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The Hardest Action Ever

When you sit down to watch porn you’re not looking for the same tame kind of film your average Joe is looking for. You want the cocks that look like they were taken from some sort of giant and put on a human man to utterly devastate pussies and asses. It’s not the soft sweet fucking you’re into, but the hard pounding action that makes tables break, and turns moans into screams of excitement.

The more powerful the fuck, the more you’re into it. If that cock can go deeper, you want to see it. Every time a blow job is given you want, to see the person giving it gagging and choking all over that long hard dick until they gag. You’re into the hardcore of the adult industry, and you’re never going to settle for the gentle sweetness of new lovers.

It may be that dirty sluts first time taking it in the ass on screen, but you want to see her relentlessly pounded and stuffed until the cum she can’t even form a sentence. The only reason her ass stops getting filled is that the cock is being shoved in her pussy or mouth. This isn’t the porn for the timid. This is gladiator porn. Every party involved wants to go to the extreme limits of fucking. Cum will be dished out in bucket loads all over the porn actresses faces and bodies, unless it calls for a fierce cream pie from one of those now gaping holes. It’s a pounding that a body will remember and quiver from long after the sex is done. The kind of fuck that leaves a mark in your bones. That’s hardest action, and it’s what you want to get-off to. There’s plenty of it out there, and lots of pros that love to do it.

So Deep Inside That Hole

This dirty slut is going to take it all Without any hesitation, and she’ll do it over and over until you cum multiple times!

Deeper Faster Harder

There are the porn stars out there that totally lose themselves in the extreme porn scenes they’re in. Yes, that’s their job, but not all of them love every moment of what they do. The ladies of the hardcore porn world tend to have even more dedication to their sexy craft. They’re not only willing to do the extreme fucking that not everyone can handle, but it’s what they live for. You can tell in the moments when they’re really begging for their co-stars to pound their pussies harder, and their asses faster.

The moans escaping their lips aren’t put on just for the scene, these ladies are really getting off. Fists, and entire arms, along with huge dildos all shoved in together in every hole as every babe on set is thrusting their hips harder and harder into what fills them. They’re squirting across the room because this shit really makes them orgasm. When their eyes roll back in their head as two dicks are deep inside their pussy, and another one fills up their ass, the fourth makes its way to her mouth, and you can see her pussy just dripping all over the place.

Orgasms that resonate through the room, and the cries to be fucked more and more, as every cock in the room starts unloading in and all over this incredibly dirty slut. Hardcore porn stars bring the business like no other, and the action never slows down for you to catch your breath. Sweat and cum soaked stars and starlets breathing hard and licking the salt of their well-earned orgasms, make up the debris of a hardcore porn scene. You won’t want to miss a beat of the hardcore action as your beating your meat in time with the pounding fuck you see before you on the screen.

Greatest Moments Captured Inside

Swallow This Cock Until You Cry

Another fun dynamic in hardcore porn is the deepthroated blow job. It’s not your run of the mill dick in the mouth, lightly suck, look your partner in the eye kind of blowjob. The hardcore deepthroat is all about fucking a mouth like you want touch the back of their throat. If the cock is big enough that’s exactly what’s going to happen. The true pros know how to open their throat and take those ten inches all the way down, but even then you’ll hear them gag as they hit the base.

That’s part of the deepthroated blowjob. That gagging gives a hot sound to that really deviant act. It shows you how hungry that slut is for your cock. She’s so hungry for it that can’t help but shove it all down her throat. What a sexy greedy little cum dumpster this deepthroated hottie is. It’s as if your dick is the meal she’s been waiting for since she woke up, and the only thing that’s going to satisfy her is having your hot load sliding down her throat.

You’ll watch her eyes tear up because that cock is going so deep, and it won’t stop that porn slut one bit. She came for that deepthroat dick action, and if she’s going to make sure she gets it. There’s pride that comes with the ability to take a long cock all the way down your throat. These queens of cock sucking won’t be dethroned by upstarts, so be ready for them to go all the way every time. With make-up smeared down their faces, and cum just dripping from their lips, the deepthroat queens will smile for the camera, because they did what they came here to do. Tune in when you want to see the blowjobs that only the pros can give.

Most Popular Characters Being Played

Rough And Tough Fucking

Porn stars can usually remember their first hardcore porn with startling accuracy. They’ll talk about it in interviews, reminiscing about how nervous they were at first, but then how their costars really made them comfortable. Hardcore scenes from any reputable porn company are strongly negotiated ahead of time. It’s one of the cornerstones of modern porn, that all of the people working are consenting adults, that know what it is they’re getting paid to do.

Negotiating the intense hardcore scenes is important for all parties involved, because once the action is in play the director doesn’t want to have to keep stopping to make sure everyone is ok with what’s going on. That doesn’t mean there won’t be moments where things stop, or shots need to be reset, it’s more to avoid any discomfort on the part of the actors during the take. You’ll hear some incredible tales about how their first hardcore experience really awakened some desires in them. Feeling like a fuck doll to be tossed around and penetrated so hard and deep with every thrust. Held down against a bed, or over a couch, as they’re relentlessly pounded again and again.

The time a costarring actress fisted them for the first time in their pussy, as the male costar filled their ass with his giant cock, stretching their holes out farther than they’d ever stretched before. Hearing them wistfully describe their first jaunts into the rough and tough fucking of hardcore porn only brings their fans more joy every time they seem these incredible porn sluts in a new scene. It’s not just that they enjoyed their first time doing a hardcore porn that matters, it’s that they came back to keep doing more of them time and time again. When you know those ladies love the hardcore fucking you just watched them get, it makes it even hotter.

Screenshots From Inside The Game

Did You See That Ass?

Hardcore anal action for this girl out of every gamer’s wet dreams as that tight bubble butt takes the biggest dick available again and again.

Face Down And Ass Full

Watching the hardcore porn out there can really get your juices flowing. All of those extreme acts of fucking, with cum and spit flying everywhere, as cock, pussy, and ass are all over the place. There are plenty of talented porn stars and directors out there that really know how to create the extreme scenes. The pulse pounding action that’s well thought out to keep the viewers hard and ready to jerk-off while they watch the movie. No doubt, there’s a variety of talent out there that really gets the job done.

Sometime you wish you had a bit of a say in the action that happen up on the screen. Not just that you got to choose the specific seen, or film, you wanted to masturbate to, but that you wanted to be part of directing the action itself. It’s the kind of desire that everyone has from time to time, but we don’t always have a way of fulfilling beyond just imagining what we want. This is where the incredible world of Jerkdolls hardcore adult games comes into play. You’ll be able to build out the character you’ll be controlling in the scene, and pick the place where all of the action is going to go down.

Then it’s time to choose your partners for all of the hardcore fucking that’s coming. Build out how big you want their tits to be, and what size ass you want to be able to stick your characters animated dick into. Pick from a wide variety of online babes built out with the highest graphic definition. Not only will they look amazingly real, but their movements as you fuck them will feel just like you’re controlling real people. Get yourself ready to make the hardest core porn you’ve ever seen, because it will all be based on your dirtiest wet dreams.

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