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Hello there – welcome to our CDG games section! I should probably warn you ahead of time that if you're an individual who's capable of becoming massively addicted to porn games, you might struggle to truly enjoy what it is we have to offer without being stuck to the games for an eternity. We're just being honest with you: lots of people who play our CDG games get so addicted that they end up having to go to porn gaming rehab! We contribute to the charity that's in charge of it because honestly, we feel a little bit to blame.

When you create an account here, you're bound to soon realize and see that we're just on the next level when it comes to game creation and publication. We work around the clock shifts and have the best developers in the industry who have a truly incredible track history. Much like Jerk Dolls too: the reputation we've managed to build up in the last few years is mainly due to the simple fact that we put the gamer first! We're counting down the days until we get some type of special reward from the owners of the Internet for our selfless actions, but alas – nothing in the mail just yet.

So what does it take to be a gamer here on Jerk Dolls? Just an account pretty much – once that's done, you'll be able to get inside and enjoy an entirely new approach to adult gaming online. We've been incredibly busy and the results ought to speak for themselves – the CDG games range we have is second to none. But don't go thinking that we'll be resting on our laurels: this is just the start of Jerk Dolls and we've got bold ambitions for the future of the network. You're getting in incredibly early here, so don't drop the ball – some incredible things are about to come!

CDG Sex Game Perfection

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Stellar Graphical Quality

What do you notice immediately about our CDG games? Well, almost everyone says that the overall quality of our graphics is pretty damn incredible. That's a cool analysis too, because to be honest with you, the majority of our budget goes into hiring folks that know the ins and outs of the Unity Engine for the sole purpose of making our games look as impressive as possible. It isn't the easiest task in the world to do either, which is why so few studios out there have actually gone ahead and made the switch to our approach.

Part of what has held back games for so long is that graphical advancements were generally reserved for huge gaming studios and when it comes to porn gaming, you actually need to have a decent budget to make the titles look good. There's also greater pressure on visual quality, since very few people want to play a low quality XXX title. We're happy to report that Jerk Dolls has an unrivaled commitment to making our content feel as genuine and attractive as possible. The previews here should give you a good idea of our level of skill in this regard: don't let anyone tell you that our games are ugly, when a quick look at the sample material ought to demonstrate the exact opposite!

We'd also like to give a massive shout-out to the graphical artists we've got on the roster – they work so hard to make everything look absolutely fantastic. What's good about having many on the books is that no two games look exactly alike, because they all bring their unique flavor and style to the mix. With bigger numbers, you really can go wide with just how visually impressive the games are. So yeah, in short – people who want CDG games with a focus on good graphics need to get inside Jerk Dolls immediately!

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All In-house Productions

What if I told you that not only does Jerk Dolls produce games, but that almost everything inside is handmade by us and published exclusively on our platform? Well you better find an answer to that question as quickly as possible: the simple reason being is that it's exactly the case! We have two main areas on the website where we don't create our own stuff: that's the Flash backups we have of games from many years ago (this operates like a historical archive of sorts, so nothing gets lost over the years) and the Patreon area, where we pen great deals with various gaming developers so that their titles can be available here.

Outside of those two zones? Jerk Dolls is an in-house production powerhouse and man, do we know what we're doing! Like we say: the results honestly speak for themselves, so it's probably a good idea for you to see for yourself instead of taking my word for it. After all, I'm going to brag all day, every day about just how stellar this crew is!

As mentioned a little earlier, we're also the exclusive publishing house for the games that we offer. This essentially means that no one else on the Internet has the ability to, or is actually allowed, to host our games. Essentially, if you want to enjoy the CDG games inside, you're going to need to create an account and log in. There's no such thing as a free lunch in this business, so you better believe we're not going to allow others to steal our work! That would just be unethical, right? Anyway, I hope you love the style and approach that everyone behind Jerk Dolls has: our policy is that making the gamers happy is the best step forward. I'm proud to work alongside my fellow gaming addicts to put these titles out there – for the betterment of the Universe!

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A Fantastic Community

While you might not be someone who actually enjoys community features when it comes to games, we do want to say that there are quite a few options for you here if you decide to go down that road. The biggest thing we ever did was actually something quite simple: provide everyone with access to a Discord server that we manage! It was requested a few times quite early on, and we didn't think it would be all that in demand, but man – did it kick off! We now have over 13,000 members and thousands of messages sent daily.

Games have their own little areas too, so you can chat to people about your favorite CDG games, get tips on how to beat it quicker and other helpful information about 100% completion and being competitive on our leaderboards. That's right – we've got a 'top score' area with prizes handed out for those who manage to maintain the best positions over the month. Quite cool, eh?

Feedback is also highly important to the Jerk Dolls team, so we encourage everyone to let us know how they're getting on and what they'd like to see done different. We also push out regular patches for all of our games to keep them bug-free and running smoothly. From time to time, we also look for candidates that could do with some fresh content – be sure to let us know what you'd like to see! Jerk Dolls may, from time to time, offer up questionaries' and the like, which have random prize draws for people who enter! So yeah: I think that when it all comes down to it, Jerk Dolls has a pretty good claim of being a top-tier community driven to make it as best it can be. We'll stop at nothing until we're #1 (not that we're not already there, hah!).

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Awesome Community

Having a great community is really important to us. Join the official forums and Discord server today.

A Bright Future Planned

If you think that the CDG games we have here are all done and dusted, think again! We have a number of projects to work on, but this category ought to see around 4 new games published in the next 12 months alone – if not more, depending on the demand we see for this particular area. We go where the punters are, and if just so happens that they all want to enjoy CDG porn gaming releases, so be it! Who are we to judge? And let's not forget that alongside your access to all of the games in this particular segment, you also have hundreds of other titles to explore and examine.

Sure, you might only be in the mood for some CDG stuff, but if not – Jerk Dolls will have you covered with something else in the meantime. This is perfect for the guys out there that like to jerk off to games all day and all night. Why settle for less than the best when you can get it in good and then achieve pure erotic gaming bliss success? Okay, that might be a bit too much hyperbole, but we'll continue to provide so long as the gamers continue to seek. It's a symbiotic relationship and one we're incredibly happy to be a part of.

There are also big plans here as to the future of multiplayer games, access to free rendered videos that we'll create and a few massive competitions. To make it as simple as possible, if your fantasy right now is to join a community devoted to games and enjoying them – you better get your ass inside! We're reputable for one reason and one reason only: we continue to deliver day after day, week after week, year after year. So stop wasting time with less than special clubs: we've got you covered with our stellar gaming library right here!

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