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This category we've got is referred to as masturbation games, but I do want to take a little bit of time here to talk about the fact that basically everything we produce is in this niche, since our games are designed to help you jerk off! If you managed to come across this platform because you want to play with your sausage, then it's just as well: we've got you covered with a lot of titles all over our database! However, if you want games that are specifically about the task of jerking off, that's great too – JerkDolls can assist! There aren't too many titles here just yet, but rest assured we're doing all we can to build on our success thus far to create the best cock pleasuring, pussy dipping games that you can find on the Internet.

Now what we've realized about this particular genre is that people come here expecting all different types of things – that's fantastic, but we're a lot more than that and want to show you what we're capable of doing. This means one thing and one thing only: catering to everyone! Instead of just a few small groups having the smut they want, we instead urge you to try out our games if you've never seen them before. Jerk Dolls is on the cutting edge in this content production realm and we're not showing any signs of stopping (at least, we hope not).

Note that every single title at Jerk Dolls is completely free for you to try and enjoy. We're a company that's getting bigger and bigger based on one simple fact: we do what's right by the gamers inside and give them access to the goods they desire. It doesn't get much easier than that now, does it? So, how about you create your account and let us take you on a masturbation adventure – should be good, right?

Incest Masturbation Mania

Love incest? Love jerking off? We've got games that give you both of these at the same time!

Mutual Sister Sessions

You and your sister have bene real close for a number of years, but you didn't think it would ever come to this! See, she's addicted to playing with her pussy, and you've only just realized yourself that your cock is more than good enough to be fiddled with. She's been teasing you for quite some time with undressing with the door open, taking showers and strange times and leaving her panties out in full view of everyone – is she trying to seduce you?

One day, you decide to go ahead and put her commitment to this nonsense to the test! You barge into her room completely naked, sit down on her bed while she's using her laptop and then slowly start to massage your cock. She seems shocked at first, but soon that expression turns into a smile and before you know it, she's completely naked and revealing herself to you. Damn! That pussy looks good, but it's going to look even better when she starts to play with it.

Soon enough, you're both giving yourselves a hell of a lot of attention and the progress is clear: you're making noises, getting sweaty and before you know it, there's a competition with who can cum first. Do you want your sister to beat you, or would you prefer that she finishes the job first and then comes to assist? It's a tough decision to make – especially when you're so close to busting a fat nut! As much as having a sexy, horny sister is a great thing, you two are going to be having a lot of competitions over the coming months if this keeps up.

Sound like a plot to a game that you might enjoy? We have this exact title inside! Create your account and decide how you want your sister to assist. Will you end up giving her the full fucking that she so obviously wants, or will you keep it strictly mutual masturbation? Your choice, friend!

Greatest Moments Captured Inside

A Mother's Special Touch

Sticking to the incest theme (hey, it's what everyone wants these days!), we've also got a title that revolves around a mother and her ability to provide relief to her very horny son. Now you're probably wondering why he doesn't just jerk himself off – trouble is, he broke both of his hands! Not only that, but he's getting to the age now where constant erections are becoming very noticeable for everyone in the property. He's struggling to come up with ways to contain himself until one day, his mother begins to notice.

Dad hasn't been in the picture for quite some time and well – perhaps she could do with a little bit of relief? It doesn't take so long before she's teasing him and yeah, eventually it happens: that cock just needs to have a mother's special touch! It starts off relatively innocent and just as a way to kill off the erection, but soon enough, this horny broad can't help but fondle with her own son's meat stick – especially when it's as big and juicy as the cock he's got.

Eventually, mommy starts playing with herself while she's giving you the relief you need: if only there was a way for the two of you to do it together without mom needing to provide all of the effort! Mutual masturbation is fun, and so is seeing your mom jerk you off – but what if things could go a little bit more intimate? A 69 seems like a pretty reasonable step forward, but you know what comes after that, right? Are you actually prepared to give your mother your cock, to fill her up, to feel her tight, warm pussy around your shaft? It's a naughty little secret that you'll have to keep though – especially if you feel like giving this MILF a hot creampie. Masturbation never just ends with masturbation, does it? Going further is always on the agenda!

Most Popular Characters Being Played

The Voyeur Of Venice

You're a dirty old man with a passion for stalking sexy young girls who'd never even think about looking at you for more than a few seconds, let alone engaging in any sexual activities with you! The Voyeur of Venice project is about managing your resources and looking for bedrooms to exploit any way you see fit. Build up your own apartments for rent that you have secret cameras in, take out hotel rooms for just a night to install your own webcam or, if you feel like the ultimate thrill, search for houses of your favorite whores and look through the windows as they play with themselves.

This is one of our most popular games in the genre, simply because the girls in it all look absolutely fucking perfect! Our team at Jerk Dolls has spent a huge amount of time making The Voyeur of Venice look absolutely beautiful – especially since we've managed to map out a large chunk of the city and really nail what makes the place so great. Believe us when we say that the European masturbation gaming here is simply out of this world. It's particularly obvious when you run through the achievements system with special renders and videos the steps we go to in order to make this voyeur masturbation game as good as possible.

Under special circumstances, you'll also be able to join in on the action – turns out that a few girls are addicted to the idea of being used by older men and it makes them feel so dirty when men like the voyeur decide to impede on their solo sex sessions. It's also the case that when you're pretty horny, any cock in front of you might match the real thing. Will you sit back and just watch, or do you want to fuck these Euro cuties? Decide for yourself in Jerk Doll's most popular masturbation game, The Voyeur of Venice!

Screenshots From Inside The Game

The Choice Is Yours

Autonomy and options are so important – that's why we give you full freedom in our games!

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While we're pretty good at getting most niches down and understanding what they're all about, it should go without saying that we're always looking for ways to improve what it is we have to offer and as a result of that, it would be fantastic if you could go ahead and give us your thoughts and feelings on all the games we have to offer in this space. Jerk Dolls is fully committed to creating the best of the best when it comes to masturbation gaming. We can only know so much without consultation, so feel free to drop us messages and comments regarding your experiences. Even if everything is absolutely fine and perfect – it still assists us to know this and gives us the ability to put our material in the right direction. Who knows – your suggestions might even end up with you getting a credit on our game pages, something we frequently do for folks who show themselves to be great gamers with a lot of knowledge – and ability to convey what's hot and what's not!

The main method and channel of communication that we recommend is Discord. You might also want to look into using the official forums if you want to give a lengthier piece of feedback. We carefully look through everything when we can and yeah – it's a real honor to see that our masturbation gaming addicts are always there to support us and show the world that when it comes to great sex gaming, we're the go-to guys in the business.

So please – drop all of the other masturbation games you've come across. Simply sign up to Jerk Dolls today and embark on a pussy pleasuring, cock caressing adventure. See you on the other side, champ!

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