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Those Suckers Are Strong

Giant throbbing members with suckers on them to attach and wriggle around pussies, asses, mouths, and cocks. Maybe they come from some giant sea creature, or a fantastical faerie from some sexy folklore that comes to life when the desires of a village become too strong. This is the creature of myth and legend that needs to satiate its ancient hunger for orgasms. It won’t be able to go back to rest until every adult in the village is satisfied. With tentacles that can explore multiple people at one time, every attempt at magical monster sex can turn into a fantastic orgy.

As giant thick throbbing tentacles wrap themselves around each person and find their way up into tight little holes until the entire village gapes as one and the orgasms reach the stars, the beast of folklore is sated, and returns to its magical slumber. It will be there waiting, until the need for such sexual release is needed again. The magic of its tentacles will be talked about for generations, and a new closeness will be developed by everyone living together. They will all have shared the “BIG O” together, and nothing will ever be the same again.

There are tons of folktales and legends surround magical creatures or gods having sex with mortals. Japanese sexual mythic tales may have the most known tentacle porn moments, but they are not the only culture known for otherworldly erotic tales. Poseidon of ancient Greece, the god of the sea, was known for fornicating with humans and sea creatures, forming some of the mythic beasts of legend. I’m sure if we looked deep enough there might be a bit of tentacle porn somewhere in an old Grecian text that speaks of the Kraken going deep into somebody’s crack and getting their titan rocks off.

Every Hole At Once

These sluts are going to have every hole filled at once with giant cum-filled tentacles that can’t wait to fill them.

Get Totally Wrapped Around

The allure of tentacled creatures won’t escape you once you really start to ponder it. Lengthy, girthy, mounds of sinew and flesh, that has a pliant give against skin. Maybe the rubbery look of a tentacle brings thoughts giant dildos ready to slide in and out of willing holes, that want to gape, but haven’t found the right means yet. It could also be the idea of something able to wrap around a body so completely, giving that compression sensation that often breeds comfort and relaxation, along with titular excitement. The slimy loving embrace of a tentacles creature that hugs you close and then is still able to pleasure you with the very same tentacles holding you.

Whether its sliding those rubbery appendages in and out of a pussy or ass, or wrapping around a giant hard cock, the feeling of being embraced is ever present. There’s a comforting feel to that idea, that makes octopus monsters and squid creatures look more appealing than terrifying, and there’s plenty of porn that exists around it to confirm this. Check out The Fisherman’s Wife to get a start, and you’ll see come the tentacle action that’s hot and steamy. You’ll often find some of the steamiest action in tentacle porn that just can’t be matched by other types of animated adult films.

The characters will usually be of an otherworldly fashion, possibly part demon or alien, be an insatiable creature of passion and lust. Whomever falls subject to sex with them often exclaims how they don’t want to at first, but then is overwhelmed with such pleasure that they beg for more. Cum flies every, sometimes even out of the tentacles themselves, because there are no rules in tentacle porn. It’s a limitless genre that really pushes the boundaries of comfort for many, but often awakens inner longings as well.

Greatest Moments Captured Inside

Where Did Those Tentacles Go

When you’re not limited by physics, or any of the laws that bind the natural world, the porn your watching can go to the most extreme of hardcore levels. This is where animated tentacle porn comes in. With crazy beasts just built for wild sexual activity, the animated women and men of tentacle Hentai porn take fucking to the next level of sexy crazy. Demon hunters don’t just hunt demons, they fuck them into submission. Tentacled monsters aren’t looking to eat humans, they’re looking for some crazy fucking to get each of their tentacles off.

Yes, every tentacle may be filled with its own massive amount of cum, that needs to explode all over, and inside of, its willing victims. The fights you’ve played out on countless videogames between sexy anime characters becomes a giant festival of fucking, and the special moves that cause instant orgasms. When you play the Jerkdolls tentacle porn games you’ll be able to pull your finishing move that causes all of your enemies to cum at the same time as you. The crazy tentacle beast your controlling will cum from every tentacle, filling your enemy with you love cum, that will then transform them into your ally.

The options are wild and free in the tentacle porn, and in the games you’ll be able to mess around with building the tentacled character you’ve always wanted to play, or the ones that you’ve always wanted to fuck. There can be a virtual tentacle orgy once you’ve put together your cast and scene. You’ve not become the actor, writer, and porn director of the tentacle porn of you dreams. Hop online, and get ready to get hard and sticky with all of the slippery hot action that’s going to happen, once the tentacles have all come out, and they’re ready to get fucked.

Most Popular Characters Being Played

Get To Know The Love Craft

The science fiction and horror creatures of Lovecraft’s worlds were originally used to invoke terror in everyone that read about them. They were the whispered madness in the dark that brought nothing but emptiness and insanity. As time has moved forward these creatures have still maintained their station of terror, but the world moves on and people’s proclivities towards what’s sensual evolve as well. Tentacled creatures started appearing in a number of anime in the eighties, and have continued to do so more and more throughout the years. The sex involving them always started out as rather forced upon someone, but has also evolved as time has gone on.

Now the crazed sensual joy of different characters grows even more when tentacle monsters come onto the scene. At time it starts out as an erotic battle between warriors that climaxes with who can use their tentacle powers to make the other person climax first. Unlike in the real world, cum shoots out of these tentacle appendages as if they were giant prehensile penises. Different anime involve intense hardcore tentacle fucking scenes, with women pleasure wild tentacled demons, and every hole getting stuffed by multiple cumming appendages. The monsters of terror still maintain that edge of creepiness, but now have a fanbase of loyal followers that like to get off to their extreme tentacle action.

Sexual tastes expand and evolve over time, and the turn of the supernatural become sensual is nothing new. Old gods were known to get it on with human beings throughout different tales of myth and history, so now is the time of the Elder ones to come forth, and before they decide to destroy everything in existence, maybe get their rocks off with some hardcore tentacle porn. Cthulu will do you like nobody’s business, just be ready to have your void filled forever.

Screenshots From Inside The Game

Suction Cups And Slithering

Watch these slimy tentacles stuffed in every hole and suction cupped around every bit of tender ass they can.

Octopussy Fishing for Fun

The crazy stories of fisherman pulling up their catch, and low and behold, it’s actually a mythical creature that transforms into a part human/ part sea creature entity. Imagine a half-octopus mermaid, that has tentacles instead of a tail. Beautiful breasts with perky nipples, luscious lips, and long blond hair, but tentacles below to grab onto other people’s body parts, and dip inside naughty little holes. This tentacle porn creature is built for fucking, and because animators aren’t bound by any sort of anatomy rules, this dirty octo-slut also had a tight little pussy and ass.

When she’s pulled from the sea by the fisherman with lust in his eyes, she knows that his wish is going to be to get as much pleasure from her as possible. Thankfully that’s exactly the kind of wish she wants to fulfill. As the now naked and throbbing fisherman props up this octo-slut up on his giant cock and she starts to bob up and down, her tentacles work their way around to his ass so that she can stimulate his prostate at the same time. Suddenly his cock is even harder, and this octo-slut really takes the pounding that was wanted all along.

Wrapping the rest of her tentacles around his waist she pulls that massive dick as deep inside of her ass possible, crying out, before she takes it out and has him shove it in her tight little ass as well. The magical twinkle in her eyes tells her that the wish is working, and that this fisherman is getting the best fuck of his life. As he pounds away at her ass, the magic intensifies and surrounds them in a bubble of air so that they can float down into the sea and the fisherman will be able to breathe. Surrounded by a beautiful underwater scene, the two of them climax together, and the wish has been completed.

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