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A Brief Of Sex Emulators

It's probably a good idea before talking too much about these games to actually first mention what exactly sex emulators are. In case you're new to the Universe and the Internet in particular, JerkDolls is really happy to present what we consider to be the finest selection of sex engines in the business. What these tools allow you to do is basically have full control over the erotic entertainment that's taking place in front of you. Think of yourself as being a director, only instead of calling the shots on a blockbuster movie, you're instead dictating the rules of engagement for a sexual encounter.

Sex emulators are highly popular because they give you complete and utter control – you decide what happens, where it happens, how it happens and everything else associated with those ideas. As you can probably guess, these are highly successful and in-demand gaming titles – guys love nothing more than ensuring they call the shots! If you're also in the category, then welcome to what we would consider to be the number one place on the Internet to get your hands on exactly this type of gaming experience.

Jerk Dolls first started creating these types of games in July of 2017: we've never looked back! The most important thing for us is that each and every sex emulator we provide looks fantastic and actually works. That's why we stamp out bugs as quickly as possible and work overtime to ensure that each and every gamer who comes to Jerk Dolls is given the experience that they desire. There are some core features to these types of games that I want to pay a little bit of attention to, so if you'd like to know more – please continue reading down below! Otherwise, simply create your account (it takes less than 60 seconds) and I'll see you on the other side.

Next Generation XXX Graphics

Only play the best visually stunning titles! Jerk Dolls' sex emulator collection is on another level.

Unrivalled Character Creation

One of the best things about sex emulators is that you call the shots, but we decided to take a step back from this idea and instead focus on something that requires even more customization: the characters! At Jerk Dolls, each sex emulator comes preinstalled with a huge number of beautiful companions – all of whom you can edit slightly and play around with however you want. However, if you consider yourself to be something of a wizard when it comes to design and you know exactly what you want, be sure to take advantage of our custom character creation solutions.

This essentially puts the power into your hand to create any woman – or man – that you wish. Be warned ahead of time: you'll spend many hours fiddling with the designs if you're someone who considers themselves to be a perfectionist! Get control over the breast size, nipple color – even ankle shape! Nothing is left uncustomizable and you can change all of your characters and save them to the cloud, ready for you to play and fuck at a moment's notice.

We also have a cool section on our forums where you can share your creations with others and allow them to import your characters. This is also a fantastic place to find the work of others', with many threads being devoted to creating ultra-realistic versions of various celebrities, pornstars and so on. Can you imagine having a simple import system so that you can fuck the likes of Vina Sky, Riley Reid, Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift? Jerk Dolls has all of that, plus a whole lot more! It's truly magical what can happen with a community when you give them a few tools to fiddle around with what's going on. We didn't think about celebs and pornstars to begin with – thankfully, the players stepped in and did our jobs for us (sorry guys, no wages this time).

Greatest Moments Captured Inside

Location Location Location

Location. Okay – that's me typing the word way too much, but I simply couldn't help myself! Just like you won't be able to help yourself when you realize the sheer scale and size of our tools that make it a piece of piss to choose where you want to fuck. Now there are many layers to this decision making process, including many 'meta' areas that you could explore however you wish. While we could keep it simple with choices such as 'garden', 'bedroom' or 'laundry', we decided it was best to zoom out a little: what city do you want to fuck in, folks?

You've got London if that old-style building appeals, or Seoul if you want that modern neon aesthetic! Jerk Dolls gives you access to a dozen different cities across most of our sex emulators and the results truly speak for themselves. Once you've finished picking an actual city, you'll then have sub-locations based there. We're talking museums, shopping centers, strip clubs and so on! Only then do you go for the room choice and believe me, there's a lot more at play here than you might initially expect!

A large number of the assets you'll find in various spots are things that you can interact with, including all of the various bits of furniture and whatever else you come across. For instance, if you're in the strip club, you can do the deed right there in front of everyone on the bar counter, or instead venture to one of the VIP backrooms if you want to keep things secret. How about fucking in a school gym just before classes start? A little risky, but hey – the thrill is there if you want to be exposed to it. The world's your oyster with our sex emulators and rest assured Jerk Dolls plans to keep it that way. We're also discussing a few ways to add space-themed locations to a few games – might have to consult Elon Musk on that one first, though.

Most Popular Characters Being Played

Call The Cumshots

Calling the shots is cool, but what about calling the cumshots? Well, let's dial back the sex emulation a little bit here: you're going to be able to select a huge number of things when the action finally gets underway. You've decided on a location, you've designed the perfect woman and now comes the fun stuff: dictating the action exactly as you want it. Jerk Dolls offers you the ability to begin incredibly slowly, with the woman you're engaging with taking her time to tease you as long as possible. She'll be sure to put on one hell of a show as she strips down and rides all over your body until that cock is ready to explode! Now – what's next?

Do you want to finger her pussy and bite her neck at the same time? How about putting a belt around her hands and then sticking your dick down her throat? The possibilities are endless when it comes to foreplay – you'll have full autonomy to decide how it all goes down in our sex emulators! We also utilize highly intuitive interface systems so that you're never struggling to easily click around and make decisions with one hand (come on, we know what you're doing with the other, and it's not Sudoku).

Locations also have dozens of different spots for sex, with each one having a litany of positions. You'll be able to decide on the speed of the sex, the background music, what the lighting looks like and even the personality of the lady you're fucking. Want her to sound like a total cock whore who's addicted to cum? Not a problem! How about a submissive pet that can barely handle your massive shaft? That's also a possibility. Again: sex emulators from us are at the cutting edge of what modern games are capable of. You can also save your progress and return any time you want – brilliant for when you've finished your 'business' but still want to go for round 2 a little bit later.

Screenshots From Inside The Game

Full Action Control

Call the shots and dictate the action: these XXX simulators puts you in command of it all.

Out Of This World Visuals

You probably tell from looking at the sample media we've got littered around this tour page that visual aesthetics are incredibly important to us. We're committed to making the games we offer look absolutely fantastic – if they're not delivered in a pristine state, they're not delivered at all. Our agenda is to ensure that we have next generation graphics delivered to you right here, right now. It might also be boring to discuss, but they're heavily optimized so that usage on any machine, including your mobile device, will still come through crystal clear and looking impressive.

We don't want people on relatively old PCs to feel like they're not welcome at Jerk Dolls. Suffice to say that we want to give sex emulators to the masses, no matter how shitty their PCs are! The team has also spent a hell of a lot of time getting the physics in the titles correct, so that they actually appear lifelike and not too ridiculous. Our games all have a gravity setting that you can edit if you really want to – just don't be surprised if you end up laughing your erection away, though. Something's pretty comical about fucking in negative gravity!

Got some feedback for Jerk Dolls? Want to increase our sex simulator development skills? Please be sure to leave a comment at the bottom of each game or alternatively reach out to us on the official forums if you wouldn't mind. We're obsessed with improvement and will spare no expense to right wrongs and so on. Tell us what you're not too happy about and we'll see what we can do. No promises – except that we'll strive to give members of Jerk Dolls the best library of sex simulation games on the market!

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