we've got. It wouldn't be much of an action destination if you weren't actually able to get in the thick of it and show off your skills, right? We'll require you to demonstrate to the world that you're capable of fighting pure evil if you want to get the pussy reward. Don't worry, you'll be more than compensated for your skills in this domain. Others are going to be jealous of your elite skills, so be sure to save your high score and share it on the forums once you've finished masturbating your solid shaft. Don't worry, we won't tell anyone!

Great XXX Gameplay

We fuse the best graphics with the hottest gameplay features. Jerk Dolls loves a good action flick!

Hot Combat Fun Online

One of the central elements and focuses of the games that we have here is combat. In order to prepare the production of these games, we did a lot of digging into the genre and downloaded a bunch of Steam games to truly understand what the action industry was all about. That made us more than prepared to put together the database we have and yes, we're happy to report that the selection you see here is entirely exclusive to the Jerk Dolls database.

This essentially means that you cannot find the games available here anywhere else online. This was done because we want to deliberately keep everything we have in-house. While other publishers might be willing to buy off games from different places and pretend they're their own, we're going to do no such thing. This also means that we can produce some truly incredible combat titles and no one has any right to complain or bitch. Don't worry: we do realize that a bunch of the competition out there is watching our moves to determine if they're able to go up against us. If you're reading this – go away! Okay, well – you can stay, just make sure that you don't make it too obvious that you're stealing our ideas about great combat entertainment.

Naturally, when combat is required, that's going to rely on quick reflexes, thinking smart and everything else in between. Jerk Dolls doesn't want to make our games too inaccessible, but this niche very much has to be focused on gamers that are hardcore. No one-handed action here – your full concertation is required. We have a number of mobile-accessible titles too, but let's just be honest for a second: that's not going to be the situation with our combat releases. Sorry horny gamers on their phones – we're not going to be able to support your jerking sessions with these games!

Greatest Moments Captured Inside

Stellar Graphical Development

One thing that really makes Jerk Dolls different is that we know the ins and outs of perfect graphics. Look around the tour here and see for yourself – do you realize how far ahead we are of the so-called competition? You'd have to be insane to think for a second that we're even close to the other spots out there: a glimpse at the samples demonstrates that we are far ahead of the competition! A lot of this is due to budget, but we also planned ahead early, because we knew that the biggest problem facing games online in the adult space was that they just didn't look that good.

We're now responsible for keeping this level of quality up and baby – have we managed to do our job thus far! They can come and try to compete with the cream of the crop, but they all know deep down inside that it's second-rate compared to what the JD crew is capable of producing and sharing. A big shout-out to the graphical designers and rendering team – our games simply wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for you putting in 110% every time you work.

Note that even if you come into Jerk Dolls with a less than perfect PC, adaptive graphical technology will kick in so that you're able to play the games we have – no questions asked. After lots of testing, we're happy to report that somewhere between 15 to 20% of gamers that play at Jerk Dolls will have the tech appear at some point to help their GPU and CPU with load. What it basically does is scale back non-essential assets and temporarily reduces quality. Most gamers inside our community won't notice anything, but those that do ought to be more than thankful that it exists!

Most Popular Characters Being Played

A Range Of Multiple Niches

The action genre is fun, but there are so many elements to it – it's hard for us to pin down exactly what it means and to be perfectly honest with you, we're simply not about that life! As a result of this commitment to going above and beyond the call of duty for our gaming fans at home, Jerk Dolls has decided that we are going to attack as many different niches as possible.

Therefore, you'll find monster action titles, those themed on fantasy topics, spacefaring action and everything else that you might want to get. We also mix and match the sexual niches – anal entertainment, BDSM, gangbangs, throat fucking and whatever else you might want to try out. This takes place between the fighting and the better you do, the more choices you get. We feel that adding this layer of complexity to the games is a great way to go about having customer retention. Oh, did I mention that playing the sexy action games we have on offer is completely free of charge? That's right – Jerk Dolls costs nothing to join and there are zero pay to win mechanics throughout our database!

Got an idea for a specific sub-genre of the action gaming space that you'd like to see us explore? Well friend: be sure to drop us an email or otherwise reach out via the official forums or Discord! We'll soon make sure that you get the information you seek so that you'll always have a top-tier level of access to great games – completely free of charge. Just another step we're taking to improve this community. Looking at the mainstream gaming world, we're hoping to follow in the footsteps of CS:GO and League of Legends. Who says you need to charge people a bunch of money to be a profitable business?

Screenshots From Inside The Game

Free Access Forever

Playing games at Jerk Dolls is completely free of charge. Join now and see how great our erotic games are.

A Real Mainstream Touch

To ensure that the games here are actually worth playing, we decided to opt for a single type of test that would ultimately determine whether or not the games are ready to go live. So, here it is: if the games in our database would be played even if they didn't have an adult element, they're good enough when we add the porn! Now, the opposite of that is that they're unable to actually make the gamers who play them cum – in which case, they're no good!

Jerk Dolls has always worked hard to make sure that the games we produce are enjoyable to play, since if they're not, we might as well just create 3D porn renders and call it a day, right? Well, the good news is that everything in our action section fits the schematic and as a result, we're happy to share them with you. There are lots of different mechanics and themes throughout our games that you're likely going to love.

One central element and aspect is giving you the ability to progress your character gradually, upgrading various things as you level up and enter new areas. The talent trees we provide are naturally the best way to do this and we've explored a lot of different options to get these right. Again, consultation with mainstream games and understanding what gamers love there was a big source of inspiration for us. We've attacked these problems head-on and truly believe that the games we have available are going to make you jizz over and over again – merely from how enjoyable they are to play.

There are so many more things to talk about here on Jerk Dolls, but I think it's probably time for us to pause there and say: "hey, if you want to know more, why not just sign up?". Thanks for reading – now create your account and get that action gaming session you've always wanted!

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